Do You Need Planning Permission to Open Dog Kennels? (Solved!)

You will need to gain planning permission to open a dog kennels, especially if you are building or converting a building near to other properties. Without planning permission, a kennel may not be allowed to operate and can even face fines.

In this article, we will look at how planning permission can be gained and some of the things to expect when opening a dog kennel.

Do you need planning permission to open dog kennels?

Planning permission is required to build or convert an existing building into a dog kennel. Exceptions may apply if the intent is to use a building which already has planning permission to run as a kennel.

Businesses may be denied permission if they are too close to other dwellings, prone to noise pollution and using imposing structures, or operating too late into the night. The amount of space likely to be taken up by the business is also likely to affect permission being granted, as well as the number of animals you intend to care for.

Can you run dog kennels from your home?

You can run a boarding kennel from your home, provided you have received adequate permission. Many people run kennels from their back gardens, particularly if they have lots of open space. Boarding kennels run from anywhere have very specific regulations they must adhere to, which we will look at in more detail later.

What size do dog kennels need to be?

Different authorities are likely to have their own regulations and requirements in terms of size, so make sure to check local recommendations in advance. As a general rule, the most important thing is that some outdoor space is provided to ensure activity and exercise is available, and that individual kennels are suitable.

Most individual kennels will require adequate size to allow staff to clean thoroughly, so a recommended minimum height is around 1.8 metres. A width of around 1.2 metres is generally recommended to ensure dogs are provided with enough space to sleep and move easily.

What do dog kennels need to have?

There are a few things which dog kennels must be able to offer in order to operate, including the provision of a safe and secure environment, protection from injury and bad weather, and access to food and water.

To comply, most boarding kennels are required to have trained staff capable of socialising with and caring for dogs, the ability to provide dogs with plenty of space, attention and exercise, and a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to ensure suitable hygiene levels.

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Does location affect whether you can have dog kennels?

The location of your kennels is an important consideration. The environment must be safe and completely secure, preferably set away from roads and the general public. Animals must be kept warm and have suitable protection for adverse weather

The available size is likely to affect whether you are allowed to open a kennel. Some dog kennels may be disallowed if they are not big enough to provide adequate space for dogs to exercise and have their own space. This isn’t to say that smaller kennels are unsuccessful; many dog kennels have less space and offer a more streamlined boarding.

Do you need a licence to open dog kennels?

The most important thing a dog kennel does is provide care, shelter, and security for animals; it is vital that you are able to demonstrate this. As such, in order to open and operate a dog kennel, you must apply for a licence that will enable you to run a boarding kennel.

This licence is needed however many animals you are caring for or plan to care for. In order to gain the licence, you must meet certain conditions to show you are able to provide adequate care, including secure accommodation, food, exercise, and attention. It is important that you have the licence before opening your kennels, as you could face a fine.

Do you need any qualifications to open dog kennels?

Qualifications needed will depend on local authority recommendations; however, some insist that qualifications must be held in order to operate and work in a kennel. Others will require demonstrable evidence of experience and knowledge of how to care properly for dogs.

Many authorities will also require that all staff receive regular updates to training, ensuring they have the most relevant information. This is likely to include the licence holder for the kennels, who is also responsible for ensuring employees receive and attend appropriate training.

How are dog kennels regulated?

All dog kennels, including those run from homes, are defined under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963, which outlines and regulates the running and usage of kennels. This Act requires licencing to run a kennel and ensures the safety and maintenance of kennels.

Aside from this, most issues with dog kennels will be regulated by local authorities, who are able to grant and revoke permission, ensure standards are being met, and deal with offences committed toward animals in the kennel.

What else should be considered when opening dog kennels?

A minimum requirement for opening a dog kennel should be adequate liability insurance. Many authorities will legally require insurance before granting permission, so ensure you look for an insurance policy that fits the needs of a kennel owner. The best insurance will cover everything from vets’ bills to employees.

Also consider the number of staff members required to provide the necessary care. A general recommendation is that individual employees should have no more than around 25 dogs to care for, which may include feeding, exercising, and cleaning. Failure to employ the correct number of people could result in failure to provide satisfactory care.

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What do dog kennels provide?

Aside from providing dogs with adequate care, dog kennels also do a number of other things. They are capable of maintaining schedules and avoiding lapses in routine, provide lots of enrichment, and are likely to keep dogs safe and secure while separated from owners. The ideal boarding kennel will feel like a home away from home for most dogs.