Can Yorkies Eat Peaches? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, Yorkies can eat peaches, and can even have up to 2 to 3 slices of a peach every day if it makes them happy. Peaches are a great source of vitamin A and fiber and some dogs do seem to absolutely love them – but you will definitely need to remove the pit first.

The pit of the peach, like many ‘stone fruit’ pits has small amounts of cyanide in it. Even aside from the poison, those pits are a choking hazard and your dog might even chip their teeth trying to chew at one.

Provided that you keep the pits away and limit the servings to 1 to 2 slices daily, your Yorkie can still have peaches if they like!

Today we’ve collected a list of popular fruits that Yorkies can – and CANNOT – eat. Be sure to read the sections below so that you’ll know which fruits you can share with your Yorkie, which ones you shouldn’t, and which you COULD but they wouldn’t really be worth the trouble!

Can Yorkies eat pears?

Yes, the flesh of the pear is fine, but you want to leave out the seeds. The flesh of the fruit, however, is fine in moderation and is believed to even help prevent stroke by as much as 50%!

Try to avoid canned pears if you can, however, as these are typically very sugared-up and not good for your Yorkie in large amounts. As far as servings, vets recommend that snack-pears make up no more than 10% of your doggy’s diet.

Can Yorkies eat apples?

One or two slices of apple is fine for your Yorkie, but don’t give them anymore than that and make sure that they don’t get ahold of the seeds or the core of the apple.

Too many apple slices will give your Yorkie an upset tummy, possibly even diarrhea, but the seeds contain trace amounts of cyanide that can build up and actually kill them! So, stick to slices only and your Yorkie can share your apple!

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Can Yorkies eat plums?

If your Yorkie likes plums, they’re a little weird, but the good news is that it’s fine in moderation. One or two slices, given twice a week, should be perfectly fine if your dog loves that sweet-tart zing that this fruit provides.

That said, the pits are super-toxic, so dispose of those carefully where you cannot get them. Provided that you stick to these rules, however, your dog can enjoy the flesh of the plum.

Can Yorkies eat apricots?

The stems, leaves, and the pit of the apricot contain cyanide, so your Yorkie definitely cannot have these, but your Yorkie can safely eat carefully sliced apricot bits, up to ½ of an apricot a day.

If your dog eats a pit, however, you need to get them to the vet immediately, as they will need amyl nitrate right away to counteract the cyanide!

Can Yorkies eat tangerines?

If your Yorkie loves a tangy tangerine, that’s fine, but limit servings to 2 slices a day at the most. While it’s chock full of vitamin C, tangerines also contain a lot of sugar and a lot of acid to them, so too many is a surefire way to end up with a sore-tummy Yorkie.

Like all good things, moderation is going to be the best policy!

Can Yorkies eat jicama?

Jicama root is actually very good for your Yorkie, if they like it. They can have up to a ¼ cup serving, and this will boost their Vitamin E and C, beta carotene, and selenium levels in one fell swoop. It also has a good amount of fiber to it, to help your dog regular, but also to serve as a warning not to feed them too much!

Provided that you stick to no more than ¼ cup, your Yorkie may definitely enjoy a little jicama with you!

Can Yorkies eat grapes?

No – grapes and raisins are definitely not on the menu. While they seem innocuous and are certainly safe for humans, there is a chemical component or a combination of them which we haven’t identified that makes both grapes and raisins highly toxic to dogs.

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So much so, that even 3 little raisins or grape can kill a small puppy! Be sure that you do not give these to your dog and if you have children in the house, teach them that grapes and raisins will hurt the dog and must not be shared.

If your dog eats them, call or visit your vet right away – they are very, very toxic for your dog.

Can Yorkies eat pineapple?

One ring or two to three chunks of pineapple is just fine for your Yorkie, but don’t give them any more pineapple that that per day. While it’s full of vitamin C, pineapple is quite acidic, and even makes human tummies sore in large amounts.

As long as you moderate the servings, however, it’s just fine to let your Yorkie have a little pineapple from time to time as a yummy tropical snack.

Can Yorkies eat dates?

Yes! While dates look like big raisins, they aren’t toxic for your dog like raisins are, so your Yorkie can have ½ to 1 PIT-FREE date. Unlike other ‘stone fruits’, the pit of the date isn’t toxic, but it’s still not good for your dog – they could choke or it could block up their intestines.

Served without the pit, dates are fine from time to time, just remember that they are high in sugar so you might want to save this treat for special occasions.

Can Yorkies eat prunes?

Yes, your Yorkie can eat prunes, but keep them away from the pits, leaves, and stems and you should limit servings to very small servings – half a teaspoon, for instance.

While half a teaspoon is fine, amount over these can cause stomach aches and severe flatulence, so while your dog can still have them, they might just be better off considered to be more trouble than they are worth where your Yorkie’s health is concerned.

Can Yorkies eat kumquats?

Well, yes and no. While your dog can certainly eat kumquats, they cannot eat very much of them. They are highly acidic, so your dog can easily get an upset stomach or even diarrhea.

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The rinds of the fruit are quite bad for your dog as well and the sour taste of them probably won’t appeal to your pooch in any case. On the off chance that yours is a kumquat-lovin’ dog, limit their servings to one small slice a day and your Yorkie can still have a little kumquat.