Instant Pot: Cooking Chicken and Rice for Dogs (Easy Steps & Complete Guide)

If you’re strapped for time, an Instant Pot is one of the best appliances to use for making meals for your dog. All you need to do is place the chicken, rice, water, and other ingredients in the Instant Pot and let them cook. With this method, you can have cooked chicken and rice for your dog in approximately 1 hour.

Did you know the Instant Pot is one of the handiest kitchen appliances for making homemade dog food? If you want to learn how to make chicken and rice (as well as other healthy meals) for your dog in the Instant Pot, you’ve come to the right spot. Today, we’re going to discuss what you need to know when using the Instant Pot to make dog food.

How can you cook chicken and rice in an Instant Pot for dogs?

Out of all the small appliances in the kitchen, the Instant Pot is the most convenient for making dog food. When making a batch of dog food, you will need to place one cup of white or brown rice in the Instant pot and then lay 2 boneless chicken breasts on top of that.

You can then add diced vegetables of choice and 2 cups of water. Allow the mixture to cook on manual high for 25 minutes then natural release for 10 minutes, then repeat. Once cooked, allow the mixture to cool before giving it to your dog.

What is the ideal ratio of chicken and rice when feeding a dog?

Ideally, you should measure the chicken and rice in thirds. A dog should eat 1/3 chicken to 2/3 rice, according to the portion size that you are feeding them.

You should determine the portion size by the dog’s weight, as a dog should eat 2 to 3 % of their weight in a day. If you feed your dog 2 cups of food, the portion should consist of 2/3 cups chicken and 1 1/3 cup rice. 

What vegetables can be added to chicken and rice for dogs in the Instant Pot?

It’s recommended to also add vegetables to the chicken and rice mixture, but only certain vegetables are safe to feed dogs. You can add carrots, peas, green beans, kale, broccoli, squash, spinach, or sweet potatoes to this mixture.

Another ingredient that you can add that’s good for canines is blueberry. While blueberries with chicken and rice may seem like a strange ingredient to humans, dogs love them.

Can you cook chicken with bones in the Instant Pot for dogs?

There are many great recipes to follow for making chicken in the Instant Pot for dogs, which includes chicken with the bone in. Once the meat has been cooked, you can tear the meat off the bone so it’s safe for the dog to eat.

Boneless breasts are the easiest choice for someone who wants to cut back on the amount of prep work involved. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid other cuts. You can make dog food out of any natural chicken meat you choose.

Can you add eggs when cooking chicken and rice in the Instant Pot?

If your dog enjoys eggs, you can add them to the mixture as well for extra nutrients. It’s recommended to add the eggs whole without cracking them because the eggshells are a great source of calcium for your dog. 

Eggshells are safe (and healthy) for your dog to eat and digest. However, always make sure the eggs are clean before adding them to the Instant Pot.

Can you make other meats with rice in the Instant Pot for dogs?

Once you start making homemade dog food in the Instant Pot, you’ll realize how easy this method is. The Instant Pot isn’t just great for cooking chicken for dogs, you can also make pork and beef as well.

A very easy dish to make in the Instant Pot for dogs is beef and sweet potato stew. Simply combine the beef chunks, diced sweet potatoes, and peas with water and allow it to fully cook for a meal your dog will beg for.

Why should you feed a dog chicken and rice? 

If you’re looking to feed your dogs more homemade foods because you want to know what ingredients you’re giving them, chicken and rice is one of the best options. Dogs need simple foods to digest, and the combination of chicken and rice is perfect because there’s one protein and one carbohydrate.

Chicken and rice are also two of the easiest foods for your dog’s stomach to digest. The only exception is if the dog has an allergy to chicken.

What should a dog owner know before making chicken and rice for their dogs?

When making homemade food for your dog, it’s important to consider that every dog has specific nutritional requirements that need to be met. Always discuss making homemade food with your dog’s veterinarian before making the switch to make sure you make the right food portions for your dog’s size and needs.

Your vet will let you know of any special instructions you need to follow to keep your dog healthy.

Can chicken be substituted with white fish for dogs?

If your dog has an allergy to chicken, white fish is one of the best substitutes. However, white fish cooks much quicker than rice. If you are planning on cooking the fish in the Instant Pot, you may need to cook the rice and fish separately so it’s not overcooked. 

Why is the Instant Pot better for cooking chicken for dogs than other cooking methods?

One of the main reasons why the Instant Pot is a better option for cooking chicken for dogs is that there is no need to use any oil. When oil is used to cook meat, it could make the dog sick. With the Instant Pot, the chicken can be cooked directly with the rice in water, eliminating the need for extra fats or oil.