Can Yorkies Eat Pineapple? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, your Yorkie can have raw or cooked pineapple if they enjoy it and this is an excellent way to get a big burst of vitamin C. That said, you want to limit servings to 2 -3 chunks.

While it’s not toxic for your dog, pineapple is highly acidic and has a lot of sugars, so too much of it can definitely give your dog an upset stomach.

That said, as long as you keep the serving sizes small and give them no more than 2 – 3 chunks or a single ring a day from the can then your dog can definitely enjoy a little pineapple with you!

In today’s article, we’ll answer your questions about pineapples and the many forms that they come in. Some are perfectly fine for your Yorkie but others you’ll definitely want to think twice about

Find out what you need to know about pineapples and your Yorkie – details are waiting below!

What are the healthy effects of pineapple for Yorkies?

Pineapple is quite healthy for both humans and dogs, as it is high in calcium, as well as vitamins C, B6, E, and K. That said, it needs to be given in small doses, because even humans can get a sore stomach from eating too much of this acidic fruit.

In small dose, however, it’s a great way to give your Yorkie a vitamin boost while enjoying a little quality time as you share some pineapple with your furry best friend.

Can pineapple be bad for Yorkies?

Yes, like most fruits, pineapple is harder for dogs to digest than their regular food, and if the pineapple chunks haven’t been completely peeled then this will make the problem worse. They are also highly acidic, and different dogs will react different to the same amounts of pineapple because of this.

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If too much pineapple is consumed, your Yorkie might well suffer from diarrhea and a seriously upset stomach, as well as increased chances of developing an ulcer from the excess acids. So, keep serving down to 2 or 3 small chunks, so that your Yorkie can enjoy the pineapple without the tummy ache!

How much pineapple can my Yorkie eat?

2 to 3 small chunks of pineapple is the ideal serving. You want it to be fresh, as well, as canned pineapple may have added sugars and you definitely don’t want that for your dog. If you are buying all-natural slices, half a ring per day is the maximum amount that your dog should have.

This will let them slake their craving and ‘vitamin-up’ while keeping the ill effects at bay.

Can Yorkies have canned pineapple?

Canned pineapple is best avoided, as it is not going to be completely natural in most cases. Typically, canned pineapple is stored in syrup, so there are additional sugars to go with the highly acidic pineapple. Not only is this bad for your dog, but too much will quickly lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and serious stomach distress.

If you want to feed your Yorkie canned pineapple, you need to check the labelling to ensure that it’s just pineapples and water – otherwise it is best and safest to get a fresh pineapple and cut the chunks yourself.

Can Yorkies eat dried pineapple?

Provided that it is 100% natural, then yes, your Yorkie can have a little dried pineapple. Most dried pineapple, however, is not going to be suitable.

Unless you’ve prepared it yourself with a dehydrator, then it is likely that you have commercial dried pineapple and this tends to include additives and preservatives that might well be bad for your Yorkie. This might result in an upset stomach and diarrhea, but with certain preservatives kidney failure could even be possible.

It is better to stick with raw, all-natural pineapple.

Is frozen pineapple good for dogs?

As long as it doesn’t have any extra sugars, then frozen pineapple is certainly fine, just be sure to shop carefully. Frozen ‘filling’ type pineapple, for instance, is definitely not suitable. This is because it will have added sugars and preservatives and you don’t want to risk giving those to your dog.

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That said, as long as it’s frozen fresh with no added ingredients or preservatives, then frozen pineapple is a fine treat that is both cold and vitamin packed – perfect for a hot, summer’s day.

Can my Yorkie have pineapple upside-down cake?

Your Yorkie can have a bite of your pineapple upside-down cake if you like, but one bite should be all that you give them. Cake is super high in calories and sugars already, so it’s definitely not good for their health, and if there is an icing on that cake then this could also be very hard on your little one’s belly.

So, if you share this, keep it to one bite. That way your Yorkie can have a taste without also having a tummy ache for their troubles!

Can diabetic dogs eat pineapple?

As long as the pineapple doesn’t have any added sugars, then it should not impact your Yorkie’s blood sugar levels negatively. Simply put, the pineapple has to be raw… period. Avoid canned pineapples or any frozen pineapple that isn’t 100% natural and then it will be safe for your little one to snack on if they like.

Can I give my Yorkie pineapple every day?

Yes, you can give your Yorkie pineapple every day if they want it, just be sure to stick to the 2 to 3 piece limit.

While some Yorkies absolutely love the stuff, it’s still going to be hard on their tummies, so you must regulate their amounts carefully so that they can enjoy the fruit without getting themselves sick from eating too much of it.

Can my Yorkie drink pineapple juice?

Yes, your Yorkie can certainly have pineapple juice, but only in very tiny amounts. Pineapple juice comes with all the vitamins and benefits, but it is also highly concentrated. We should mention as well that it must be 100% natural – no additives, preservatives, or extra sugar.

If this is the case, your Yorkie can have a little less than 1 tablespoon of it. While this doesn’t sound like much, larger dogs can only have up to a tablespoon and a half. So, keep the volume low, because pineapple juice is strong stuff!

Can Yorkies eat Dragon fruit?

Yes! If your Yorkie wants a little of your Dragon fruit, they can definitely have some, as yellow, red, and white varieties are perfectly safe for them to eat. Just limit servings to one or two spoonfuls at a time and take the skin off.

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The skin isn’t toxic or anything, just a bit harder to digest, so only give your dog the soft, yummy friend and they can certainly enjoy it with you!

Can Yorkies eat bananas?

Yes, Yorkies can eat bananas and many definitely seem to like them. Two to three small pieces a day is optimal, as far as serving sizes, but try not to go very far beyond this. Bananas are very sweet, so that sugar content isn’t great for them in large amounts, but they also happen to be packed with fiber.

Due to this, too many banana snacks can lead to a sore tummy and diarrhea. That said, in small amounts, they’re perfectly fine to give to your Yorkie.

Can Yorkies eat coconut?

Yes, Yorkies can eat coconut, but you need to regulate the amounts. While the flesh and the oils are quite good for your dog, coconut also contains chain triglycerides, which is concentrated amounts are going to lead to a very upset tummy.

As such, limit your servings to small amounts, such as ¼ up to 1 full teaspoon a day. You can also let them chew on the fun half-shell from the husk if you like and that will be both amusing and perfectly save.

Can Yorkies eat Acai berries?

No! You must not give your dog Acai berries. While they are an excellent food for humans, Acai berries contain theobromine, which build’s up in a dog’s system and can actually prove fatal.

Theobromine is the same chemical in chocolate that makes it harmful for dogs, so give your dog a raspberry or another fruit, but keep your Acai berries to yourself and check with your Vet immediately if your dog has been having a few lately.

Theobromine stays in a dog’s system, slowly building up as the dog’s body can’t process it well, and that’s when it can be dangerous or even fatal.

Can Yorkies eat Mangoes?

Yes, in small amounts, Mangoes are fine, and they’re vitamin packed. Limit servings to no more than ¼ cup a week and make sure that you’ve removed the pit and that the mango has been peeled. The pit is bad because it contains small amounts of cyanide, so definitely dispose of this carefully where your dog can’t get it.

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The skin, however, just doesn’t taste great and it’s harder to digest, so it’s best to simply leave this out.

Can Yorkies eat Passion fruit?

Passion fruit and passion fruit juice are fine for your Yorkie, but you need to make sure to remove the seeds. Like cheery pits, Passion fruit seeds contain trace amounts of cyanide, so you need to remove all seeds before letting your little dog eat Passion fruit.

That said, one to two tablespoons every two days should be fine, just try not to give them more than this. While your dog might like it, that’s probably because of the high sugar content and that’s a very good reason to limit their portions!

Can Yorkies eat Guava?

Yes, your Yorkie can have Guava, but limit servings to no more than 50 grams a week. Guava is full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your dog, but too much of it puts your dog at risk for diarrhea and an upset stomach.

We suggest that you start off small, with a teaspoon full of Guava, and see how they take to it. If you have no ill effects, then just keep weekly total grams down to 50 and your Yorkie can certainly have some Guava if they like.

Can Yorkies eat Kiwi fruit?

Chock-full of vitamin C, Kiwi fruits are definitely something that your Yorkie can have and even a few pieces each day will be perfectly fine.

Just be sure to remove the skin first – the fine hairs on the skin can give your dog an itchy throat, just like they would with you, so be sure to peel that kiwi beforehand and then your Yorkie can certainly partake of this delicious fruit.

Can Yorkies eat Blood oranges?

Yes, Yorkies can have blood oranges or any other types of oranges, and this is a great way to give them a vitamin C boost. That said, don’t give your Yorkie more than 1/3 of an orange per day. Anything more can upset their tummies and diarrhea is a very real possibility.

Start off by giving your Yorkie a single orange wedge and if your Yorkie seems fine after a few minutes, showing no signs of stomach distress, then you can feed them another wedge or two with confidence.

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Can Yorkies eat Star fruit?

No, your Yorkie cannot have Star fruit and it is actually toxic enough that it could kill them! Star fruits, while safe for human consumption, contain calcium-oxalates. These chemicals can bond with calcium in the body and cause the levels of calcium to drop.

If too much Star fruit is consumed, this can be deadly, leading to renal failure in dogs that have consumed toxic amounts of this fruit. Less than one ounce of this fruit is enough to make your dog very ill, so keep Star fruit away from your Yorkie!