Can Yorkies Eat Ice Cream? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies can eat ice cream, although it is not the healthiest of treats to give them due to the flavorings, high fat and sugar content. Instead, try opting for homemade “ice cream” made from blended banana.

In this article we will be covering the topic of ice cream for dogs, telling you whether or not Yorkies can have ice cream, how much ice cream they can have as well as how to prepare some healthy alternatives.

Can my Yorkie eat ice cream?

Yes, dogs can eat ice cream. However, their tolerance for dairy is not particularly high. So, ice cream is not the best option when it comes to giving your furry friend a special treat.

The reason why ice cream is not always a good idea is because it can cause digestive issues and if your dog eats a lot of it then they may end up being sick or having diarrhoea.

If you are out on a summer’s day walk and want to give your dog a small spoonful of ice cream then this should not cause any problems.

How much ice cream can my Yorkie have?

Exactly how much ice cream your Yorkie can eat will depend on their tolerance. For example, if they are an adult then they are more likely to be able to tolerate it than a puppy.

However, if your Yorkie is very old, is diabetic, or has stomach issues, then ice cream should be kept to a minimum.

A couple of licks, or a small spoonful of ice cream should not be harmful to your Yorkie, but if they have ever tried it before only give them the smallest amount in order to let their stomach digest it properly.

Can Yorkies have ice cream every day?

No, Yorkies should not have ice cream every day. Because ice cream is very high in milk, sugar, flavorings and calories it is a very unhealthy treat.

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Additionally, the lactose in the ice cream is not well digested by most dogs. So, although it does not do them any harm as a treat every now and then you should avoid giving your dog ice cream every single day.

Is ice cream bad for dogs?

Yes, ice cream is by no means healthy, even for adults. For dogs it is a very unnecessary addition to their diet, but dog’s can easily get jealous and if you have an ice cream the chances are that they will want one too.

Just like all things, treats should be given in moderation and this is the same with ice cream. Ice cream is bad for them but enjoying a treat every now and then will not do them any harm.

What are some ice cream alternatives for dogs?

If you want to give your dog a treat that is similar to ice cream, then consider making your own at home. The easiest way to mimic ice cream, and make a healthy treat for your dog is by using frozen bananas.

You will simply need to freeze the bananas in advance and then blend them in a blender together with a small amount of water. This thick puree will then closely resemble ice cream.

You can also personalize it to your dog’s taste, for example, by adding peanut butter or a dog-friendly yogurt.

Why do Yorkies love ice cream?

Yorkies love ice cream for the same reason that humans love ice cream – it tastes good! However, they are not able to understand that it is bad for them and should only be a treat every now and again.

You should always make sure that your dog does not have too much ice cream as they are not able to comprehend that although it tastes good it will cause stomach issues later on.

Can Yorkies eat vegan ice cream?

Because dogs are not able to properly digest milk, you can opt to give your dog vegan ice cream. However, you should make sure that all of the ingredients are dog-friendly.

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For example, dogs should not be given sweeteners as they can be toxic. These can sometimes be included in “healthier” ice creams and hence these brands should be avoided.

You should also be careful of the inclusion of nuts. Certain nuts, such as macadamia nuts, are toxic to dogs. So, always check which type of milk alternative has been used in the ice cream before giving it to your dog.

Can Yorkies eat flavored ice cream?

Yes, your Yorkie can eat flavored ice cream, but it will depend on the flavor and ingredients used. For example, your dog can eat strawberry ice cream if it is made using all-natural ingredients and does not contain any sweeteners.

However, your dog will not be able to eat chocolate ice cream in any form, chocolate chip, triple chocolate, mint choc chip etc. This is because chocolate is toxic to dogs in any form.

You should also be wary of alcoholic ice creams such as rum and raisin.

Can Yorkies eat sprinkles?

Yes, Yorkies can eat regular sprinkles. This can make a lovely crunchy addition to their treat. However, sprinkles do contain a lot of sugar so you should only use them sparingly.

Also note that if your dog is allergic to any food colorings or dyes then they may not be able to eat sprinkles.

Can Yorkies eat ice cream sauce?

Yorkies should not eat ice cream sauce as it is very high in sugar or may contain sweeteners that are toxic to dogs. If your ice cream has ice cream sauce on it you should avoid giving it to your dog.

Remember that chocolate sauce in particular is toxic to dogs.

Can Yorkie eat ice cream cones?

Yes, Yorkies can eat ice cream cones. If you want to get your dog a treat whilst you are out walking around in the summer sun, then a small ice cream cone is the perfect way to treat them and will save you the hassle of having to find a bin for the paper cup.