Can Cats Eat Kong Catnip? (Solved & Explained!)

Established in Colorado in 1976, Kong has been providing toys and treats for our pets for a long time indeed. You might have noticed that you can even get catnip from them now and this begs the question: Can cats eat Kong Catnip?

Actually, yes, although you don’t want to provide it in large amounts, as your cat might overindulge and end up with a tummy-ache. While catnip is famous for its effects on those cats that respond to it, it’s still plant matter, so it’s not so easy for your cat to properly digest it. In moderation, however, it’s perfectly safe.

In today’s article we’re going to tell you all about Kong Catnip so that you have the information you need to help make sure that your cat only gets the fun part of the catnip – without the potential for a ‘tummyache hangover’ spoiling their fun. Let’s talk about cats, catnip, and Kong!

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What is Kong Catnip?

Kong Catnip is basically an umbrella term for a wide range of catnip offerings from this Colorado-based pet product company. In most cases, it’s referring to the actual catnip, which includes Nepeta cataria and other plants of the Nepeta species.

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Kong provides the actual plants, finely ground up and with as many stems removed as possible, so that you can sprinkle a bit of finely-ground Nepeta up and place it wherever you would like for your kitty. Aside from the plant itself, Kong also offers a number of toys with catnip inside them and they even have concentrated sprays.

Not only are these products safe, but they are high quality, as Kong has been in business since 1976 and they’ve established some pretty high standards since their inception. Simply put, Kong Catnip is high-quality catnip from a name that pet owners have learned to trust!

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Can cats eat catnip safely?

Yes, cats can eat catnip safely, as they tend to ‘self regulate’ where this plant is concerned. That said, it’s not recommended to simply put out large piles of the stuff as this could certainly lead to overindulgence.

 With catnip, however, it’s not so much a matter of toxicity – this plant is definitely safe – it’s more a matter of the occasional sharp stems or the fact that any plant matter consumed in large quantities is hard on your cat’s stomach.

Remember, while they can eat some veggies and other plants, cat’s are obligate carnivores, so they are designed to get nutrients that they need from meat.

This means that common veggies like carrots can be eaten, but your cat can’t turn the beta carotene into vitamin A, and with catnip ingestion is basically like eating non-toxic leaves. It won’t poison them but eating dry leaves would give YOU a bellyache and the same is true with your cat.

How much Kong Catnip do you give a cat?

The amount that you should use actually varies from cat to cat, and some cats don’t respond to catnip at all.

While catnip will work its magic on 70 to 80 percent of all cats out there, an unlucky 20 – 30% of cats will take a sniff and give you a look that translates out basically to ‘Meh. Why are you giving me leaves, silly hooman?”.

For the cats that it DOES affect, you’ll need to experiment with small amounts first and you can try a little more to see the effects and determine the amount that seems to be the most fun for your specific cat.

Once you know this, we recommend that you only provide it to them once or twice a week. They could have it every day, but likely they’ll get too used to it if you do that, so making your cat wait will ensure that they have as much fun as possible with their catnip when they get it. It’s definitely worth the wait!

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Is Kong Catnip like drugs for cats?

People tend to think of catnip as a ‘drug’ for cats, but it’s a little more complex than that. Cats are very scent oriented – it’s the reason that they rub up against you all of the time.

Scent glands are all over your cat’s body, even in their paws and on their heads, and this rubbing transfers their scents to you and the furniture.

The ‘high’ from catnip actually comes from the scent of the plants, by means of the odor coming from the nepetalactone component of the catnip. This binds to their scent receptors, creating a feeling of euphoria and this is what makes your cat roll around and immediately become super-playful.

Simply put, catnips like Kong Catnip have a ‘happy smell’ that cat’s can’t seem to get enough of.

How much Kong Catnip is too much?

With Kong Catnip toys, there will be a premeasured amount present that should be absolutely perfect for most cats. For the finely cut catnip itself, you’ve got an entire box to work with, but it really doesn’t take much to have an effect.

Try starting with a teaspoonful of the stuff and sprinkle it on the carpet, in your cat’s bed, or in their play tower. Show it to your cat by gently lifting them up if they’ll allow it and then pointing at the catnip which you’ve just placed.

Once your kitty gets a sniff, then you’ll know if this amount is sufficient or if you might want to try another spoon. In most cases you’ll find that this is all that you need but you can certainly put out more if you like and see if your cat will regulate themselves.

Most will, but if your kitty seems to have a tummyache later, then simply reduce the amount and try again in a few days. You’ll be able to tell quite quickly from your kitty’s response once you’ve found the perfect amount!

Some closing Kong Catnip comments

Today we’ve answered the question ‘Can cats eat Kong Catnip’ and the answer is a resounding ‘yes’! Catnip is perfectly safe for kitty consumption, with the only possible exception being if they eat a little too much, and even in this scenario it is considered non-toxic.

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As Kong has such a strong brand with over 40 years in business, you can give their catnip to your kitty with confidence. As long as they are among that lucky 70-80% that responds to catnip, they’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great time with the ‘happy-scents’ of Kong Catnip!