How Do You Train a Yorkie Poo Not to Bite? (Solved!)

If your Yorkie Poo bites your hand while playing, you can use positive reinforcement to stop the habit. Every time your Yorkie Poo bites your hand, use a firm command like “no” and encourage them to play-bite their toys instead.

Every time they obey this command, reward them with a small treat. Over time, your Yorkie Poo will learn to stop biting your hand. Yorkie Poos are very intelligent dogs and tend to learn quickly

Yorkie Poos may bite your hand more during puppyhood. This is because in the early stages they bite their siblings while playing and are inferring this behavior when they play with you.

Will My Yorkie Poo Bite People?

Yorkie Poos are very affectionate and intelligent dogs by nature and they do not have a tendency to bite with aggression or to hurt people.

During puppyhood, it is wise to begin basic training, at least get them used to commands like ‘’Good’’ and ‘’no’’. It is completely within your power to raise a calm and confident Yorkie Poo.

Rest assured that no dog that has grown up with love and affection will develop a tendency to bite other people for no reason.

Does Socialization Help Prevent Biting?

It is very important to socialize your Yorkie Poo. Allow them to meet and spend time with people and other animals as much as possible without overwhelming them.

Some Yorkie Poos will back off with a protective instinct when they see a stranger and if they are dominant they will bite if they feel threatened, but this is rare.

If your Yorkie Poos is displaying aggressive behavior with everyone often, this may be an indication that that dog has not been socialized enough or has anxiety.

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Socialized and happy Yorkie Poos do not bite humans or intend to harm them. Extremely friendly and calm, Yorkie Poos are highly social and like to get along with other people and animals.

Do Yorkie Poos Bite Other Dogs?

It has been known but it is rare. Yorkie Poos are quite calm but can be energetic at the same time and accidental bites may occur, although they are not hard. They do not tend to attack unless the other dog is threatening them.

Biting is part of a dog’s social behavior and play-biting other dogs is a way of shaking hands. They tend to softly bite each other’s ears while playing, and both dogs understand that it is a friendly gesture.

Dog owners who socialize their Yorkie Poos are less likely to have a Yorkie poo that bites first. While those who do not socialize their Yorkie Poors may have a defensive dog that may bite at the slightest sign of aggression.

Also, some dogs just don’t like other dogs. Just like humans do not get on well with some other humans, some dogs are just not compatible and fights may break out. This does not necessarily mean you have an anti-social Yorkie Poo.

Should Yorkie Poos Be Socialized?

Yorkie Poos need to socialize. Just like humans, dogs are social animals and regular interaction keeps them happy and healthy. You should take your Yorkie Poo to parks where other dogs walk and let them play.

Socialization at the park is great for their mental the physical health as they burn off energy while playing.

Yorkie poos need to play with other dogs but sniffing is also an important part of canine social interaction, so while out on walks let them stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Dogs send and receive messages to each other through the scents they leave behind and investigating smells around the neighborhood is the Yorkie Poo equivalent of social media.

My Adult Yorkie Poo is Biting My Hand What Should I Do?

If your adult Yorkie Poo bites your hand, it’s probably a habit that has been retained since puppyhood. In such situations, you will need to train your Yorkie Poo not to bite, as they have failed to learn this themselves.

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When your young Yorkie Poo bites your hand, it won’t do you much harm as its teeth are not fully developed yet, but as it grows and its teeth become sharp, this can become a difficult situation to deal with so it is best to train them out of this habit at a young age.

To avoid such situations, you must be determined and consistent in your training. Every time your Yorkie Poo bites your hand, you need to say “no” in a firm voice and end the game. Try to direct them towards a toy to bite instead if they are persistent.

Does Positive Reinforcement Work For Biting?

Almost make sure to reward your Yorkie Poo when they play gently. This can be with physical affection or with a treat, but always use a positive tone of voice and short command like ‘Good girl/boy’ as a verbal cue that their behavior was correct.

You can use this method on puppy Yorkie Poos and on adults. It may take adults a little longer to learn, but Yorkie Poors are intelligent dogs overall and will learn quickly.

Can A Professional Stop My Yorkie Poo From Biting?

Professional training can be an option, especially for adult Yorkie Poos that show a tendency to bite and are resisting their training.

Because breaking an already established habit is a very difficult task, seeking help from experienced trainers may be the easiest and fastest option.

But even though your Yorkie Poo is trained by professional trainers, it is important to continue the training at home and be consistent.

Your professional trainer will usually spend an hour with your Yorkie poo once or twice a week and will give you instructions on how to encourage your Yorkie Poo and to help them retain what they have learned.

It is important that you are prepared to do this, or else your Yorkie Poo may become confused or forget that weeks’ lesson if you cannot follow the basic rules at home that your trainer has set out.