How to Make Pumpkin Dog Cookies (Solved & Explained!)

To make pumpkin cookies for dogs you will need to combine pumpkin, coconut oil, water, flour, baking soda, baking powder and an egg, form into a shape and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

In this article we will teach you how to make the perfect pumpkin dog cookies taking you through different recipes, methods and even ingredients so that you can make the perfect dog-friendly treats.

How do I make pumpkin dog cookies?

There are many different ways that you can make pumpkin cookies for dogs. You add any dog-friendly additional ingredients that you want, and that your dog likes. However, here we’ll cover a basic recipe.

To start with you will need to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can then start prepping your cookie dough.

You will need to measure out half a cup of pureed pumpkin (this can either be fresh or store-bought) and mix this with two tablespoons of softened coconut oil and four tablespoons of water. 

If the mixture is quite stiff then you can add more water.

To this mix in two cups of flour, one teaspoon of cinnamon (optional), one-quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda and one-quarter of a teaspoon of baking powder. 

Mix until combined and then beat in one egg. Keep mixing until all of the ingredients are combined. 

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You should now have a soft but sticky ball of dough. Turn this dough out onto a surface that you have lightly dusted with flour and roll it out until is around one-quarter of an inch in thickness.

Cut out any size or shape that you want and place them onto a tray lined with parchment paper. 

Place the tray of treats into the oven and leave to cook for around half an hour. Then check that they have hardened up before removing them from the oven.

Leave the tray out of your dog’s reach to cool down.

If the cookies are not completely dried out then you will need to store them in your fridge in an airtight container. If they are completely dry then they are fine to leave out.

If you choose to make medium-sized cookies then you should be able to get about 20 cookies from this batch. 

You can also choose to add in extra ingredients such as peanut butter (which is always a favorite with dogs).

Can a dog eat a pumpkin cookie?

Yes, pumpkin cookies are fine for your dog to consume if you have made them yourself for your dog. However, if you have purchased pumpkin cookies from a store then it is best to check the ingredients.

You should only give your dog a store-bought pumpkin cookie if it does not contain any salt or seasonings.

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Dog-friendly pumpkin cookies are actually very good for your dog’s health as pumpkin, cinnamon and coconut oil are all recommended by most vets in order to regulate your dog’s fiber intake.

Can I give my dog pumpkin every day?

Dogs are ok to have a little bit of pumpkin every day but this should not amount to more than approximately one to two teaspoons. 

The reason for this is the high levels of fiber found in pumpkin. If you give your dog took much then it can play with their digestive system. 

When giving your dog pumpkin you need to make sure that they are getting enough water to drink to stop them from getting dehydrated.

Is canned pumpkin good for my dog?

As long as it is plain, canned pumpkin is a good source of nutrients for your dog. It is a great way to get some extra fiber into their diets if you do not have the time to make them treats from a fresh pumpkin.

Remember that canned pumpkin is actually much higher in fiber than a fresh pumpkin. So, you should account for this in their portion sizes.

Can too much pumpkin hurt my dog?

The main worry when feeding your dog an excessive amount of pumpkin is actually the high levels of vitamin A that they are absorbing. 

If you feed your dog too much pumpkin then this overdose of vitamin A can, unfortunately, be deadly.

Additionally, the high amount of fiber that they are getting can be disastrous for their digestive system.

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What cookies can dogs eat?

Dogs should only eat cookies that have been specifically made for dogs. This will ensure that there are no toxic ingredients or high levels of sugar in the cookie.

Refined sugar is not a very healthy thing for your dog to consume and this is found in almost all store-bought cookies made for human consumption.

Does pumpkin make dogs gassy?

If you are feeding your dog too much pumpkin or they have preexisting digestive or stomach issues then you may find that your dog becomes very gassy.

This is due to the fiber in pumpkin which helps with constipation but can cause diarrhoea from large quantities. 

Can dogs eat raw pumpkin?

Pumpkin is fine for your dog to eat raw or cooked. So, if your dog doesn’t want to consume cooked pumpkin cookies try making raw pumpkin treats.

However, like with the pumpkin cookies do not let your dog consume too much pumpkin.

Is cinnamon bad for dogs?

Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs which means that you are safe to add a little bit to their pumpkin treats to enhance the flavor.

However, you should not feed your dog more than 1/8 of a teaspoon of cinnamon per day. This is obviously less if you have a smaller dog.

Why do dogs love cookies?

Dogs love cookies because not only do they taste good but they recognise them as a treat.

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Giving your dog a special treat that is different from their normal food is a fun way to keep them entertained by food.

What happens if my dog eats a sugar cookie?

In most cases the sugar cookie is not likely to be toxic to your dog. But this does not mean that they are a healthy snack choice for your dog.