Why Can’t My Yorkie Keep Food Down? (Solved & Explained!)

Your Yorkie may vomit for a number of reasons, with varying levels of concern. Although some of these reasons are nothing to worry about, in other cases, vomiting may indicate a larger issue which needs immediate veterinary attention. Vomiting may be caused by anything ranging from stress to severe illness.

The rest of the article will detail some of the reasons your Yorkie may be unable to keep food down, the difference between vomiting and regurgitation, how to care for your Yorkie when he is ill, how to prevent your Yorkie from vomiting, and how to decide when you should seek veterinary care.

Why is my Yorkie throwing up his food?

In order to judge the many reasons your Yorkie may be throwing up, it is important to keep in mind the difference between vomiting and regurgitation. According to the Animal Medical Center of Marquette in Michigan, vomiting occurs when the stomach forcefully ejects its contents through the mouth.

Regurgitation, on the other hand, comes from problems with the esophagus, and your dog will often just burp up undigested food. Vomiting is usually more concerning than regurgitation.

Why is my Yorkie regurgitating?

If the food that your Yorkie is unable to keep down is undigested, he is most likely regurgitating rather than vomiting. This food never made it to the stomach.

This most typically happens shortly after eating. If your dog ate too much, too quickly, or was overly stressed or excited while eating, this may result in regurgitation.

Why is my Yorkie vomiting?

If the food that your Yorkie is unable to keep down is partially or fully digested, he is vomiting rather than regurgitating. Just like regurgitation, vomiting can sometimes be caused by stress or over-excitement.

If you have just adopted a new Yorkie, or if you have just introduced him to a new environment or playmate, the vomiting could be due to butterflies in his tummy.

What if my Yorkie isn’t stressed?

Stress is not the only thing that can cause vomiting. The number one cause of vomiting is gastritis, usually caused by eating garbage or spoiled foods.

Your Yorkie may also be unable to keep food down if he has eaten too much food or had too much water, if he has eaten something poisonous or toxic, if he has come down with a stomach bug, if he is constipated or bloated, if you have recently switched his food to something that does not agree with him, or if he has intestinal parasites.

What foods are poisonous to my Yorkie?

According to Battersea pet advice, the nine most common dangerous foods for dogs are onions, garlic and chives, chocolate, macadamia nuts, corn on the cob, avocado, xylitol, alcohol, cooked bones, and grapes and raisins. Be careful, because xylitol is an artificial sweetener commonly found in food products, including some peanut butters.

If you suspect that your Yorkie has ingested even a small amount of any of these foods, seek immediate veterinary attention.

What if my Yorkie swallowed a toy?

Sometimes, a toy or other foreign object can cause intestinal blockages which are very dangerous for your dog. Even if the toy does not cause a blockage, however, it can irritate your Yorkie’s stomach and cause vomiting.

If you suspect that your Yorkie has swallowed a toy, you should seek veterinary care.

Should I be concerned about my Yorkie vomiting?

It is important to consider what your Yorkie’s vomit looks like and how he is behaving. If he vomits once and goes straight to acting like nothing is wrong, then nothing serious may have occurred.

If your dog is acting unlike his usual self, or if he has become weak, lethargic, or disoriented, then it may be cause for concern. If you find blood or worms in your Yorkie’s vomit, or if he cannot stop vomiting, seek immediate veterinary attention.

What if my Yorkie vomits all the time?

It is important to pay attention to when your Yorkie is vomiting in order to determine the root cause. If he always vomits after eating, you may need to try switching his food, feeding him in smaller increments, or slow feeding.

If your dog eats a lot of grass in the yard or on walks, this could be a cause of vomiting. If your Yorkie’s vomit is green, keep an eye on him to see if he is eating grass.

What is slow feeding?

Slow feeding is feeding your Yorkie using a puzzle bowl or another type of bowl with obstructions to prevent him from wolfing down his food too quickly. You can easily find these bowls online or at your local pet store.

What are the benefits of slow feeding?

When your Yorkie eats too quickly, he can gulp down a lot of air alongside his food. This can cause bloating which can lead to chronic vomiting.

Slow feeding leads to better digestion, portion control, reduced bloating and constipation, and best of all, reduced chance of vomiting!

How should I care for my Yorkie when he is vomiting?

If your Yorkie has vomited, take away his food for at least six hours. If he does not vomit again within the six hours, you may gradually introduce small amounts of bland food such as chicken and rice, shredded chicken, or unseasoned canned pumpkin.

Make sure that your Yorkie has access to water, but do not allow him to have too much water, as that can lead to further vomiting on an upset stomach.

What should I tell my vet when I take my Yorkie in?

When you take your Yorkie into the vet for vomiting, make sure you come prepared with a list of your observations to help inform the doctor.

VetWest suggests keeping these things in mind: What does the vomit look and smell like? How many times has your Yorkie vomited? When did the vomiting start? Have you made any recent changes to your Yorkie’s food or environment? Do you think your Yorkie might have ingested any dangerous foods or objects?

This checklist could be crucial in helping your vet to properly diagnose your Yorkie.