Is it Cruel to Keep a Dog Indoors All Day? (Solved!)

Whether or not it is cruel to keep a dog indoors all day depends on the breed of the dog and how often you keep them locked inside all day.

Keeping any dog inside for 8 or 9 hours while you are at work is fine so long as they have access to water and have been to the toilet, but keeping your dog indoors 24 hours a day can damage their wellbeing unless they are a small or miniature breed dog who has a designated toileting spot in the house.

How Long Can I Keep My Dog Inside?

Dogs are okay to be left alone inside for 8 or 9 hours maximum. So long as your dog has access to food and water they should be okay to be alone for a few hours, but they will need to be let outside for the toilet.

Puppies cannot be left longer than an hour at a time, steadily increasing by 1 hour for every month of life. This is because they have very small bladders and will need to toilet more often, they are also more vulnerable than older dogs and more likely to cause injury to themselves if left unsupervised for long periods.

Do Dogs Like Being Inside?

For the most part, dogs do like being inside. They enjoy being close to their humans and anything that involves being near you or engaging in an activity with you is pleasurable for them no matter where you are.

However, if kept inside too much, dogs can exhibit signs of distress. Biologically, dogs benefit from being outdoors. They get much more exercise when outside, and walking, sniffing, and seeing different people and places is great for their brain development and health.

Which Breeds Make The Best House Dogs?

Small or miniature breeds make the best house dogs. Smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, Pugs and French Bulldogs do not need as much exercise as larger breeds like German Shepards and Border Collies.

Small breeds are bred as ‘lap dogs’ they enjoy spending time with the family and prioritize comfort over exercise. However, they are very playful and do not like to be left alone, so only get a miniature or small breed if you can dedicate the time and attention it needs.

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However smaller breeds that are kept as house dogs are prone to obesity, so be sure not to overfeed them and do take them outside at least twice a day for short to medium walks.

Which Breed is Easiest to House Train?

Border Collies are the easiest dogs to potty train. They are super smart and have herding instincts that make their spatial awareness second to none. Like all dogs, they will require some training before they get it right, but they are the quickest when learning how and where to potty.

With a good training schedule, a Border Collie can be fully house trained within a few weeks, and they do not easily forget.

Border Collies are bred for herding sheep and working with humans, so they are great at understanding human commands and body language. 

Is It Unhealthy To Keep a Dog in The House?

Dogs can bring a whole host of bacteria in your home from their fur and through their salvia, which leads some people to believe that having your dog indoors can be unhealthy.

In fact, the reverse is true. For optimal human health, the body must be exposed to a range of bacterias, and dogs provide an even wider range of bacterial exposure.

Dogs not only help us strengthen our immune systems, but they also help to develop better resistance to common allergens like hayfever and eczema. Research suggests that children who have dogs (and cats) develop fewer allergies than children who do not.

Of course, dogs must have some basic hygiene. If your dog gets muddy or has rolled in something unpleasant, be sure to wash them before allowing them into the house.

Is It Unhealthy to Sleep with Your Dog?

Whether or not you allow your dog to sleep in bed with you is a matter of personal preference and does not have much bearing on your health, so long that your dog is clean.

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If you have allergies to animal dander it is advised that you do not let your dog sleep in your bed with you, or your symptoms may worsen. However, this is a suggestion and not a rule. People with fur allergies may not necessarily be allergic to dog hairs.

If your dog regularly sleeps with you it is recommended to wash your bed sheets more often, because skin cells and bacteria from you and your dog will build up faster than if you were sleeping alone.

Why Should I Not Allow My Dog In My Home?

The only reason to disallow a dog to enter your home is if the dog is exceptionally dirty, if there is a family member with a preexisting allergy, or if you or a family member have a phobia of dogs.

Otherwise, there is no reason to disallow a dog from your home, so long as it is house trained and socialized.

It is best to check that any of the members of the household do not have an allergy or phobia of dogs before you get one or invite one in. Leaving a dog outdoors all day every day is not good for a dog’s psychological health and can lead to problems with its behavior.

Is Getting a Dog Worth It?

Dogs are highly social animals that get attached easily. They bring a lot of joy and pleasure to the home. 

If you are a dog lover, and you have the time and patience to train the dog and attend to its basic needs then the work you put into your dog is minimal next to the love and loyalty you will receive from them.

However if you are not a dog person, or if your life is exceptionally busy and hectic, it is perhaps not the best time to adopt a dog. Dogs are great for people who live alone and work normal hours or in large families with plenty of people around to care for them.