Dog Cable Run On Ground (DIY & Are They Safe?)

Are Cable Runs Safe For Dogs?

Cables run are safe for dogs when used with supervision. One danger of a cable run is the risk of strangulation. The wire may get stuck around their neck. It may get stuck around rocks, fencing, or other items in your yard. As a result, it may end up around your dog’s throat and make it impossible for them to breathe.

Another danger is injury. When dogs spot something worth chasing, they take off. Those that are attached to a cable run will suddenly be restrained. It may jerk them back and seriously injure their neck and shoulder bones. They may even get whiplash or burns.

When supervised, cable runs are safe. You can ensure that your dog remains untangled from the cable. You can also keep them from chasing after other animals or people.

How Do You Run A Dog Cable?

To run a dog cable, you’ll need two firm posts. A door frame and tree work. You’ll want to stake the posts in those places. Then you attach the cable to the stakes. Pulling the cable tight is important before you seal each post off.

You’ll also want to place it high up. The middle will always see some sagging no matter how tight you pull the cable. You’ll then attach a pulley to the cable. If you want to stop the dog from going too far on the table, then you can use clips to stop them.

Their lead should attach to the pulley. You’ll want to use a harness or collar that won’t slip from their heads while they run around.

How Do You Fix A Broken Dog Run Cable?

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Take stock of the part of the cable that is broken. You’ll want to get a replacement part. You may also need a few other parts in order to remove the broken part of the cable.

Step 2: Remove Broken Part

Once you have your materials, you can remove the broken part. If it’s the cable, then you’ll need to unclip the pulley, any clips you have, and the bolt snap eyes. Pull the cable free and toss it in the trash or use it for something else.

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Step 3: Put the New Cable Through the Bolt Snap Eyes

Take your desired cable length and pass each end through the bolt snap eyes. Making a loop of the cable is a secure way to keep it tight.

Step 4: Attach Snap Clamps

Place the snap clamp on one part of the loop. Then take the other part of the cable’s loop and put it through the hole by the nut. Simply tighten the nuts with your hand for now.

Step 5: Attach Brackets

You’ll want to attach a bracket to one side of the cable. You’ll also want to move the snap clamp up to the bracket. Use needle-nose pliers to tighten the nuts and bracket against one another.

Step 6: Attach To Dog’s Collar

The bolt snap eyes can be used to attach to your dog’s collar. The cable is ready to be used if you have a fixed point. If you want to make it a run, then you just need to attach each bracket to a fixed point. A door frame and tree are both great options. You can also attach it to two posts.

Are Dog Runs Worth It?

Dog runs are worth it if you like giving your dog a safe place to run around. There are several different types of runs. A cable run is one of the cheaper options. When used with supervision, it can give your dog the chance to run around the yard as much as they want to.

Kennel runs are another option. These are large cages that keep your dog securely inside of them. The larger the kennel run is, the more room your dog has to run around and be safe.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Dog Outside?

Dogs need plenty of exercise and they’re only going to receive that outside. However, if you leave a dog outside for several hours without water, food, and shelter, then it is cruel. If you want to keep your dog outside for a few hours, then you should invest in a large dog house that gives them plenty of shade. You should also have water and food bowls for them to use.

What States Is It Illegal To Chain A Dog?

States have parameters on the kind of tether and collar that can be used to chain a dog. Texas, Hawaii, and Rhode Island state that using pinch collars, choke collars, and prong-type collars is illegal when tethering a dog. Other states like Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania state that the tether needs to be 3x the length of the dog in order to be chained.

California makes it illegal to chain a dog for certain hours a day. Several other states issue the same. Smaller communities like HOA’s may also have their own rules about tethering a dog.

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Do Dog Runs Work?

Dog runs work if they’re installed correctly and if the owner is using the right kind of collar. Kennel runs work if the run has a roof. Otherwise, some dogs may jump over the cage and escape.

Top Pick Dog Cable Run

The Snagle Paw Store offers one of the best dog cable runs. It’s a stake that can be dug into the ground, making installation extremely easy. You don’t have to worry about staking it to trees or your home.

The cable is thick and strong. It uses an O-Ring to attach to the stake which is also made of durable stainless steel.

It’s also great for small, medium, and large dogs due to its 30-foot cable. That gives dogs plenty of space to run around and play. If you want more space, you can always attach another cable.

Best Retractable

The Lixit cable run is another great option for those looking for a retractable cable. This cable run can be mounted to the desk, stairs, or any other outdoor surface. It uses a brightly colored cable to allow you to see your dog and the cable, itself.

You can easily attach the clip to your dog’s collar and let them run around. When it’s time to come in, then the cable run easily steers them back home.

The run can also be removed easily and stored away during the winter.

The cable length is 20 feet and revolves 360 degrees.

Best For Camping

Taking your dog camping can be a lot of fun. Without the right cable run, you may be worried that they may run off. The XiaZ cable dog run is a great option for camping. It can be easily tied around two trees or other anchor points.

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It’s also light and easy to carry which makes it ideal for hiking.

The cable is 50 feet long and features a reflective design that makes it easier to see. No one deserves to clothesline themselves.

The cable can be used for any sized dog and can be assembled and disassembled in just under 5 minutes.

Best For Large Dogs or Livestock

The cable run from Petstairs is the perfect choice for large dogs or livestock. It’s capable of holding up against 1000 pounds of force. It’s also capable of 360-degree swiveling to give your dog or livestock complete freedom of movement.

The anchor is made of both stainless steel and zinc. It’s designed to be weather-resistant and rust-resistant. There are few different ways to install this cable run. It can be installed into a deck or other surface outside. It can also be installed into the ground using its bolt anchors.

This cable run can be used for pets up to 150 pounds.