Should Dogs Sleep in Dog Houses? (Solved & Explained!)

Your dog can sleep in a dog house. Dog houses are a great addition to the yard because when dogs go out to the garden they look for a safe haven to rest. 

That’s why a dog house might be a good idea for them to sleep in. If you have an outdoor dog, you can put a comfy dog house in a nice spot in the garden and your dog can make it theirs.

How to Pick the Right Dog House

The first thing to consider when buying an outdoor dog house is what material it is made of. The huts made of composite plastic material are more durable and useful than wooden huts.

They are plastic materials that are safer than wood, because your dog may try to chew the frames. At the same time, composite plastic is easier to clean and repel insects.

However, wood keeps your dog warmer in winter, but it is also more difficult to sterilize. You should clean and sanitize dog houses from time to time, otherwise, seasonal insects can creep in and either destroy the dog house or infest your dogs’ fur.

Parasites such as lice and fleas are difficult to deal with and require a course of treatment.

Can Dogs Sleep Outside in the Cold?

As long as a comfortable and sheltered environment is provided, your dog can sleep outside in the cold without any trouble.

Dogs are more resistant to cold than us humans with their hair, skin, and fat ratio.

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Many dog owners do not even want to put their dogs outside, thinking that their dogs are cold, especially in winter, but dogs have evolved to cope with cold weather.

We know that many dogs are injured or die because of extremely hot weather, not cold. Dogs are more sensitive to heat. Although if you are experiencing extremely cold weather, such as hail or blizzards,  it is best to keep your dog inside.

Dog Crate or Dog House, Which Is Better?

Which is better depends on your dog and what your objective is.

Dog crates will keep your dog in a confined space. Dog houses, on the other hand, are made of wood or plastic materials that aim to make the dog comfortable, usually in open-air areas such as yards. 

Crates are widely used for keeping small breed dogs, and are sometimes used for large breeds as well but mostly for sleeping indoors or traveling.

Dog houses cannot be transported easily, and are designed for outdoor living. If you wish for your dog to live more comfortably outdoors then opt for a house, if you want to confine your dog to a single part of the house for sleeping then a crate is better.

Should Dogs Sleep In The House?

If your dog is compatible with home life but is easily distracted by noises and people passing by, then it will be better for them to sleep in the house.

Dogs that sleep outside must be accustomed to noises, or you run the risk of keeping yourself and your neighbor awake all night.

Also, some breeds should never sleep outside. They are usually the smaller breeds like French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas that are bred for indoor living and do not cope well when exposed to the elements for longer periods.

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Where Should My Dog Sleep?

Your dog should sleep wherever it is comfortable. This can be your bed or a couch or a dog bed. It is up to you.

Some dog owners do not allow their pets to sleep on the couch or bed because of dog hairs, but this is usually the only reason that pet owners disallow dogs on the furniture.

So long as the space your dog is sleeping in is clean, warm, and comfortable and they have access to water, your dog should sleep soundly through the night.

Do Dog Owners Let Their Dogs Sleep in Their Bed?

This habit varies from person to person. Some dog owners allow bed-sharing and others don’t. While some dog owners do not complain about their dogs sleeping in their beds, others are absolutely against it.

Dog owners sometimes allow their dogs to sleep at their feet, while others allow them to sleep next to them, or even under the duvet. It’s entirely up to the owner, there is no medical or social reason for or against dogs sleeping in bed with their owners.

The only thing that should be considered is hygiene. Make sure your dog is clean and free from parasites, fleas or ticks before you let them on your bed, or on the furniture. 

Do Dogs Sleep Through The Night?

Dogs tend to sleep longer than we humans, averaging around 12-16 hours a day, and puppies sleep up to 18 hours a day.

Dogs do sleep through the night and top up their sleep with frequent daytime naps. Puppies have shorter sleep cycles because their brains are still developing. Puppies won’t start to sleep through the night until they are 4 – 6 months old.

Bored dogs nap more because they have nothing to do, and so do elderly dogs.

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Are Dog Houses Rainproof?

Wooden dog houses let in rain more easily than plastic houses. Wooden houses also let in more moisture and water and hold it inside. This is not good for your dog, and it means more maintenance and replacements for you.

Composite plastic is a rainwater-resistant material that keeps dog houses better ventilated than wooden houses. More dog owners are purchasing composite plastic houses as they are more cost-effective and hygienic.

Do Dog Houses Keep Dogs Cool?

Respite from the shade is essential for your dog’s comfort during the summer. Dog houses can help to keep your dog cool so long as they are placed in the shade and elevated off of the floor.

Dog houses placed directly on the floor absorb the heat in front of the ground, making the dog house hotter. The same effect happens in cold weather.

You can also use a cool mat or install a mist machine if you wish to make your dog even more comfortable.