Do Yorkies Like to Be Carried? (+Cars, Airplanes, & Hikes!)

No, Yorkies generally do not prefer to be carried, be it in a dog carrier or in the arms of their owner, although they tolerate being carried if it’s by someone familiar. When traveling with your Yorkie by car, you need a canine traveler seat, carrier or stroller in case of a hike, and a crate in the case of an airplane, along with their favorite toys to ease them into the journey.

This article goes on in detail about all things related to traveling with a Yorkie, as well as measures you need to take to make sure they’re comfortable within the course of the journey.

Why do Yorkies not like being carried?

Because it’s a small animal breed, it generally likes moving around and about, not being cooped up or held in one place for long periods of time, which results in them being annoyed and frustrated, and even irritable in some cases. Hence the reason why Yorkies don’t like being held or carried in people’s arms, but they learn to tolerate it if it’s someone familiar to them.

Can I carry my Yorkie around while traveling?

Yes, you absolutely can, keeping in mind your own comfort level and that of your Yorkshire Terrier.

However, you’d need to bring a lot of things to ensure your dog’s comfort and ease while traveling, ranging from dog toys and carriers that your dog feels comfortable sitting in for long periods of time, to treats for praising them and dog diapers to take care of their lavatory needs.

Should I carry my Yorkie in my arms or in a carrier while traveling?

There’s two ways to carry a Yorkie; in your arms or in a sling/carrier for dogs, both come with their pros and cons. Holding your Yorkie in your arms is easier as you won’t have to carry extra luggage, but can be uncomfortable for you and your dog, contrarily, carrying your dog in a seat, bag or carrier is the more convenient option, but comes with the con of carrying extra luggage.

How safe are car rides for Yorkies?

According to Yorkie Info Center, the leading site for all thing Yorkies, car rides can prove to be severely hazardous to Yorkies, especially because even a low impact accident can affect their physiology more than it would a normal human being.

Yorkies, being a small dog breed also weigh very little, so a shock to the car skidding to a stop may cause the dog to be thrown towards the car windows if they’re not strapped in a canine car seat properly.

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Why do I need a canine car seat for my Yorkie?

To avoid the hazards of an accident causing major trauma to your Yorkie, as an owner you should purchase a certified canine car seat, with straps and collars to make sure your Yorkie stays strapped in place in case of an accident and doesn’t sustain much damages to its frail body. A canine car seat with boosters and buckles also helps the dog deal with car sickness.

I want to take my Yorkie with me on a hike; what kind of carrier should I buy?

The best and most comfortable type of carrier would be a dog bag; the kind you can carry like a backpack on your shoulders or however you see comfortable. Most people recommend dog strollers while taking your dog on a hike, however, a stroller would be inconvenient to haul around especially because of the rocky mountainous hiking trails and tracks.

Are there any hazards to taking your dog with you on a hike?

Similar to humans, dogs can also get dehydrated and sunburnt during hikes, especially if the weather is very hot. According to Trail and Summit, dogs are more sensitive than humans to excessive heat changes in the weather, so it’s imperative that your dog carrier or bag have a shade above it in place or a big supply of drinking water and food must be taken as precaution.

Can I carry my Yorkie with me on a plane?

Before booking an airline you need to check their pet guidelines to see if they allow pets on their airline, if they do then the next step is to see if you can take a dog carrier or a crate that fits the size of your dog. Most airlines have crates for pets to be slid under the seat, fortunately, as Yorkies are very small they can fit into that crate very easily.

Are there any other things Yorkies need while traveling?

Contrary to popular assumption, dog carriers themselves aren’t the only thing dogs need to be comfortable while traveling. As Eagle Creek, a guide to all things travel lists, there’s also other essentials you need when traveling with a Yorkie:

  • Dog food
  • Chew toys
  • Dog treats
  • Diapers
  • Drinking water
  • Waste bags
  • Litter boxes
  • First aid kit
  • Medicines and supplements
  • Dog bedding

What are the signs my Yorkie is uncomfortable during the travel?

Since dogs are not accustomed to frequent travels, they might feel uncomfortable or at unease during the course of it, some telltale signs to look out for of their discomfort are:

  • Heavy breathing
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability, being on edge
  • Consistent whining
  • Continuous howling and barking
  • Listlessness
  • Vomiting
  • Car sickness

How do I cure my Yorkie’s car/plane sickness?

According to American Kennel Club, car sickness can be avoided by not feeding your dog any food before getting into the car or boarding the plane, as well as stocking up on sweet foods to simultaneously feed your dog as he shows sign of getting car or plane sick. Dry treats work the best, but if you don’t have them on hand, salty crackers or bread would suffice.

How to ease a Yorkie into the habit of traveling?

As the owner, the responsibility of making sure your dog is comfortable during the course of the travel falls onto your shoulders, you can also ease them into traveling by:

  • Keeping the temperature cool, if traveling by car
  • Being well equipped with all the food substances your dog needs
  • Taking recurrent breaks after a while of traveling
  • Stocking up on calming supplement
  • Purchasing medicine to help with motion sickness