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How to Clean a Cat Water Fountain

.How to Clean a Cat Water FountainUsing a cat water fountain has many advantages, including the ability to feed your pet with fresh, clean water at any time of the day and the ability to give your pet the appetite to drink water from the stream of flowing water.

However, this all comes at a cost as the main real difference between a cat water fountain and a cat bowl is that the cleaning process is a lot more difficult with a fountain compared to a bowl. With a bowl, all you must do is rinse the bowl and wipe it with a towel. With a water fountain, you will have to take apart some parts and do a bit more then rinsing and wiping. Make sure it is clean for your pet to use.

Luckily in this article, you will learn the easiest and simplest way to clean your fountain. So that your pet will be drinking out of a fountain that is clean and well maintained.

Process of Cleaning a Cat Water Fountain

First, drain your fountain of all the water. This includes water in the canals and the main tank unit of the device. This is so that when we take apart the fountain itself to reach the motor, the water won’t flood anywhere.

Second, take out the main tank unit of the fountain, so that you can access the motor of the fountain. After this is done, take out the motor and you should be done with disassembly at this point unless you have a fountain that is a bit more complex. For more complex fountains, we recommend that you read the manual or watch a few videos online, as each model has different steps to disassemble.

Third, disassemble the motor unit by taking the front facing panel out using your fingernails if necessary. After this is taken out, you should be able to see the main rotating motor unit inside. This motor unit should be easier to take out than the front facing panel. It is secured using magnets and not as airtight as the front facing panel as its job is to keep the water out.

Lastly, rinse the debris inside the motor after taking out the rotating motor unit. Then the motor can run without any debris inside to disturb it. Clean the other parts of the fountain that were disassembled earlier. Most of the fountain units these days are washable by using your dish washer, so we recommend that you do so if you don’t want to wash it yourself.

Warning about water

Please do note that if you are going to be using the dish washer to wash the disassembled pieces of the fountain, you should wash it by itself and not with any of your other dishes. This is to prevent any diseases or bacteria from spreading onto your plates and possibly onto you if your pet did have in their body. This is especially important if you know your pet is sick, as it will most definitely transfer over to your plates and silverware.

Once the pieces are all rinsed and dried out, assemble it the same way that you disassembled it. Fill the water to the maximum and you have just cleaned your fountain in the simplest and most efficient way possible. As you only must wash your fountain every few weeks or every other week, we recommend that you wash your fountain according to our directions above, as it will make sure that everything is cleaned.


Cleaning your pet’s water fountain is the first step that you can take to ensure that your pet is healthy and is drinking clean water. Make sure that you do everything carefully, so that you get all the debris and possible germs inside, so that your pet doesn’t drink any of it if it does get mixed into the water. We hope that this article will allow you to clean your fountain a lot easier and simpler!

This was a guest post by Alex Brown, from Check out more information on the best cat water fountains from his site!

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  1. Never knew I was supposed to disassemble the motor. May be why continue to get black stuff remaining in corners evem though I use filtered water. Hope I can figure it out.

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