Should Yorkies Eat Wet or Dry Food? (Solved & Explained!)

The best option is actually a mix of these foods. Wet food hydrates your dog and they love the taste, but wet food alone may lead to loose stools and to picky eating. Dry food on its own has a lot of carbs but it’s great when it comes to vitamins and their teeth. Mixing them together works great!

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to address the most commonly asked questions this week about Yorkie diets and what they can and cannot eat. Read on to see what people are asking the most about their Yorkie’s dietary habits!

Can I give my Yorkie wet food only?

Yorkies love wet food, but there are caveats to a wet-food only diet. While wet food hydrates your dog, eating only wet food can lead to runny stools and it’s also not so great for their teeth. It’s best to mix in some dry food with the wet so that they can give their teeth and gums a little workout when they eat.

You can even save a little money by just putting 2 tablespoons of wet food into their dry and then the cans will go a long way and your puppy still gets a little tasty variety.

Can Yorkies eat dry dog food?

Provided that you go with a brand that has a good nutritional content, then dry food is fine. That said, it is a little harder to digest than wet food because of all the carbohydrates. You can make it a little more appealing and easier to digest by simply adding a little chicken or beef broth to the food.

Within minutes, the dry food will soak up the broth, soften, and expand and your dog is going to love it!

How much wet food should a Yorkie eat per day?

Typically, your Yorkie is going to need about 150 to 200 calories a day. This is going to come to approximately ¼ to half a cup of food, divided up into 3 meals.

They can have treats too, of course, as it’s impossible not to share with the adorable little guys and gals, just make sure it doesn’t make up more than 10% of their diets or your dog may become obese and this comes with a score of health problems you don’t want your dog to have!

What Yorkies should not eat?

There are some foods that are definitely off the table when it comes to Yorkies. Never let your dog have chocolate, for instance. This is highly toxic to dogs and it builds up in their system, eventually reaching a concentration that can sicken or even kill your dog. Garlic and onions are also toxic, so keep those away!

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Check with your vet the next time you bring your dog in for a checkup and tell them your favorite foods. This is a quick way to determine which meals you can safely enjoy together with your dog.

What do you feed a picky Yorkie?

If your dog doesn’t like their dry food, try boiling up a little beef or chicken broth and adding this to the food. Let it sit for a minute or two to cool down and the broth should be absorbed into the kibble, making it become soft and it will also expand in the bowl.

Your dog will like this much more than their regular kibble, so it’s a cheap and easy compromise for a picky little Yorkie.

Are Yorkies stomachs sensitive?

 No, Yorkies are no more sensitive about their tummies than other dogs, so if your dog has an upset stomach then it could be stress, new food, or potentially another health issue that needs to be checked out.

Try feeding them a little shredded, boiled chicken with some white rice and see if they can hold this down. If your dog vomits or still shows other signs of stomach discomfort then it’s time for a vet visit to investigate further.

How often can I give my Yorkie a bath?

It is recommended that you bathe your Yorkie once every 2 to 4 weeks, although you can bathe them more frequently if you like. The caveat is that your Yorkie has hair, rather than fur, so you want to be sure to use conditioner to ensure that those extra baths and the shampoo don’t dry out their hair follicles.

How long does a Yorkie live?

Yorkies are little bitty dogs that are filled with life. These little guys and gals have an average life expectancy of 13 to 16 years and sometimes live a little longer!

 So, be sure that your dog has a healthy diet, at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, and regular vet checkups and the odds are that you’ll be spending many happy years with your furry best friend!

Can Yorkies eat eggs?

Yes, Yorkies can definitely have eggs and they are a great source of protein. Ideally, you should hard boil them or poach them, as scrambled and fried eggs are cooked in oil and grease and this is not good for your dog in large quantities.

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That said, with boiled eggs your dog can eat all that they like – within reason, of course!

Why do Yorkies stop eating?

There are a number of reasons why a Yorkie will stop eating. Sometimes they are just being picky and will ‘hold out’ for a few hours until they really start to get puckish. Other times it can be a dental issue, where eating the kibble actually hurts.

 Other health issues, such as infections or other conditions, can also cause a decrease in appetite. Your best bet is to bring your dog in for a checkup with the vet if they haven’t eaten for 24 to 48 hours to make sure that your dog isn’t ill or injured!

Is it good to mix wet and dry dog food?

Mixing dry and wet food together is a great idea. It gives your dog a little variety, with the tasty wet food that is also helping to hydrate them, and it also gives their teeth a workout and a bit of a cleaning with the crunchy kibble you’ve mixed in!

It’s the best of both worlds, foodwise, and definitely a good idea for your Yorkie.