Can Yorkies Eat Corn? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, your Yorkie can eat corn, and it’s one of those vegetables that they can have as much of as they like – within reason, of course. Corn is high in vitamin C and also a good source of phosphorous, thiamin, folate, and magnesium and dogs seem to really like it (especially on a small, chewy cob, but they CAN’T have that part!).

Clean, removed kernels only – as they cannot digest the cob.

As far as serving amounts, make sure that it’s no more than 10% of your dog’s daily nutritional intake.. Beyond this, you can feed your Yorkie corn with confidence – it’s good for them and most Yorkies will absolutely love it!

In this article, we’re going to answer questions about corn in its various forms and the suitability for snacks for each variation. Let’s take a look and see which corn-configurations are best for your Yorkie!

What are the health benefits of corn for Yorkies?

Corn has a good nutritional profile, with magnesium, folate, phosphorous thiamin, and good old Vitamin C. This makes it a tasty snack, just be sure not to pile on lots of butter or margarine – stick to clean, washed kernels, and do NOT give the cob to your dog. It is bad for them for reasons we’ll discuss shortly.

Can corn be bad for Yorkies?

Yes, too much corn can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea, but the biggest danger with this vegetable is the cob itself.

Even though dogs love chewing a corncob, it is extremely hard for them to digest, so letting your dog have the cob could lead to painful cramping and surgical removal of undigested chunks blocking upthe intestines or stomach!

Provided that it is served carefully, as individual kernels, then it is safe for your dog and quite nutritious as well.

How much corn can my Yorkie eat?

For the most part, as long as it doesn’t exceed 10% of your dog’s total diet, they can have all of the corn that they like. Just be sure to start small, with a ¼ cup, to see how your dog’s tummy takes it. Some will gobble it right up and feel fine, while other dogs might ignore it and stick to their kibble.

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Can dogs eat the cob on corns?

The cobs of the corn are definitely off the menu. While dogs love the chewy texture and the taste of them, the cobs don’t digest well in their tummies, which can quickly lead to blockage that might well require surgery to fix!

As such, do NOT let your dog have corn on the cob. Strip the kernels off with a knife first or make a ‘doggy corncob’ by coating a bone-chew toy with a thin layer of peanut butter and some corn. This way they can have ‘corn on the cob’ without that dangerous cob.

Can Yorkies eat popcorn?

Yes, unsalted popcorn is fine for Yorkies and they certainly seem to love it. This makes cinema evenings much more fun, especially if your little one can catch a thrown kernel. That said, your dog should have no more than a small handful or simply half a handful.

While they love popcorn, it should only be used as an occasional treat rather than a regular part of their diet.

Are frozen or canned corn good for Yorkies?

If you’ve frozen the corn, it’s okay, but always check the labels on commercially frozen corns to make sure that they haven’t cheated and added extra sugar. As far as canned corn, Yorkies certainly love it, but you don’t want to give them too much unless you wash the kernels very well.

Canned corns are very high in sodium, so too much canned corn can actually cause them to dehydrate or even develop sodium poisoning!

Can my Yorkie have maize?

Maize is actually a part of a number of dog foods, but there are a number of different varieties, and some are merely ornamental, rather than having any sort of nutritional profile that will be worth the novelty of seeing your dog eat colored corn.

It is better to stick to sweet, yellow corn so that you know exactly what your dog is ingesting and that they are definitely getting a goodly amount of vitamins from their treat, as they should be!

Can diabetic dogs Yorkies eat corn?

While sweet corn is high on the glycemic index, though moderate as a glycemic load, it shouldn’t affect your dog’s blood sugar. Corn is high in carbs and natural sugars, but fed in moderation it should be safe for your Yorkie.

Just stick to the natural stuff, however, avoiding canned and frozen mixes that might incorporate too much sodium or added sugars. Natural, sweet corn will be perfectly fine in small amounts.

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Can I give my dog corn every day?

You could give your dog corn every day if they like it that much. Provided that you are stripping it from the cob and that it doesn’t make up more than 10% of your dog’s nutritional intake for the day, then you can serve corn if your dog is clamoring for it.

Just stay away from the canned stuff and strip it right off the cob to serve it as Nature intended!

Can my Yorkie have creamed corn?

Creamed corn is delicious – but not the best fit for your Yorkie. For one thing, it has a high sodium content, so this can lead to dehydration or even sodium poisoning if enough amounts are consumed. It also has a lot of dairy to it, which makes it a recipe for diarrhea and upset stomach if your dog eats too much.

A teaspoonful is a good compromise that let’s your dog have a little without risking stomach upset or worse. Just be sure not to give them any more than this, even if your dog is very persuasive. The cream and the salt content are simply too high to feed them any more than this tiny amount.

Can Yorkies eat green beans?

Green beans are fine for your dog, but they might make them a little gassy or nauseous if you overdo it. They can also be a choking hazard, so be sure to cut them up a little before serving.

That said, green beans are a find snack if your dog likes them and raw, steamed, boiled, or right out the can, they’re perfectly safe for your dog to eat in moderation. This is one of the veggies can have a lot of, but don’t give them more than ¼ of a cup in the beginning.

Their body needs a little time to adjust to them!

Can Yorkies eat peas?

Yes, Yorkies can have peas of any kind – with one caveat. Don’t give peas to a dog with kidney issues. This is because peas have compounds called ‘purines’, which stimulate the production of uric acid. Too much of this hard on their kidneys, so if your dog has kidney problems then peas are off the table.

Otherwise, your Yorkie can have 1 teaspoon of peas a day in their food or served separately.

Can Yorkies eat carrots?

Carrots are high in fiber, low in calories, and your Yorkie can definitely eat them. Just limit servings to no more than 1 or 2 baby carrots and be sure to chop them up in advance – this keeps them from becoming a choking hazard.

Carrots are a favorite for some dogs, who seem to like the taste and texture, and the fibrous flesh of the carrot helps to clean your Yorkie’s teeth as a bit of a bonus!

Can Yorkies eat celery?

Yes, Yorkies can have celery, but not all of them will like it, so start off with 2 small pieces and see what happens. If they like it, half a stick a day is a good serving limit so that they don’t get an upset stomach.

You can also put a little peanut butter on the celery to tempt your little one, just make sure that the peanut butter is all natural and doesn’t have sweeteners such as Xylitol present – which is highly toxic to Yorkies and other dogs.

Can Yorkies eat Brussel sprouts?

While some dogs do like Brussel sprouts, be careful how much of them you give to your Yorkie. They can cause flatulence and in high amounts, your dog could also get diarrhea and a very upset stomach. For the flatulence reason alone, you shouldn’t really give them much more than half a Brussel sprout.

At most, a single Brussel sprout should be the limit. They’re simply too hard on your little doggy’s digestive system, so you need to be careful with feeding them Brussel sprouts.

Can Yorkies eat broccoli?

Broccoli is another one of those vegetables where moderation is a must. The florets contain a compound called Isothiocyanate, and in large amounts this can cause sever stomach distress, gas, diarrhea, and can even death if consumed in large amounts.

It’s also a bit of a choking hazard if not chopped up beforehand. If you want to give such to your dog, one small broccoli shouldn’t be an issue, but beyond this you really should choose other vegetables due to the Isothiocyanate.

Odds are the broccoli won’t give them more than an upset stomach, but if it’s more than 25% of their food intake for the day they could become violently ill or worse!

Can Yorkies eat okra?

Okra is fine for your dog, but it is recommended that you only give them one or two sliced pieces, raw or cooked both being fine. Don’t feed it to them 2 days in a row, however. While they can have small amounts, it’s hard on the digestion, and some Yorkies may end up with a sore tummy.

Given only as 1 or 2 pieces, however, it’s perfectly fine, and okra has vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins C and B, magnesium, and calcium so it’s not bad for them – just in carefully measured amounts, though.

Can Yorkies eat beans?

Mostly, yes, but stay away from raw, red kidney beans. These are toxic to dogs, so you don’t want your Yorkie to have any of these. Try to avoid canned beans as well, as they tend to be high in sodium and sugars, but beyond this regular, cooked beans should be fine.

Just limit amounts to one or two tablespoons a day and it will be perfectly fine for your Yorkie to have beans – just be prepared. Like humans, beans make Yorkies a little bit gassy!

Can Yorkies eat potatoes?

Potatoes are fine in small amounts, but not potato plants and no raw potatoes. The leaves and roots from potato plants are toxic to dogs, so you should never let your Yorkie have these.

Cooked potatoes are a different story, though, so your Yorkie can certainly have a French fry or two or up to 2 tablespoons of mashed potatoes. They’re pretty high in calories, so just be sure to keep the servings small and it should be fine.

Can Yorkies eat asparagus?

Asparagus is fine, but it will make your Yorkie a little gassy, so it’s best to keep servings in small amounts, such as a ½ cup limit per day. Asparagus is a little hard to digest in larger amounts, but beyond this it’s fine raw or cooked as a delicious snack for you and your dog.

Asparagus is high in vitamin B6, vitamin A, and also have fiber, thiamin, and potassium, so it’s definitely good for your dog if they like it!