Do Yorkies Eat Their Own Poop? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies might eat their own poop if they have stomach problems or an unhealthy diet. These behaviors could also be an indicator of health problems. This is a very common behavior that is seen in many dog breeds.

While some Yorkies eat their own poop, some might eat the other dog’s poop. You can train your Yorkie not to eat poop but this behavior is usually instinctive.

The poop eating habit is known as coprophagia and can be seen in any kind of dog. You can avoid this situation by training your Yorkie not to eat poop.

Do Yorkies Eat Their Poop Because Of The Diet?

If Yorkies are deficient in certain nutrients, this is probably why they eat their poop.

If your Yorkie can’t digest nutrients very well and misses some vital minerals, he might turn to other things such as poop to get these vitamins.

You should always feed your Yorkie with a good and healthy diet that contains an adequate balance of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

The dogs that are fed a good diet tend not to be attracted to poop. If your Yorkie doesn’t get the right nutrition at a sufficient level, they might try to meet their food needs from another substance.

In this case, when you feed your Yorkie, you should always make sure that they get all the necessary nutrients from their diet. If you are unsure, speak with your vet.

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Most veterinarians recommend dry dog foods which include high protein and the right balance of vitamins.

Some dog owners feed their dogs with homemade foods. This is fine but you must make sure to include everything your Yorkie needs.

What Are The Consequences of My Yorkie Eating Poop?

If your Yorkie has a health problem that is not diagnosed, they may self-medicate with poop. Conversely, some health issues can be triggered by your Yorkie’s poop-eating habit.

Here are some health reasons why your Yorkie may be eating poop.


Diabetes occurs when the sugar in the body is not converted into energy for the cells, and it can often be seen in dogs in advancing age.

Cushing’s disease

It occurs when the hormone cortisol is produced more than it should.

Thyroid disease

Disruptions in temperature regulation and metabolism due to the body’s inability to produce enough thyroid hormone.


Steroid type drugs cause discomfort such as vomiting diarrhea

Here are some consequences of your Yorkie eating poop, especially other dogs poop.

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The parasites that roam in your dog’s intestines feed on the food your dog ingests. If your Yorkie eats poop that is infected with parasites, the parasites can be transferred to their intestines.


This disease, which occurs due to the decrease of red blood cells in the body, is also known as a blood disease. It has symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

What Are The Behavioral Factors of Yorkies Eating Poop?

Yorkies may eat their poop due to some behavioral problems. Here are some of the most common:


Yorkies might do a lot of things when they get bored. They may bark unnecessarily, scratch the ground, or eat their poop.


Yorkies can become stressed out due to a variety of mood disorders. A new home environment or the loss of a family member can trigger stress. These stressful behaviors can sometimes turn into meaningless acts, such as eating poop.

Restricted Space

If a dog owner confines their Yorkie to a closed space, the Yorkie may have a tendency to eat his poop because it is in close proximity and it becomes a habit.

While not all Yorkies show this behavior, some Yorkies can also do this frequently. The main factors underlying this behavior should be investigated and action should be taken in that direction.

Do Yorkies Eat Their Poop Out of Instinct?

According to scientific studies, it is suggested that the main reason why dogs tend to eat their poop comes from instinct inherited from their ancestors.

Yorkies tend to eat their poop for many reasons such as malnutrition, stress, and health problems.

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If your Yorkie is eating his poop, you should understand that something is wrong. This problem, which is frequently encountered across many dog breeds since wolves also eat their own poop, is actually a natural phenomenon.

Terriers are commonly capographic, and this behavior is frequently encountered across terrier breeds as they were bred for hunting in wild environments.

It is up to you to prevent this behavior in your Yorkie. No dog owner wants their dog to eat their poop. Yorkies are very intelligent and will take quickly to behavioral training.

Is it Dangerous For My Yorkie to Eat Feces?

So long as dog droppings are not infested with harmful parasites or bacteria, eating poop is actually not considered too harmful for dogs. However is a behavior that is usually an indicator of something wrong, so further investigation is required and action should be taken.

During infancy, mother Yorkies clean their puppies’ poop by licking them. This shows that this behavior is passed on to Yorkies naturally.

If puppies eat the poop of other dogs, they can get diseases like parvo, parasites, campylobacteriosis, which can be quite deadly.

Can You Train Your Yorkie  Not To Eat His Poop?

It is possible to train your Yorkie not to eat his poop. But first, you need to understand why he is eating his poop in this first place. Is it because of a health issue? malnutrition? Or is it pure boredom or stress?

Once you discover the reason, you can start training. Follow-up is very important when training your Yorkie and you should consult your vet if you have any reservations.

You should track your Yorkie for a few days and note down their behaviors throughout the day. When does your Yorkie usually tend to eat his poop? what time of day? Is it after or during a walk? after eating?

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You can commence training depending on why your Yorkie is eating their poop. If it is a health problem, once you treat it the issue then poop eating should disappear on its own, and training will not be necessary.