Are Yorkies Fearless? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkshire Terriers are notorious for being fearless. In fact, they came into existence as a result of the British Industrial Revolution specifically for pest control. Because of this, they’re fierce little dogs with a sense of self-importance that can be both adorable and foolish.

Regardless, a Yorkie’s fearlessness is part of its charm and can come in handy. But, many people don’t realize how tough these little guys can be. This is because of how the rich and famous have made them fashionable bag accessories in recent decades.

What Makes Yorkies So Fearless?

The reason behind the fearlessness of Yorkies is due to genetics. During the 19th century, Scottish immigrants bred these dogs to protect textile mills and mines. Specifically, they would keep the area clear of rats, mice and other similar rodents.

While these early people didn’t keep good breeding records or understand the intricacies of mixing DNA, they bred Maltese breeds with Skye Terriers. This combination made for a fierce blend of brawn, brains and boldness.

Can a Yorkshire Terrier’s Fearlessness Get Out of Control?

If a Yorkie’s temperament goes without training, its ability to be fearless can quickly get out of control. As a matter of fact, it’s not advisable to get a Yorkie if you have children younger than eight years old. This is because they will dominate, bully or challenge them.

Does a Yorkie’s Fearlessness Contribute to Its Propensity for Barking?

It’s unclear whether a Yorkshire Terrier’s fearlessness contributes to its propensity for barking. However, excessive barking does seem to correlate with their displays of fearlessness.

Does Their Fearlessness Mean Yorkies Are Also Brave?

Yorkshire Terriers are famous for being fearless as well as brave. They will even stand up to dogs and strangers with equal fervor even though they may be considerably bigger than the Yorkie.

Can Yorkies Become Overly Aggressive Due to Their Fearlessness?

Because Yorkies can be fearless they can also become overly aggressive, especially with other small pets and children. However, this is only in the event that the owner doesn’t get proper socialization training. If a Yorkshire Terrier get this kind of socialization early on, it will curb any tendencies to be aggressive.

Are Yorkies Known to be Mean Due to Their Fearlessness?

Some Yorkies can be mean and this isn’t always an extension of their fearlessness. This could be a matter of genetics, where its parents were aggressive and mean.

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But, it could be due to its owner in some way, shape or form. For instance, the owner doesn’t give the dog enough attention or affection throughout the day. Alternatively, the owner mistreats the Yorkie or doesn’t work to train the dog to be more docile.

Is a Yorkie’s Fearlessness a Bad Thing?

A Yorkie’s fearlessness is only bad when it goes unchecked. They can bite, nip, excessively bark, destroy shoes (among other things) and get into places for utter destruction. But, when properly trained, a Yorkshire Terrier’s fearlessness can be good and come in handy.

Should You Train a Yorkie Out of Being Fearless?

No, don’t train a Yorkshire Terrier out of being fearless. It’s part and parcel to their nature and besides, it would be an exercise in futility – you simply won’t be able to train it out of them completely. That said, you can get obedience and socialization training to help the dog control it and be more judicious in their use of it.

Are Yorkies Protective?

Because the initial breeding of Yorkshire Terriers was to protect small, immediate areas of rodents, they are protective. This is poignant in regards to their families and the one household member with whom they have a galvanized bond. In certain situations, their protective natures can be heartbreakingly adorable.

Can You Train a Yorkie for Guardianship Duties?

Yes, you absolutely can train a Yorkshire Terrier to be a guard dog. Now, keep in mind it won’t be the same as a dog built for guardianship like a Rottweiler or a Pitbull. But they will be defensive of their families and property under their watch. They make excellent alarms because of their ability to bark.

Does a Yorkie Being Fearless Mean It Has Self-Confidence?

Yes, a Yorkshire Terrier’s fearlessness means it also has self-confidence. They go hand in hand. In fact, they will prefer to go off and rest alone without attention from their owner. Therefore, they do have an independent streak to boot.

This means a Yorkie will also assert themselves to other animals, especially dogs. They seem not interested in the fact that the other dog is several times larger either. The confidence of a Yorkie is apparent in its gait, demeanor and general attitude.

Are All Yorkies Fearless?

Not all Yorkies exhibit fearlessness but it is a general trait of the breed. There are some who are naturally timid and shy, preferring the affection and cuddles of their owner. But, this would be individual to the Yorkie.

Does the Fearlessness of a Yorkie Translate to Being Uptight?

While it’s true that some Yorkies can be very uptight, this doesn’t always coincide with their capacity to be fearless. This is usually a trait that comes with the individual personality and character of the Yorkshire Terrier in question.

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If Yorkies Are So Fearless, then Why Are They Considered Toy Dogs?

Even though a Yorkshire Terrier is a small, toy dog doesn’t mean it can’t be fearless. Today, the idea of a toy dog is synonymous with extravagant accessorizing. Hollywood stars and other nouveau riche types have reinforced this stereotype in recent decades.

They’re simply a fierce and brave little dog. Yorkies are spunky, plucky dogs that will take on all comers. They have no inhibitions and love a good adventure. All of which lends itself to their classic fearless capabilities.

But, their classification as a toy dog actually came about during the Victorian Era. Women who were modern for the time sported these precious pups in their purses, on the back of bicycles and personal companions.