What Does Owning a Chihuahua Say About You? (Solved!)

Have you ever given a thought to becoming an owner of another breed? Or what was it that made you fall in love with Chihuahuas of all dogs?

Turns out, the reasons might be going a lot deeper than a simple “I just liked this one”. So deep, in fact, that there have even been studies that being a dog owner, and owning certain breeds affect your personality.

British psychologist Lance Workman of Bath Spa University is probably the most famous scientist that has focused on dog ownership as a research subject. Back in 2009, he and his research partners run a test, asking 70 people to match potential dog owners with specific breeds.

The group matched dogs correctly more than half the time, despite probability dictating that they should have been right only about a third of a time.

Clearly, the claim that owning a certain breed reveals specific personality traits has more solid a background than one may think.

Here are some characteristics that have been associated with chihuahua owners time and again:

1.  You’re generally an agreeable person but will stand your ground if need be

Dog owners have generally been tested to be more agreeable than non-dog owners, but owners of some breeds score higher than others. Golden retriever owners, for example, score one of the highest marks for being agreeable.

Toy dog owners on the other hand (including those who own Chihuahuas), while in general sharing this trait, score lower, and are noted to be more stubborn.

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2. You are eager for new experiences

Toy dog owners have, also, oft been regarded as airheads. Particularly when the toy dogs in question are Chihuahuas and/or Pomeranians. Case in point: Paris Hilton.

Surprisingly, though, toy dog owners score very high when it comes to openness to new experiences.

Workman, who witnessed this trait repeatedly shows itself during his studies among Chihuahua owners, again and again, mentioned that being open to new experiences is often tied to intelligence.

It is certainly nice to finally be able to disprove the tired stereotype about how Chihuahuas are dogs for stupid rich girls.

Then again, the world is finally seeing that Paris Hilton herself was never really a stupid rich girl (rich, certainly, but not stupid), so if anything we can take that as another piece of evidence.

3. You’re sincere

Another shared trait toy breed owners demonstrated is a high level of sincerity. If you own a toy poodle, a Yorkshire terrier, or a Chihuahua, you are less prone to be deceitful and pretentious.

While some Chihuahua owners do have a talent for both pretense and deceit – you’re not a monolith, after all – they’re less likely to feel comfortable with it, and much prefer not to resort to it.

In other words, as somewhat of a side effect to your “openness”, you prefer acting upon your feelings and doing what’s right, even if in the long run it turns out to be a mistake – or hurts someone’s feelings.

Oh, well. What matters is that it’s coming from the right place.

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4. You’re a loyal friend

Unsurprisingly, your sincerity goes hand in hand with loyalty. This is, by the way, something you have very much in common with your pet!

Chihuahuas are known to be very loyal companions, who get attached to their pet parents so badly that they might not be able to ever get used to change in ownership.

When adopted by a family, Chihuahua is likely to choose favorites, and show more affection towards them than the rest of the family members. They are very tactile and aren’t likely to turn a cold shoulder toward anyone, though. It’s just a bit of favoritism, is all.

5. You like to have fun 

Your loyal pet is known as a breed with a fun and playful personality, and the fact that you gravitated towards them points to you sharing that trait.

Unless they’ve made a grave mistake choosing their furry companion, no potential dog owner goes “I’d like to just sit around quietly all day. I will get a Chihuahua”.

Being a Chihuahua owner means always being ready to have fun – and enjoying it.

6. You’re quick and energetic

Accordingly, you have the energy to spare to keep up with your overtly enthusiastic pet – while also maintaining the busy schedule most modern-day humans live by (work, family, friends, etc).

You might be described as the soul of the company, and those who know you won’t be surprised.

7. You love to travel but you don’t like to do it alone

Toy dogs are ideal traveling partners for people who like to travel with pets. There’s a theory that subconsciously people who like traveling in company gravitate towards the smaller breeds so they can easily take them on a trip.

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While leaving any pet behind when on the road can be difficult, toy breed owners tend to worry a little more than those who own big dogs. It might be not just separation anxiety, but that they don’t enjoy traveling as much without their pets.

8. You’re not confrontational, but you ARE courageous

According to Workman, we choose dogs the same way we choose romantic partners – by looking for similarities in our personalities.

This is perfectly reasonable, they ARE supposed to be our constant companions.

While some Chihuahuas can be a bit of a scaredy-cat, this breed is kinda known for being courageous – often unreasonably so, considering their tiny size.

You’re likely the same. Not that you’d start a confrontation, mind, but you will certainly meet danger head-on if need be.

9. You are conscientious

This is another trait that Workman has tied into the concept of “openness” along with intelligence and sincerity.

Toy breed owners, in general, seem to be more prone to displaying traits associated with conscientiousness, namely diligence, meticulousness, and desire to do one’s best.

10. You aren’t afraid to take up space

And last, but certainly not the least – you know that you deserve to take up space and aren’t afraid to take it. You own a dog that’s not scared to make itself known, often getting right in the face of breeds much larger. In this, too, you’re similar – you aren’t afraid to be loud and seen.