Are Yorkies Hard to Train? (Solved & Explained!)

Are Yorkies Hard To Train? No, Yorkies, in general, are above average in their intelligence and can quickly catch on to new commands and tricks. The only area where they can cause issues is being potty trained due to their small side.

Are Yorkies Hard To Train?

Yorkies are among the most intelligent breeds and, in general, are obedient and easy to train with consistency and positive reinforcement. 

However, Yorkies are notorious for being difficult to housetrain. Small breeds can only have so big a bladder, and Yorkies will need potty breaks often.

How Smart Are Yorkies Regarding Training And Learning Tricks?

Yorkies are easier to train than most think. They can be independent and a little stubborn, but overall, Yorkies are fast learners.

In an experiment done by psychologist Stanley Coren, Yorkies ranked above average in their intelligence, particularly in obedience and learning. If their training is consistent and rewarded with positive reinforcement, Yorkies will quickly catch on to new tricks. 

Why Are Yorkies Difficult To House Train?

Yorkies have small bladders, which means they need to be let out for potty breaks more often than larger breeds. If they are left alone for long periods, they are more likely to have an accident, especially if they are still a puppy. 

An adult Yorkie will need a potty break about four times a day, whereas a puppy will need a potty break as many as 10 to 12 times a day.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Yorkie?

It can take around four months for a Yorkie puppy to be fully potty trained, but this, of course, depends on how consistent their training is, and it can take another four months before they are entirely accident-free. 

Are Yorkies Stubborn?

While Yorkies are easy to train and have good temperaments most of the time, they can be stubborn. The most crucial time to train a Yorkie is in the first six months so that early training can subvert their stubborn nature. 

Once your Yorkie has their stubbornness trained out of them, the rest of their training will be easier and quicker. 

Is It Hard To Train Yorkies To Like Strangers?

Yorkies can be hard to train to like-new people if they are not well socialized while they are young. It may be beneficial only to introduce them to strangers in public areas away from their home as they might see a stranger in their home as trespassing on their territory. 

Our Yorkie Puppies Or Adults Easier To Train?

Yorkie puppies are easier to train, and the first six months are the most crucial to train them properly. 

That isn’t to say that you can’t train Yorkie adults, but it will be more complicated since you will be trying to undo behaviours instead of starting with a clean slate. 

How Do You Choose A Yorkie Puppy In The Litter That Will Be Easy To Train?

To pick to best Yorkie puppy to train in the litter, you should be observant of temperament and don’t be afraid to ask the breeder for their opinion. A puppy may be particularly sleeping during your visit but a little tyrant most of the time. Or you might not be the first visitor, and the puppies may be restless or agitated by the overactivity.

A puppy’s true nature only comes out over time, so you might want to visit the same litter more than once or find a trusted breeder who will tell you the truth about a puppy’s temperament. 

Can You Still Train A Yorkie Adult?

Training an older Yorkie can be tricky since you are trying to undo what they have already learned. If your Yorkie is over one year old, you may seek a professional trainer to help with the process. 

How Do You Train A Yorkie To Sleep In Their Own Bed?

You can train your Yorkie to sleep in their own bed by:

Step 1 – Getting them in their bed

Lead them to their bed with a treat and make sure that they are in bed.

Step 2 – Settle Down

Give them a “settle down” command and give them the treat when they obey. Repeat the command as many times as needed until they obey.

Step 3 – Go to bed

Go to your bed and close the door if this is an option. If your Yorkie jumps on the bed or cries to be let in, repeat these steps.;ab_channel=MalloryErvin

Can You Train A Yorkie To Be Less Aggressive?

It’s important to start socializing your Yorkie young so that they will be less aggressive when interacting with new people and dogs. More aggression comes from a place of anxiety so getting your Yorkie used to socializing is essential. 

Can You Train A Yorkie To Have Less Separation Anxiety?

Yes, you can train your Yorkie to have less separation anxiety by not making a big deal out of your arrivals and departures. Ignoring them for the first few minutes after getting home can help teach them that you coming and going is normal.

You can also leave recently worn clothing with your Yorkie that smells like you to help keep them calm while you are away. 

Can You Train A Yorkie To Like To Be Picked Up?

You can train your Yorkie to like you picking them up more. It’s best to start young, but if this isn’t an option, praise and a treat given whenever they are calm when picked up can help reinforce good behaviour. 

Are Male Or Female Yorkies Easier To Train Or Is There No Difference?

Whether a male or female Yorkie is easier to train depends on what area you are teaching them. Generally speaking, females are easier to train since they are more submissive and likely to listen to you. 

However, males are more social, so they are easier to train to interact well with others. They are also more playful, so they can be easier to teach to play well with children.