Can Yorkies Be Left Alone? (Solved & Explained!)

You cannot leave your Yorkie alone for an extended period because it will feel depressed or develop anxiety problems. However, if you are busy with work or school, the amount of time that your Yorkie can be left alone depends on factors such as age or health. Yorkies do not appreciate being home alone.  

The rest of this article will detail what one should do if one has to leave their Yorkies alone at home, how one can prepare their Yorkies when one is at work, what happens if one goes their Yorkie for too long and what one can help when their Yorkies show anxiety.

Is It Bad To Leave Yorkies Alone At Home?

In general, leaving Yorkies or dogs alone for an extended period is bad for their mental health because they cannot find comfort and feel depressed when they are away from their owners. According to the American Kennel Club, a registry of dogs in the U.S., dog depression can develop anxiety disorders and behavioural issues.

How Long Can I Leave My Yorkie Alone at Home?

The age of a Yorkie is a determining factor here. Like children, puppies should not be left alone without any supervision because they cannot properly care for themselves. Meanwhile, adult Yorkies over 18 months old have learned to be more independent and left alone for 4 to 6 hours.

Can You Leave My Adult Yorkie At Home If I Work Full Time?

Adult Yorkies can be left at home for less than 6 hours a day as long as the owners leave them with a safe place to sleep, enough food and water, and chewing toys that they like. Adult Yorkies can train to be home alone. However, it would be best for owners always to dedicate quality time to their dogs.

What Should I Do If I Have to Leave My Yorkie Puppy During The Day?

Owners should hire a dog sitter or send their Yorkie puppies to a dog care centre when they are not at home during the day. Leaving puppies alone during the day is stressful and can lead to anxiety problems. Hiring a person to watch over their puppies can save owners trouble and prevent puppies from anxiety problems. Plus, the owners can get informed about their puppies’ activities throughout the day.

How Can I Train My Yorkie To Be Alone At Home?

The best training to get Yorkies familiar with being home alone is to practice leaving for work and returning home. Leaving and returning training will teach Yorkies to accept that their owners’ work schedules are just daily routines and prevent them from engaging in destructive behaviour.

What Do I Need To Prepare Before Leaving My Yorkie Alone At Home?

Besides the training, setting up a pet camera allows owners to communicate with and watch over their Yorkies. A pet camera helps owners monitor their dog’s behaviour, keep owners connected to their dogs, and ease anxious dogs when they are not home.

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What Will Happen If I Leave My Yorkie Alone for Too Long?

Yorkies will feel nervous and confused when away from their owners for longer than 6 hours a day. When their owners are away for a period that is longer than 6 hours, they will feel scared and develop anxiety problems. We suggest hiring dog sitters or dog care services to look after if owners have a long work schedule.

What Triggers the Anxiety Problems For Yorkies?

Abandonment and fear of being left alone can likely trigger anxiety problems since the Yorkies can quickly get anxious and develop separation anxiety. If you are going to be away for longer than 6 hours, be watchful of any unusual behavioural changes because these changes may indicate depression.

What Are the Early Signs of Separation Anxiety?

The early signs of separation Anxiety are when a generally energetic Yorkie shows unusual behaviours such as the unwillingness to eat and refusal to play or go on walks. Also, anxious Yorkies may exhibit pacing, whining or trembling while you are gone or as you prepare to leave. These are early signs of depression and can be severe in Yorkies. They also recommended visiting the veterinarians as soon as these early signs appear.

What Are The Symptoms of Separation Anxiety?

The common symptoms of separation anxiety are destructive behaviours such as excessive barking, biting on clothes and furniture, urinating in the house, and leaving their drool all over the place. Also, Yorkies with separation Anxiety may show desperate and prolonged attempts to escape confinement. Separation Anxiety is often a result when Yorkies cannot find comfort alone or separated from their owners.

What Can I Do When My Yorkie Has Separation Anxiety?

Owners can treat their dogs’ separation anxiety with fun activities and training. Owners can take the dogs for a long walk to burn their energy, talk to them in a calm voice before leaving or returning, and leave them enough food and toys to keep them busy during the day. This way, the Yorkies will be less stressed and happier.

How Can I Do to Prevent My Yorkie From Separation Anxiety?

According to CCSPCA, an animal protection foundation, exercising your Yorkies or dogs can ease their mind and relieve the excess of energy caused by anxiety. When free and available, one can take their Yorkies out for physical activity like running and social interaction like petting. By spending time with their Yorkies, the chance of separation anxiety will undoubtedly decrease.

Does having more than one dog reduce separation anxiety?

Having a multi-dog household can reduce separation anxiety in dogs, although it is not a sure-fire guaratee. In some cases when one dog is suffering from anxiety it can be ‘contagious’ and affect the other dog as well. Although in most cases a household with two or more dogs will be less likely to suffer from seperation anxiety, training your dogs from a young age is the most sure-fire way of preventing and eliminating it.