Do Yorkies Like To Be Held? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies absolutely love to be held. They are highly social dogs that are bred for companionship. Yorkies are very loyal and get very attached to their owners. The longer you hold them the better, but holding and fussing them too much can make them possessive.

Do Yorkies Get Jealous?

If not correctly socialized, Yorkies can get jealous of other people or dogs that are receiving your attention instead of them.

This often results in aggressive behavior, and Yorkies may growl or attack the other person. This is because Yorkies, like other dogs, are pack animals. 

If they are spoilt with love and attention too much they will perceive themselves to be the highest in the pecking order, and anyone perceived to be a threat to their status will trigger defensive instincts in them.

Why Is My Yorkie Possessive?

Yorkies are generally distrusting strangers and other pets they do not know. They are very possessive and protective of their families and will defend them to the last breath if a real attack were to occur.

Yorkies and other terriers are bred for this behavior. They are primarily house dogs that were sought after for their developed social skills, ability to adapt to family life, and desire to protect family members in the event of a threat.

Today, not many people need dogs for personal protection, so these possessive instincts are not so appreciated by most Yorkie owners.

It is easy to manage their possessive nature with regular exercise and lots of socialization early on. Yorkies are great at adapting to your lifestyle, so long as you include them in your daily activities and family occasions.

Do Yorkies Like To Sleep With Their Owners?

Yorkies do like to sleep with their owners, in fact, they prefer it.

Sleeping with owners is a common preference across most dog breeds. Dogs see the family unit as a pack, and in the wild, dogs in packs sleep together. It is a defense mechanism so that all members of the family are protected during the most vulnerable part of the day.

If trained, Yorkies are fine to sleep alone but if you wish to allow your Yorkie to sleep with you, they will be more than happy to oblige!

Do Yorkies Like To Be Petted?

Yorkies live for attention. A trained and well-behaved Yorkie will adore being petted by their owners and by strangers alike. The more fuss and attention a Yorkie gets, the happier they are and they give lots of love and affection in return.

However, if you have a Yorkie with anxiety issues or has been undersocialized, they may not like being petted by strangers.

Yorkies can have a mistrustful nature and they could perceive other people closing in on them as a threat and may have a tendency to bite.

Be cautious of your Yorkie being petted by strangers or children unless you are sure that they are open to being petted by people they don’t know. If you have a Yorkie pup, then the more people who pet it the better, as this will develop their social skills and trust.

How Do I know If My Yorkie Is Happy?

You will most likely instinctively know when your Yorkie is happy, they are great communicators!

But in case you are unsure, here are a few telltale signs that your Yorkie is happy and loving life:

Wagging Tale

This is the international symbol of ‘Happy Dog’. When dogs wag their tails they are telling you that they are pleased to see you and happy with what you are doing or where you both are.

The higher their tail is wagging the better. Low and slow wagging tails mean that your Yorkie is happy, but still a little unsure.

Relaxed Ears

If your Yorkies’ ears are relaxed and floppy then that means that they are content and happy with whatever is going on.

If their ears are flat to their head and tense, this indicates fear and high, perky ears mean that they are on alert.

Body Language

Dogs read each other’s intentions through body language, the same goes for communicating with humans. If your Yorkie is leaning into you and they seem otherwise relaxed and looking for fuss. Then they are happy.

Some people mistake this behavior for possessiveness or as looking for protection, but the truth is that Yorkies love to share in the good times. When they are happy they want to share that moment with you and connect.

How Do I Make My Yorkie Happy?

Yorkies really do not need much to keep them happy.

Yorkies are happy when their basic needs are met, they have a good amount of company and a little structure.


Make sure to feed your Yorkie a balanced diet that consists mostly of meat but also healthy carbs like leafy greens.

While Yorkies can tolerate a small amount of pasta or bread-based products only give them sparingly as treats. Yorkies have small digestive systems that struggle to process foods with high amounts of fat, salt, and sugar.


Yorkies are small breeds that do not need huge amounts of exercise. 

Take your Yorkie out twice a day for short to medium walks. Walking is beneficial for their physical health, for their psychology, and for bonding. Yorkies bond better with those they walk with and the new sights smells and socialization opportunities are great for their development.

Social Time

Yorkies need to socialize. It is in their nature to be surrounded by those they love whether they be human or animal.

Spend time playing, training, and cuddling your Yorkie, and make sure to encourage positive time spent with others. This will make your Yorkie happy and well socialized.

Do Yorkies Like Attention?

Yes and no. While Yorkies love it when those they know and love dote on them with attention and love, they can easily be overwhelmed with attention from people and animals that they don’t know well.

Yorkies are suspicious of strangers and may take a while to be truly comfortable being held by someone they don’t know. But as soon as a stranger becomes a friend, they have all the time in the world for them.