Are Yorkies Easy to Potty Train? (Solved & Explained!)

One of the most troublesome things while looking after a Yorkie is when it does its business all around the house. Due to Yorkies tendency to be stubborn, it may seem difficult to potty train them, but it’s actually quite easy. The success of this depends on your commitment to train regularly, while following the correct  methods.

At What Age Should Yorkies Be Potty Trained?

A common question asked by new pet owners is when to start potty training a Yorkie. It is recommended that a Yorkie should start house breaking at the age of 6-8 months. 

A little piece of advice, if you start too early then your pet Yorkie would be too playful to take anything seriously. Or vice-versa, if you start too late then it will be much more difficult to make an old dog learn new instructions.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train Yorkies?

Generally, to house train a Yorkie, it will take between 2 to 4 months. The key to successfully do this in the minimum possible time is by choosing the right place. 

Training your pet Yorkie to do its business outside generally takes around 2 to 6 weeks. 

However, don’t fret if you face a few setbacks as each dog has a different personality, which can affect the training period.

How Often Do Yorkie Puppies Need Potty Breaks?

Yorkie puppies have a small bladder and they are still in their growing age. So, they might not be able to go a long time without having to do their business.

You should take out your Yorkie puppy once in the morning and once after every 30-60 minutes. As they grow up, the intervals can get longer.

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It is also recommended to take them outside after a meal or nap. Make sure they are given a potty break before bedtime. It is very important to take your puppy to the same spot every time. 

Essential Necessities While Potty Training

Before diving straight into potty training, there are a few things you will need to make things easier. First, you should get a potty training pad to provide your Yorkie with a designated place to pee on.

Secondly, a potty training spray can help prevent your pet doggo from peeing on your favourite carpets.

What Are The Benefits of Potty Training Yorkies Outside?

Potty training your Yorkie outside is definitely a more convenient option. This not only helps cut down on the financial expenses of buying pads, but you also wouldn’t have to take them to someone’s house.

So, potty training outside can actually be more beneficial in the long run. 

What Are The Steps For Potty Training?

  • Choosing a potty place will help make your pet Yorkie understand the area where it can do its business. Pick a peaceful spot away from traffic. Also ensure it won’t get affected by changing weather like rain or snow.
  • A planned schedule is important for your puppy. This will also let you know when to take your puppy out and will help train it effectively.
  • At the time for potty break, gently place your dog at the designated place.
  • Finally, reward your pet doggo with treats for correctly following instructions. 

How To Stop Yorkies From Peeing In The House?

House training can be quite difficult and even time-consuming. However, you shouldn’t lose hope too quickly. If you follow the right method and stay consistent, you will surely succeed in training your Yorkie. 

Accidents are more likely when your dog is unsupervised. If you’re not at home, leave them in a play-pen, dog crate, or small bedroom. 

Whenever there is a sign of peeing or pooping, quickly take your pup to the designated place. Make sure it is clean, and accessible for your dog aswell.

Mistakes While Potty Training

Always remember that potty training or any other training should only be done using positive reinforcement. Do not punish your dog as it can scare them and make them disobey you. 

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Some owners forget the importance of using keywords while potty training. When your dog uses their training crate to pee or poop, always show appreciation by saying words like “Good job!”. These key-words are an important way of establishing the routine in your dog’s mind. 

What Is The 15 Minute Rule?

According to this rule, you should give your dog at least 15 minutes outside so they can pee and poo. It’s not realistic to expect the dog to get done with their business immediately.

Your dog needs to have ample time to relax its bladder and bowel muscles. So, just step outside for 15 minutes, and stay occupied for a while. This rule does require some patience but it’s an efficient potty training regimen for Yorkies. 

Indoors or Outdoors: What’s The Best way To Potty Train A Yorkie?

This depends on the type of life you live and what is more convenient for you. Ideally, the best option is to potty train your Yorkie both indoors and outdoors. However, you can choose whatever suits you best.

Outdoor training is suitable for dog owners who have a garden, go on daily walks, and have an accessible open area. 

Indoor training is suitable for people who live in apartment complexes. It’s also ideal for people who are handicapped and find it difficult to go outside with their dog.

Tips For Potty Training:

  • Patience is key while potty training your pet dog. Try waiting 15 minutes after your pup has pooped to avoid the possibility of your dog assuming that they’re being taken back inside as a punishment.
  • Always take your pup to the same designated place so that the idea of pooping there gets ingrained in their mind.
  • Giving meals at the same time everyday can help you understand when to take your pup outside. Remember to take your doggo outside for 15 minutes after every meal.
  • Recognize the barking of your Yorkie and try to determine whether the barking is for your attention or to go to bathroom.