At What Age Is a Yorkie Poo Full Grown? (Solved & Explained!)

After around 10-12 months, Yorkie Poos will be close to their full size but they can actually gain a little bit of weight, and might even get a bit taller, until they are around 4 years old. Yorkie Poos never grow to be too big and they are popular companion dogs because of their small size and loveable personalities.

Raising a Yorkie Poo from a tiny puppy into a full-grown adult is a very rewarding journey, and watching them hit their growth milestone is a joy for any dog parent. Knowing exactly what that growth should look like is important as an owner so that you can make sure your dog is growing at a healthy rate.

This article will go into detail about how Yorkie Poos grow from newborn puppies into full-grown adults, what each of their growth stages looks like, how to make sure that your Yorkie Poo is growing well, and other information that is important for the parents of growing Yorkie Poos.

How Long Does It Take for a Yorkie Poo to Grow to Full Size?

Once your Yorkie Poo has reached about 10-12 months in age, they will be close to the size that they will stay for the rest of their lives. They have some growing left to do, however, and you can expect your dog to gain some more weight and a little more height until they are around 2 years old.

What Growth Stages Do Yorkie Poos Go Through as Puppies?

From the beginning of their lives until they are six or seven weeks old, Yorkie Poos are known as newborns, or sucklings, and they will grow rapidly up to around 0.25lbs. Then, they are in their puppy stage until they reach six months old, which is when they will do most of their learning and grow to about 2-3lbs.

How Do Yorkie Poos Change from Puppies to Adult Dogs?

After the puppy stage, Yorkie Poos are known as youngsters, which lasts from the age of six months up to around 10-12 months old – they will gain more energy and reach a weight of around 4-6lbs. From here they can continue to grow until they are around 2, but so slowly that you may not even notice the change.

How Big is a Yorkie Poo Full Grown?

Once they are fully grown, adult Yorkie Poos are on average about 6.5lbs, though that can range from 3lbs to 14lbs depending on their genetics. When they reach their full size, Yorkie Poos are usually somewhere between 7 and 15 inches tall, with larger dogs usually resulting from having a larger Poodle as a parent.

Why Can Yorkie Poos Grow to Such Different Sizes?

Yorkie Poos are a mixed breed, and their overall size will depend on the genetics of their two parents. Usually, their size is more as a result of their Poodle heritage as they can be bred from either a Miniature Poodle, which is slightly larger, or a Toy Poodle, which is the smallest poodle variation.

What Does a Yorkie Poo Puppy Look Like?

When they are first born, a Yorkie Poo puppy can fit into the palm of your hand, and they have very tiny ears and short fur. After a few weeks, their eyes become wider, their ears flop over and their coat will start to get a little longer all over, though it will still have some growing to do.

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What Should I Know About My Yorkie Poo Puppy’s Growth?

While they are growing, Yorkie Poos are quite vulnerable, because they still have soft growth plates which are susceptible to injury. Your puppy should not jump from high places and should avoid strenuous or excessive exercise that may cause damage to their growth plates – at this time they are also at risk from rough play with other pets.

What Does a Yorkie Poo Look Like Full Grown?

When they are fully grown, most Yorkie Poos will have a medium length, soft and fluffy coat, tiny dark noses, and short snouts. These wonderful dogs do vary greatly in appearance, depending on the specifics of their parentage, and some have ears that stick up where others fold over, but all of them are very sweet and adorable.

Do Yorkie Poos Change in Size While They Are Adults?

Yorkie Poos will likely put on a bit of weight between the ages of 1-2 years old, which can change their appearance noticeably, but they won’t actually get much taller. It is important to keep an eye on their weight during this time because, while some weight gain is healthy, it is easy for them to become overweight.

How Do I Weigh My Yorkie Poo?

During regular visits to the vet, you should be getting accurate measurements that will inform you of their weight gain, but you can also weigh your dog at home. If your puppy won’t sit on your scales, then you can simply weigh yourself holding them and weigh yourself separately, then find the difference between the two numbers.

When Do Yorkie Poos Become Fully Mature?

While most dogs mellow out and start acting more like an adult after about 1 year of age, this can vary a lot depending on the personality of the individual, as well as the training that they have experienced. Don’t be disheartened by a bit of immaturity lasting longer than you expected, but stay consistent with your behaviour management.

What Should a Yorkie Poo Eat for Healthy Growth?

Yorkie Poo puppies need a properly maintained diet so that they can obtain the right protein and minerals for their growth. A high-quality diet that is designed for small dogs in the puppy stage will usually contain higher protein content alongside the nutrition that they need.

How Often Should My Yorkie Poo Eat?

As new puppies, Yorkie Poos should be free-fed until they are around 3 months old, when they can start to handle a more structured diet. Between the ages of 3-12 months, they should be having 3-4 scheduled meals per day and once they are an adult that should be cut down to just 2 or 3.