Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig? (Solved & Explained!)

The snorting sound you are hearing your Chihuahua make is what’s called reverse sneezing. These sneezes happen when the muscles in a dog’s throat spasm creating irritation in the soft palate. Your Chihuahua is inhaling too much air through the nose, creating a pig-like grunt sound.

Do you have a chihuahua that snorts like a pig? It’s actually quite common for small dogs to make this noise. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at why chihuahuas snort and what you can do to help stop it. We’ll also discuss some of the other strange behaviors your little puppy might be exhibiting and provide tips on dealing with them.

Why Does My Chihuahua Snort When I Pet It?

Chihuahuas tend to sneeze when they become excited. This may actually be what’s called a “play sneeze.” Your chihuahua is very likely enthusiastic about the attention you are giving him, which leads to this harmless snorting sound.

This sound can sometimes be similar to a cat’s purr. If your chihuahua is making these sounds while you’re petting them but otherwise seem happy and content, it is most likely just a sign of excitement.

What Outside Factors Could Cause My Chihuahua to Snort?

When chihuahuas snort, it’s often because they are reacting to something that irritates their nose. Allergens, dirt, or any other airborne particles could be stimulating this response.

The snorting sound you are hearing could also be from a viral or sinus infection. The occasional snorting is most likely harmless, but if it continues, it’s best to consult your vet.

Why is My Chihuahua Snoring While Sleeping?

Dog snoring or snorting could be caused by allergies, a cold or viral infection, sinusitis, and deviated septum. It is always good to know the reasons behind your pet’s actions so that you can take measures against them.

If your chihuahua is snoring all of the time or it sounds like he stops breathing periodically, it’s best to see a licensed veterinarian. The vet will be able to diagnose whether or not a medical issue causes your dog’s snoring. They might also refer you for further testing if necessary.

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Why Does My Chihuahua Sound Like It’s Having Trouble Breathing?

If the sound becomes louder and longer-lasting than usual for them, there may be something wrong but otherwise, just keep an eye on the behavior. Chihuahuas can often become overly excited and begin breathing in irregular patterns.

If your dog is struggling for air, make sure to check its airways for a blockage and call an emergency veterinarian service.

Why is My Chihuahua Wheezing?

Your chihuahua may develop nasal congestion or bacterial infection that inflames their airways, also known as epistaxis causing them to breathe heavily while resting; this could easily lead to more advanced cases like asthma if left untreated.

If you notice any of these symptoms regularly occurring, take your pet immediately for treatment before things worsen.

How to Help My Chihuahua Stop Wheezing?

Wheezing is not only an uncomfortable sound; it’s also destructive to the lungs. Try a humidifier or use bottled water instead of tap water, which could lead to a dryness disorder. When the air in your home becomes too dry at certain times of the year, a humidifier can help your dog breathe easier.

Do Chihuahuas Develop Breathing Problems?

Unfortunately, chihuahuas are prone to tracheal collapse. The condition occurs when these cartilage rings become weak, making the passageway shirk. This causes coughing and difficulty breathing deeply. Most mild-moderate cases escalate with time, so make sure to seek treatment with your veterinarian.

In the case of a sudden change in your dog’s breathing, seek veterinarian help immediately. A sudden onset of breathing difficulty could be a result of choking or an acute cardiac event. Make sure to keep your chihuahua’s airway clear of obstruction and get to a healthcare facility.

What Health Problems Do Chihuahuas Have?

Chihuahuas are susceptible to bacteria and viral infections common with most dogs like parvo and distemper. Chihuahuas are especially prone to luxating patella, tracheal collapse, tooth and gum diseases, and tracheal collapses. They are also known to develop breathing issues and heart conditions.

Chihuahua’s and other small dogs can sometimes have bone and hip issues. These dogs can have weak bones, leading to injury. While it is true that chihuahuas have such frail and fearless frames, their hip dysplasia can be traced back to an injury they suffered in their youth.

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Why is My Chihuahua Acting Weird?

Your dog may be acting weird from issues like boredom, sleepiness, illness, or even injury. The longer we develop relationships with our dogs, the easier it is to tell if our pets are acting irregularly. If your chihuahua isn’t acting like themselves over a long period, contact your vet for a screening. 

Try engaging your chihuahua with activity or play. Most dogs can snap out of a funk with some attention and activity. If your chihuahua avoids activity and play, it may be a sign that something is ailing them.

Do Chihuahuas Have Long Term Breathing Issues?

Small dogs like chihuahuas can develop cardiac and pulmonary diseases as they age. These chronic health issues commonly cause labored breathing issues in chihuahuas. Most chronic breathing issues get worse over time. Frequent routine visits to your vet can help prevent these conditions from getting out of control.

How Can I Help My Chihuahua With Chronic Breathing Issues?

If your chihuahua has been diagnosed with a chronic breathing condition, there are some things you can do to help treat the symptoms. Your vet will prescribe medicine for your dog to help treat the chronic illness.

Make sure to keep your chihuahua hydrated, dry airways can intensify symptoms. Allow your chihuahua to get plenty of rest to keep their bodies strong and as healthy as possible. Humidifiers can also help ease a dry cough or labored breathing.

What Causes My Chihuahua to Breathe From Their Stomach?

This could be a sign of bloat, a very serious condition for your chihuahua. Bloat is abnormal gas or swelling in the stomach. It could also be caused from liver disease or fluid build up. If your chihuahua has a bloated stomach, contact your vet immediately.