How to Make Pumpkin Dog Bones (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

You make pumpkin dog bones by first creating dough and then baking it in the oven. According to Love From the Oven, you should bake pumpkin dough for at least thirty minutes at 350°F. In addition to baking using pumpkin, mixing peanut butter and cinnamon into your dough are also great ingredients for dog treats. 

In this article, you will learn how to make pumpkin dog treats, including the ingredients inside pumpkin dog treats and the best ways to prepare pumpkin dog treats. 

How Do You Make Pumpkin Dog Bones?

You can make pumpkin dog bones by creating a pumpkin-based dough, then cutting them into bite-sized pieces and baking them in the oven. You must bake the dough at 350 degrees Fahrenheit between thirty minutes to an hour.

How Do You Make Pumpkin Treat Dough?

To make pumpkin treat dough, you must carefully whisk all dry and wet ingredients. According to All Recipes, the ideal dough consistency should be dry and stiff. The dough should still be rollable into a ½-inch thick slab. Before baking, you should cut the dog treats into pieces. Most basic recipes yield just over two dozen small pieces. 

How Long Does It Take To Make Pumpkin Dog Treats?

Generally, it takes no longer than an hour to make pumpkin dog treats from start to finish. It takes roughly fifteen minutes to prepare pumpkin dog treats, including gathering your ingredients and mixing everything. After roughly forty-five minutes of baking and cooling, you will have a batch of roughly twenty-five pumpkin dog treats.

What Ingredients Make Pumpkin Dog Treats?

The main ingredients inside pumpkin dog treats are pumpkins and flour. To make pumpkin dog treats, you will combine several ingredients, such as pumpkin, flour, eggs, salt, and cinnamon. You must follow the instructions closely to avoid giving your dog too much of its daily salt intake. 

Can You Bake Pumpkin Dog Treats?

Baking is the most common way to make your dog treats because of how easy baking is. When baking, your dog’s treats do not require as close monitoring. It is a safer way of cooking, and there are no secondhand chemicals added to the cooking process as the treats bake.

Is It Easy To Make Pumpkin Dog Bones?

It is very easy to make pumpkin dog bones. The prep time and cooking time for pumpkin dog bones take roughly fifteen minutes, and cooking is roughly thirty-five minutes. Preparing this snack for your dog does not create a large mess, and therefore there is not much clean-up. Since dog treats are oven-baked, they do not need close monitoring. The loose monitoring means you can clean while they finish cooking. 

Can You Fry Pumpkin dog Treats?

You cannot fry pumpkin dog treats because the ingredients in cooking oils are dangerous for dogs. Fatty foods like cooking oil can cause canine pancreatitis, so you must avoid frying pumpkin dog treats so you do not poison your dog.

Additionally, cooking oils have a variety of other harmful chemicals and additives that can be dangerous to your dog’s health. It is better to feed your pup something fresh-baked than deep-fried.

Do Pumpkin Dog Bones Include Dairy?

Most pumpkin dog bones have dairy inside unless you intentionally look for a recipe without them. The main dairy product in pumpkin dog treats is eggs. Before feeding your dog, you must bake all recipes thoroughly, so the eggs are fully cooked.

Do Pumpkin Dog Bones Use Flour?

Most pumpkin dog recipes use wheat-based flour -most commonly whole wheat flour. However, you should check with your vet to see what they recommend. Some dogs have allergies that require special dietary restrictions.

Are Pumpkin Dog Bones Gluten-free?

Pumpkin dog bones are not gluten-free because they contain flour. If your dog has a gluten allergy, you should alter the recipe to a wheat-free alternative. There are plenty of alternative flours, including tapioca flour, potato starch, garbanzo bean flour, fava bean flour, and many more. Dogs with all allergies can enjoy this delicious treat with just a slight modification.

Are Pumpkin Dog Bones Vegan?

Basic pumpkin dog treat recipes are not vegan since they contain eggs. Eggs are an important part of the recipe since they create the structural integrity needed in the baking process. There are plenty of alternative vegan recipes for pumpkin dog bones that exclude dairy from the recipe. However, these have a different consistency. 

Are Pumpkin Dog Treats Healthy?

Pumpkin dog treats are healthy, with many vitamins and nutrients that support better dog health. Some health benefits of eating pumpkins include being a source of fiber. Fiber softens the stool and helps your dog pass bowel movements more comfortably. 

Is Peanut Butter Necessary In My Dog Treat?

You do not need to add peanut butter to your dog’s treat, but it is a major benefit. In many cases, you will notice that recipes mix pumpkins with peanut butter. People will add peanut butter into dog treats because of the additional health benefits it has for dogs. Peanut butter is a source of protein, vitamin B, E, and healthy fats.

If there is no Xylitol in the peanut butter, it is considered safe for most dogs.

Is Cinnamon Necessary In My Pumpkin Dog Treats?

Cinnamon is not a necessary ingredient in your pumpkin dog treats. However, cinnamon is an odor eliminator that can help combat your dog’s bad breath. In combination with the crunchy texture of your pumpkin treats, the cinnamon can make these treats have a nice dental-care effect. It is not necessary, but it is a great benefit.

How Many Pumpkin Dog Treats Can My Dog Have Daily?

A dog should not have more than three tablespoons of pumpkin each day. So, you should limit your dog’s daily pumpkin treat intake to one or two treats per day. Begin by feeding them one treat to adjust them to pumpkin. You do not want to feed them too much pumpkin, or you could overload them with fiber. An excess amount of fiber could overburden their systems.