Are Yorkies Aggressive? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies are confident, sassy, and bold with a reputation for absolute fearlessness! 

But are Yorkies aggressive? Yorkies can be aggressive, but these pocket-size pups are not doing it on purpose (at least, we do not think so)!

Are Yorkies Aggressive? 

There are several reasons your Yorkie might become aggressive such as their environment, the food you are feeding them, or even social interactions.  

If you notice signs of distress, immediately check their health and then their surrounding environment for signs of disturbance. If everything appears fine, evaluate how you have been treating your Yorkie and see if your behavior might need to be adjusted! 

What Causes My Yorkie to Be Aggressive? 

There are several reasons your Yorkie might become aggressive such as their environment, the food you are feeding them, or even social interactions.  

If you notice signs of distress, immediately check their health. If everything appears fine, evaluate how you have been treating your Yorkie and see if your behavior might need to be adjusted! We have a profound impact on our pets! 


Believe it or not, stress might just be the reason that your dog is acting aggressively. Stress comes in gradients and is caused by many things, from loud noises to traumatic life events.  

Stress will build up over time for your Yorkie so the longer you wait to take care of what is bothering your dog, the worse things are going to get! Your Yorkie will start drifting away from you slowly until eventually they finally snap! Most likely in the form of a brutal bite that leaves you feeling sore for weeks! 


If your pet is fine one day and suddenly aggressive the next, a drastic change of health is the most straightforward reason your Yorkie is aggressive. Health issues can cause massive psychological and physical pain. Pinpointing these issues and taking care of them immediately is a priority! 


One major reason that your Yorkie might be acting aggressive is that they are going through heat, given they are not spayed/neutered. 


The younger of an age you start to socialize your Yorkie from, the more social they will be in their adult dog years. However, a lack of socialization can create aggressive tendencies that will stay with them through their whole lives like biting, snarling, and growling which can prevent the urge to pursue a relationship. 

Do Yorkie’s Bite? 

Yorkies do not typically bite unless they feel threatened. Biting and nipping are defensive behaviors that just go to show that your precious pup is scared or stressed! If your Yorkie is doing this, it is an immediate indication that you need to check to see if there is something wrong with them! 

Why Did My Yorkie Bite Me?  

A Yorkie only bites if they feel threatened and are forced into defense mode or they are trying to communicate a clear message to their owner. If your dog is biting aggressively, you need to first identify the root of the issue.

Remember, under the right conditions, any dog will become aggressive, and it is their instinct to bite when they feel threatened.

Invading personal space 

Dogs do not trust instantly so if you sense any discomfort from your Yorkie when you approach their personal space, let them be. Socialize them regularly, at a safe distance, and allow them to come to you when they are ready.  

Never force your dog into being held, or doing other activities they do not want to do or they may not trust you. Even more importantly, do not scold them for behavior they cannot control like growling when you invade their personal space or touch their toys.  

Lack of socialization 

Are you spending enough time with your furry friend? If not, your Yorkie might want some attention from their beloved companion! Yorkies are not the most active dogs, but they do require a great amount of social stimulation.  

You should spend time playing and petting your Yorkie every day and go on daily walks otherwise a lack of socialization will lead to biting as an expression of resentment toward you!


Yorkies are very territorial of their human companions, and they crave their attention which is why they consider any attention you give to other dogs cheating! So, be careful because your little dog will keep a very watchful eye when other dogs are around.  

The more time you spend with a stranger’s dog, the more likely your dog is to act aggressively and in the case of a Yorkie, that will be in the form of a big chomp!

Poor Training 

Yorkies who have not been trained properly will use biting as their way of communication. If your Yorkie is biting you, they might be trying to complain about the food, asking to go potty, or trying to play. In any case, your Yorkie will require proper obedience training to break this nasty biting habit. 

Do Yorkies Act Mean to Other Dogs?  

The pocket-sized Yorkie makes a great friend to any human, however, these precious pups can be total meanies to other dogs, although not intentionally! Yorkies are feisty and confrontational which makes them social butterflies among the dog community. 

However, there are a few natural behaviors and Yorkie characteristics that tend to get them in trouble. 


Yorkies tend to have Big Dog syndrome which means they think and act a lot bigger than they are. This breed is fearless and is unafraid to approach dogs much, much bigger than them which is why you should keep them on a leash unless you want a fight to ensue.

It is not usually the intention of your Yorkies to cause a stir, however, they tend to encourage a fight by exciting larger dogs because of their size and curiosity. 


If your Yorkie is acting mean toward other dogs it might mean they are trying to defend their territory. This behavior is more frequent in male Yorkies who have not been neutered.


Yorkies are known for feeling nervous around other dogs and pets, especially ones outside of their family. If they are spooked by a stranger, Yorkies might act aggressively as a form of defense!

How Can I Stop My Yorkie’s Aggressive Behavior?  

Use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior like giving your Yorkie treats when they act the way you want instead of scolding them when they act aggressively. This way, you will see more positive behavior and will have a more positive relationship with your furry friend!  

Are Boy Yorkies or Girl Yorkies Nicer? 

Many people in the Yorkie community like to claim that females are sweeter than males. But this is, in fact, a myth. Both genders are equally social and can form close relationships with their owners.