Hog Wire Fence for Dogs (13 Facts + Design Examples)

The Hog Wire Fence for Dogs is a great way to keep your dog safe and out of trouble. It’s made from galvanized steel wire which is thick enough to prevent your dog from chewing through.

In this article we’ll cover the top questions we had before installing our own fence.

Is Hog Wire Fence Safe for Dogs?

Hog wire fencing is usually quite safe for dogs as well as other types of animals. It’s relatively easy to build, cost effective to purchase, and easy to maintain. You can see right through the fence to check on the status of your dog. Its transparent nature also allows you to spot any issues that may exist.

What Is the Best Type of Hog Wire Fencing for Dogs?

There are several different types of hog wire fencing that a home owner can choose from. When it comes to picking the best type of hog wire fencing to use, a number of factors should be kept in mind. These include cost, the size of your yard, the terrain of your yard, and the size of your dog, cat, or other pet.

Most home owners will prefer woven wire steel with a high tensile level. This is hog wire with a fixed knot design for your barrier. It is known all over the world for its superior strength. It’s also extremely safe to enclose your dog in because of its transparent nature. It can stand up to almost any type of breach.

Is Hog Wire Fencing Expensive?

Hog wire fencing is a tiny bit more expensive than the average cedar wood fence. But it’s a great deal more cost effective than most other types of fencing. For this reason, it has been growing in popularity. It’s a cheap alternative for home owners who don’t want to invest money in a major wireless fence system.

Is Hog Wire Strong Enough for Dogs?

Hog wire is more than strong enough to keep a dog safely on your property. This will be all the more true if you use the best type of hog wire. A design that makes use of woven wire steel with a high tensile level will be more than enough to keep your dog in. It’s even strong enough to stand up to wild pig attacks.

Can Hog Wire Hurt Dogs?

Hog wire is very safe for almost all types of animals. It’s very transparent and able to be spotted by them well before they get to it. The only way it can hurt a dog is if they are running around too close to it and get stuck on it. For example, if a dog tries to escape by jumping over it, they can snag a hind leg.

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What Is the Cheapest Hog Wire Fence to Build?

The cheapest hog wire fence to build is one that makes use of materials that you already have on hand. For example, a fence made of hog wire and recycled wood that stands 6 feet high may cost about $35 to $50 per running foot. This is a total that is far more cost effective than many other competing types of fence.

What Is the Best Looking Hog Wire Fence to Build?

Many people consider a 16 foot long fence that consists of 4 foot high panels to be not only the best looking but also most cost effective. This type of fence will usually cost about $50 per linear foot in most areas.

How Hard Is it to Install a Hog Wire Fence?

It isn’t hard at all to install a hog wire fence. There are plenty of tutorials available on the world wide web. The materials are easy to purchase and the fence itself doesn’t take much time or effort to assemble. You can find a series of instructional videos on YouTube.

Does Hog Wire Fence Rust?

The best way to keep your hog wire fence from rusting is to powder coat. This is a technique that will add several years to its total service life.

Does a Hog Wire Dog Fence Add Value to a Home?

A hog wire fence is a good way to very quickly and easily add a considerable amount of resale value to your home. This will be all the more true if the person who is considering buying your home is a dog owner and desires such a fence.

What’s Better Woven or Welded Wire Fencing?

Most industry experts as well as home owners will tend to agree that welded wire is superior to woven or chain link fence designs. This is a conclusion that has been reached based on a number of factors. Welded wire fencing features a series of strong cross points and inflexible openings. A woven wire fence will not.

The reason this is crucial is because cross points make the welded wire fence more durable. It will stand up to attempts by dogs or other animals to break through it. It will also stand the test of time for a much longer period. This type of fencing can also be modified in the field with a minimum of hassle.

How Long Will Hog Wire Last?

Hog wire fencing will usually last anywhere from 1 to 5 years. The exact time of service will depend on factors such as the weather and the amount of wear and tear your dog may subject it to.

How to Build a Hog Wire Fence

The steps for building a durable and long lasting hog wire fence can be outlined below in the following manner:

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  • 1. Measure and mark the location of your post holes. Four foot spacing is ideal.
  • 2. Use a post hole digger to dig a hole that is between 14 and 18 inches deep.
  • 3. Cut your fence posts to about 54 inches and set them.
  • 4. Install your top 2 x 4 bar.
  • 5. Install your bottom support.
  • 6. Roll out your wire fencing and staple it to the framework.
  • 7. Take note of the measurements you have made in order to build the gate for your fence.