Do Yorkies Like to Wear Clothes? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies are small breed dogs, and the sweaters they wear on them can make them feel more secure. At the same time, sweaters and vests that you put on your Yorkie in cold weather will keep them from getting cold. 

Yorkies are very vulnerable to cold weather and can get cold easily. Therefore, in the winter season, you can dress your Yorkie in a sweater. and they will not be bothered by this at all.

Is it Against Nature to Dress Yorkie in Clothes?

In general, dogs appreciate anything that helps their survival. If your Yorkie is cold, they will appreciate the extra warmth no matter how they get it.

Through evolution and cross-breeding, Yorkies are perfectly adapted to warm and moderate climates. The problem is that they are adopted by people all over the world who may live in climates that are unsuitable for Yorkies.

Also, Yorkies and other domesticated dogs are very different from the wolves they descended from. If they are adopted by a family who lives in a cold region, clothes are essential for their comfort and survival.

Today, dogs are much more fragile and weak compared to their ancestors, the same goes for humans too. A Yorkshire Terrier cannot stay outside in the cold weather in winter for long, but wild dogs and wolves can easily spend the winter outdoors thanks to their thicker fur.

Do Yorkies Need to Wear Clothes?

Clothing is a necessity for Yorkies depending on where you live. Because they feel cold in very cold weather compared to other breeds like huskies, extra layers may be essential.

However, if you live in a moderate climate then your Yorkie may not need clothes at all and could be in danger of overheating. In a heatwave, it is imperative not to dress your Yorkie in clothes at all so they can sufficiently release body heat.

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In the summer months, you can dress your Yorkie in a thin shirt, but this is entirely up to you. Take it off if they show signs of overheating.

Is it OK for Yorkies to Wear Clothes All The Time?

Constantly dressing your dogs in clothes can make them uncomfortable, after all, it’s not in any dog’s nature to wear clothes.

But on cold winter days, you can dress your dog in a sweater or raincoat to keep your dog’s body temperature at a certain level.

Some dogs may refuse to put on clothes and once you put them on they want to find a way to take them off. This is something that is very normal at first. They will get used to it in time.

My Yorkie Doesn’t Want to Wear Her Sweater, What Should I Do?

The first thing you should do in such situations is not to force your Yorkie. If you force your Yorkie at this moment, it will surely make her more reluctant.

You can distract your Yorkie with a favorite toy, and you can put on her sweater while she plays with the toy. It is also a useful method to help her forget that she is wearing it while it is on.

If it’s not cold weather and you just want your Yorkie to wear the sweater casually, the most logical thing to do here is to take the sweater off.

However, Yorkies are generally very moderate to wearing clothes. After a few tries, she will accept the sweater, so long as it is not too tight or uncomfortable.

Should I Dress My Yorkie for Rain?

On rainy days, when you take your Yorkie outside, a raincoat is advised to prevent them from getting wet and cold.

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Not only will your Yorkie be saved from being drenched in the pouring rain, it will also help your Yorkie to conserve body heat.

In cold weather, raincoats are a more logical choice compared to sweaters. Because when the sweater gets wet, it will absorb the water, become heavier and the cold will penetrate through to your Yorkies skin.

Raincoats are water-proof and are an optimal choice for your Yorkies’ comfort.

Is Dressing Yorkies a Fashion Or a Necessity?

Many Yorkie owners buy different clothes for their dogs and care about their dog’s looks just as much as their own.

Because Yorkies are sensitive dogs in many ways, dressing them often seems like a necessity for practical reasons, but dressing them up just because they look cute does no harm either.

Yorkie owners take their Yorkies wherever they go and want their Yorkies to look cute, this is fine so long as their clothes are suitable for the temperature. Your Yorkies comfort should always be a priority over style.

Especially for dogs living in warmer climates. Sure your Yorkie looks adorable in the fancy sweater, but if it is very hot outside they will quickly succumb to the heat – putting your Yorkies health at risk.

Should I Takeoff The Sweater At Home?

Leaving aside the adverse weather conditions outside, your Yorkie will most likely not be too happy to walk around the house in a sweater, unless your home is also cool.

However, removing your Yorkies’ clothes while at home and especially while they sleep is advised. Yorkies can become overheated, also they do shed their fur, making grooming a lot more difficult if your Yorkie is wearing a sweater 24 hours a day.

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But if it’s cold in your house and you think your Yorkie might get cold, it’s okay to keep the sweater on. Take it off at night in case they become tangled.

My Yorkie is Trying to Rip Her Sweater, What Should I Do?

If your Yorkie tends to rip his sweater, it means he doesn’t want to wear it. It may take some time to get used to the sweater at first, after all, this is something new for them and they need time to get used to it.

However, you should not force your Yorkie in this regard and give it some time. Only put the sweater on for short periods are first so your Yorkie can become accustomed.