Can Cats Eat Canned Sardines in Oil? (Solved & Explained!)

If the cartoons that we’ve grown up with are to be believed, cats love to get ahold of a sardine tin and to gobble up the contents. You can’t always trust cartoons, of course, so this begs the question: Can cats eat canned sardines in oil?

The good news is that yes, your cat can eat canned sardines in oil, but you are going to need to rinse them and keep the servings down to 1 to 3 times per week. Water-packed sardines are better, but even then, too much fish in your cats diet can lead to a stinky kitty – so moderation is still important.

Today we’ll discuss this subject in a little more detail, so that you will have the facts that you need when it comes to adding sardines to your cat’s diet. We’ll talk about which kinds are best, whether or not your cat can have them every day, and more – read for the scoop on sardines as kitty snack foods!

Can Cats Eat Canned Sardines in Oil?

Which sardines are best for cats?

The best sardines for cats are going to be the variety that are packed in water and no salt. This basically just gives you the fish themselves so that you don’t have to worry about your kitty’s tummy so much when you are feeding them sardines as a treat.

Sardines are packed a number of different ways, so you want to avoid the brands that use safflower, sunflower, soy, and other oils if you can. While you could pluck out the sardines and give them a good rinse (or even a quick boil for a more efficient removal of the oil), a little bit is still going to be in the fish.

As such, you should stick to the plain, unsalted, water-packed fish for the best results.

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Can cats eat sardines every day?

No, it’s not recommended that your cat eat sardines every day. While cats love fish, you should limit their servings to 2 to 3 times per week, otherwise you can run into a little trouble. Some cats will develop eczema on their skin or digestive issues from eating too much fish, so it’s important to moderate their portions.

Aside from those health concerns, too much fish is also going to make for a stinky kitty. It’s only natural if they are eating a lot of it, after all, because the side effect of such a diet is naturally going to be fish-breath and fishy-sweat.

Diversifying their meals can help you to avoid that – no matter what your cat has to say on the matter.

Can cats eat sardines in spring water?

An easy way to ensure that you are giving your cat the healthiest sardines is to look for mentions of ‘spring water’ on the can. Companies charge a little more for packing the sardines this way, but not a whole lot, and the advertising on the labels means that you’ll have quite an easy time finding these kinds of sardines.

So, look for tins with a large portion of their label reading things like ‘packed in fresh spring water’ and you’ll have an easy time picking the healthiest sardines for your cat. As a bonus, it’s also easier to price-compare these tins, so you can save a little money too.!

Are dried sardines good for cats?

Yes, dried sardines are a favorite for both cats and dogs and they are quite nutritious for them, too. With dried sardines, your cat gets a crunchy, delicious treat, but there is a caveat, of course – you need to regulate the portions more than water-packed sardines.

This is because dried sardine, while tasty, have a higher sodium content as part of their preservation process. This means that you can still add them to your ‘treat arsenal’, but when you are rotating the treats for variety you want to make sure that your cat is only getting dried sardines twice a week.

The easiest way to remember this is a weekday/weekend schedule. Your cat gets to have their beloved dried sardines one day during the workweek and again on the weekend – easy-peasy!

Are canned sardines cooked?

Yes, canned sardines are cooked in advance, just watch to see what they are packed with because there is quite a lot of variety. Some of them are cooked in tomato sauce, for instance, and while your cat can eat those if you give them a rinse, you’d be better off skipping the sauce if your cat is on a strict diet.

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That said, sardines are definitely cooked in advance unless you find the odd variety that isn’t, but good luck with that – sardines are a popular instant-fish snack that is generally pre-prepared by cooking and spicing for a delicious and quick fishy treat.

What canned fish can cats eat?

Stay away from anchovies when it comes to canned fish varieties and if you are looking for a sardine alternative, you can always go with the classic cat favorite of tuna. Spring water packed tuna has long been a favorite of kitties and even the oily kind is okay, provided that you give it a good rinse.

With anchovies, you generally get salt content that’s really way too unhealthy in it’s levels when it comes to the feline diet, so it’s really best to avoid them. If you see other types of fish that you fancy feeding to your feline, just check to see what they are packed in first.

Most types will be fine, provided that they aren’t packed in a lot of salt or oils that your cat would be better off without. If you are unsure, just Google them when you get home and keep the portions really small. Most canned fishes are going to be perfectly fine in small amounts.

In conclusion: Cats can certainly snack on sardines with supervision

As you can see, sardines are certainly an option for your cat, but you want to keep their portions small and supervise their snacking – remember, fish have bones, and even though they are cooked and can be found packed in spring water, they still won’t be an everyday food.

Too much fish in your cat’s diet will also lead to a fishy-smelling feline, and you definitely want to avoid that. Stick to 2 to 3 times a week as a snack food and you can certainly give them oily sardines or even dried as a treat.

Like everything, it’s all about moderation, but your cat can certainly have some sardines if you stick to this rule!