Are Yorkies A Lot of Work? (Solved & Explained!)

When it comes to care and maintenance, Yorkies fall on the lower end of the spectrum. They do not need excessively long walks despite being curious and lively dogs.

Yorkies have garnered an unfair reputation for being high maintenance dogs, perhaps because they move and socialise with a grace that is associated with expensive breeds.

The truth is that Yorkies require very little additional care other than having their basic needs met. They have silky-soft coats that require washing once per week and a good brushing every few days, otherwise, Yorkies are not a lot of work.

Do Yorkies Need Lots of Attention?

Yorkies have highly social dogs who love lots of attention, but they do not need you to sit and play with them 24 hours a day.

Yorkies get along best in big families or single people who work from home or are retired. This is because Yorkies are highly affectionate and do get along better if they have company in the house. 

However Yorkies are smart and easily house trained, so you should have o problem leaving your Yorkie alone for a few hours, so long as someone returns within 8 hours.

What Is It Like To Own A Yorkie?

Yorkies are a pleasure to own. They are very affectionate, loyal, gentle and smart. They are great with elderly citizens and those with medical issues due to their kind and slow temperament.

Yorkies are quite happy to plod along in life. They are grateful to go anywhere with their owners, even if it is just to sit out in the garden.

They are great with children and love to play. But equally, they enjoy downtime and will nap away on your lap for hours.

Yorkies are companion dogs and family pets. They like attention and they like to interact with their owners as much as possible. They are a great company, full of life and character.

What is Bad About Yorkies?

Yorkies in themselves are not bad dogs at all, however, they are vulnerable to health complications in later life just as any breed.

As they age Yorkies are susceptible to liver disease and cataracts. They are quite a delicate breed when it comes to rough and tumble and can easily injure themselves.

Therefore Yorkies are better placed with families and owners who do not plan for their family pet to partake in runs and hikes that involve difficult, rough terrain.

Yorkies can get quite possessive if spoilt.  Possessive Yorkies get jealous easily and may nip at your hands or ankles, they may also do this to very young children in an attempt to play.

While Yorkies are good with older kids, they are a terrier breed and not suited to very young infant children who may run around quickly and startle your Yorkie. 

How Much Are Yorkies Worth?

Yorkies are on the higher end of the price spectrum for dogs. Costing around $1,200 to $2,200 depending on where you live, purebred Yorkies are quite expensive to buy.

Their price reflects both their demand and the time and attention required to nurture a pregnant Yokie and her litter once born.

Yorkies are in exceptionally high demand due to their appearance and temperament. Therefore breeders increase the price accordingly.

Are Yorkies Emotionally Dependent?

Yorkies can be a little needy, this is due to their high social needs. That being said, no Yorkie two Yorkies are the same. 

While all breeds have their common characteristics it comes down to nature as well as nurture. If you present a structured day that includes lots of playtime and periods of downtime, your Yorkie will become accustomed to this and will be able to entertain themselves from time to time.

It is advised not to overly spoil your Yorkie (or any dog) with constant 24-hour attention. This leads them to become jealous at times when your attention is needed elsewhere and makes them more difficult to leave alone.

Are Yorkies High Maintenance?

Yorkies may strut around like they are the king or queen of the castle, but compared to most breeds they are low maintenance dogs. 

They have a long coat that needs brushing daily, and a bath once a will help their coat to maintain its shine, but otherwise taking care of a Yorkie will not impact much on your time.

Yorkies like short walks and lazy days. They love affection and fuss but don’t get them wrong, they are always up for playtime!

Yorkies are a family favourite because they are easy to take care of. That is always why many senior citizens choose a Yorkie for company over any other breed.

How Do I Care For My Yorkie?

The one thing that will make your Yorkie happier above all else is your love and affection. Yorkies are highly social and loyal, and they thrive when the feeling is mutual.


Yorkies need 2 or 3 short walks a day. This will keep them fit and healthy and is great for brain development too.


Yorkies must be fed 3 times a day. Keep their servings moderate and nutritious. They love a treat but too many can interrupt their feeding schedule, so only feed your Yorkie treats as a reward for good behaviour or during training.


Yorkies sleep a lot. During puppyhood, a Yorkie may sleep up to 18 hours a day! As they grow their sleep need to shorten to 10 – 13 hours a day. For optimal health, It is important to let them rest and fulfil their sleep cycles.


As previously mentioned, Yorkies are super social with their owners but it is important to let them socialise with other dogs too, especially at a young age. 

Getting your Yorkies used to socialize with multiple people and other animals will decrease the likelihood of them becoming emotionally dependant and clingy with you.

How Long Do Yorkies Live?

Depending on how well you take care of them and their genetic disposition, Yorkies can be expected to live between 13-16 years on average.

How long your Yorkie lives is down to their health status throughout life.