Can A Yorkie Stay Home Alone? (Solved & Explained!)

Well-trained Yorkies can stay home alone, but they should not be left for longer than 6 hours. Yorkies have small bladders and will need to pee often, also they are highly social and tend to get lonely easily.

Yorkies are best suited to people who work from home or large families that have a variety of schedules so that someone is always home.

If you are going on vacation and your Yorkie cannot come along, you should leave them with a friend, family member, or trusted boarding service.

Do Yorkies Get Separation Anxiety?

Yorkies do get separation anxiety, as do other breeds. It tends to be seen more commonly in Yorkies as they are dogs with high social needs.

However, it depends on the Yorkie and their upbringing. Yorkies that have constantly been surrounded by a few select people will get highly attached and may experience separation anxiety within a few minutes of their owner leaving.

Other Yorkies that are used to spending time alone will go much longer before any kind of separation anxiety begins to develop.

Yorkies that are around lots of people all the time rather than one or two particular people may get separation anxiety not because a specific person has left them, but because they are on their own, period.

It all depends on the dog and what they are used to.

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Do Yorkies Like Being Alone?

Every dog is different but generally speaking, Yorkies do not like being alone.

This is because they were bred as companion dogs or lap dogs. They are desired for their love of all things social and their high adaptability to human lifestyles.

They are emotional dogs that pick up what their owners are feeling. This is a huge part of the life of a Yorkie and they can develop behavioral issues if left alone too frequently.

Do Yorkies Need Another Dog?

Yorkies do not necessarily need another dog if you are able to fulfill their social needs by yourself. However, if you have to go out regularly to a place that your Yorkie can’t go to, then getting another dog is a practical solution.

If you already have another dog then the good news is that your new Yorkie will likely get along great with them.

Yorkies also like cats! So if you have a kitty at home you can rest assured that a Yorkie will fit in nicely with your cat’s routine and temperament.

Can Yorkies Be Left Alone For 8 Hours?

It is not recommended to leave your Yorkie alone for 8 hours. 6 hours is considered to be the maximum amount of time that you can safely leave your Yorkie at home alone.

This is not because they become destructive but because they have high social needs and can easily become depressed or anxious if left alone for too long.

Sure, you can leave your Yorkie for 8 hours occasionally. Sometimes things happen and you may arrive home later than expected. But if you are out of the home for 8 hours a day regularly then a Yorkie may not be for you.

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Are Yorkies a One-Person Dog?

Yorkies do often form a strong bond with one particular person but they are highly protective of all members of the family.

They tend to bond with the person who takes care of their basic needs most regularly and spends the most time with them.

The ones that give them the most affection are at the top of their list of favorites too.

Can I Travel With A Yorkie?

Since they are small, Yorkies are the best breed for life on the go.

They fit into most carriers and pet slings, so whether you ride a bike, a car, or a truck your Yorkie will fit in nicely and will be easy to secure.

The trick is to train your Yorkie from an early age to get used to being in the vehicle. Start with small trips and take them out for longer over time.

Typically Yorkies should not be in slings longer than 1 hour at a time. A dog carrier for 2 hours max. So if you are planning a long road trip, be sure to schedule plenty of rest breaks.

Are Yorkies Easy To Socialize?

Yorkies are very smart and quick to learn, But like anything in life, the earlier you start the easier it is.

Yorkies are great companion dogs when out and about as they adapt to social situations quickly and tend to be relaxed in most cases.

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However, they can be possessive and yappy if untrained and not used to the outdoors. It is always best to take your Yorkie pup out on short but frequent trips to get them used to different forms of transport, crowds, and other animals.

Do Yorkies Like Company?

A resounding yes, Yorkies love company, the more the merrier.

Yorkies love to be near someone and physically close. However, they do not like to be held and squeezed too much. While they may tolerate a good hearty cuddle from their closest, they will get agitated and irritable if you pass them around for your house guests to hold.

It is always best to give any dog physical space, even a Yorkie. Let them come to you and your guests for affection, and trust us you will not be left waiting for long!

How Do I Train My Yorkie To Stay Alone?

Some Yorkies struggle more than others to stay alone, even for a minute. If you feel that your Yorkie could benefit from a little training in this area then you can try the following:

  1. Leave your Yorkie for short periods. Start with 2 minutes then 3 minutes and slowly increase over time.
  2. Your Yorkie may cry a little at first, leaving you with awful pet-parent guilt. A little crying is okay for a minute or two, but if your Yorkie is getting seriously stressed, then return to them.
  3. As your Yorkie gets used to the shorter periods and can sit alone without crying, extend the time.
  4. Make sure to leave plenty of cuddly toys and chewables to help occupy your Yorkies’ time and help them feel less lonely.