How To Train a Yorkie to Pee on a Pad (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

Training your Yorkie puppy to use pads is easier than it looks. To pad train your puppy, choose any suitable corner of the house to place the pad, preferably in a corner that is close to the door to the backyard.

When toilet training, timing your dog’s mealtimes is very important. Puppies go to the toilet very often and usually wish to go within 30 minutes after eating.

Keep your puppys’ pad close enough that they can find it easily but not so close to their food. Reward your puppy every time they urinate on the pad. Over time, your dog will learn that the pad is their toilet.

Are Yorkies Hard or Easy to Pee Train?

Yorkies are a highly trainable dog breed because they are intelligent. Of course, it varies from dog to dog, but with consistency and patience, your Yorkie should be potty trained in no time.

Although some puppies are a little stubborn when they start toilet training, if you persist and keep to a regular schedule, your Yorkie will eventually follow suit.

What Do I Do If My Yorkie Pees In The Wrong Place?

When your puppy goes to the toilet in the wrong place, do not punish them harshly by shouting or hitting. Negative reinforcement almost never works, and may even result in your dog not becoming correctly toilet trained at all.

Simply tell them ‘no’ in a low authoritative tone and move them to the place that you wish for them to potty. This only works if you catch your Yorkie in the act or immediately after going potty. 

If they went potty hours before then they will have forgotten what you were punishing them for.

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Yorkies are easily trainable dogs, but they can be quite stubborn at times. However, their love for you outweighs their stubbornness and they will do what they can to make you happy so long as you are confident and clear in your directions.

How Long Does it Take to Potty Train a Yorkie?

Although Yorkies are one of the best dog breeds for quick learning it takes an average of 2 months for a Yorkie to become fully toilet trained.

Education should continue after 2 months, so your Yorkie is not tempted to form any bad habits. Every dog is different, and your dog’s learning rate is directly related to its character and intelligence. 

Are Yorkies Stubborn When You Train Them?

Some Yorkies can be very adaptable and cooperative, while others can be more stubborn and resistant. At this point, how you approach your Yorkie is more important than anything else. 

With the right attitude and positive reinforcement, you can encourage your Yorkie to do the right thing and reinforce their actions easily.

In this way, your dog will understand what is correct and will continue that behavior.

Should I Train My Yorkie To Use The Balcony To Pee?

It will be in your best interest to train your dog to use the balcony or litter box to pee, preferably both. Some dog owners train their dogs inside their homes, especially on their balconies. 

In this way, you help your Yorkie to go to the toilet by leaving the balcony door open. Such an approach can save time if you need to go out in a hurry and do not have time to take your dog downstairs to the grass.

Families with limited time may generally prefer this route instead of taking their dogs out, but this brings with it some hygiene problems. 

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To prevent this, you can buy potty pads or dog litter boxes. Thus, your dog will only toilet on these pads whether they are inside or outside of your house. This is a more hygienic way to balcony train your Yorkie.

However, although it is said to be more hygienic, you should still take your Yorkie out at least twice a day to make them go to the toilet and get their exercise needs met.

Where Do You Put Pee Pads?

You should put the pee pads in a place where your dog can reach them easily. This place should be away from where your dog is eating or sleeping.

Dogs are reluctant to go to the toilet close to where they spend their leisure time and eat. If you put the pads too close then they may opt to go somewhere else in the house.

If you do not want to put the pee pads inside the house, you can place the pads near the balcony or backyard door. Just make sure that they are in a place that is protected from rain or snow.

How Do I Stop My Yorkie Using Pads?

Over time, when your dog begins to receive training, you can reduce the number of pads to a single pad. It is normal that as your Yorkie grows and needs to toilet less frequently, the pads will no longer become necessary.

In the beginning, your Yorkie may not be able to hold his potty needs because they are young. For this reason, it is very important that you have pads where they can reach.

However, so long as you keep to regular walks and encourage your Yorkie to go while they are outside then they will begin to use the pads less frequently, especially if you time your walks to take place within 30 minutes to 1 hour after they have eaten.

What Do I Do If My Yorkie Does Not Like Potty Pads?

Some dogs do not like the texture of certain materials. This is likely due to where they were raised. 

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Yorkies that were reared in carpeted living rooms will have an easier time using a training pad than Yorkies that were raised on hardwood floors or similar.

If this is the case, try overlying sawdust or even kitty litter on top of the pad. They may prefer this texture to do their business on.

Keep trying different textures until something sticks. Lots of dogs, as well as Yorkies, can find the texture of potty pads distracting because they make a crinkling noise when they walk on them. Overlying some sawdust will mute this noise somewhat.