Should My Yorkie Sleep With Me? (Solved & Explained!)

Should you let your Yorkie sleep with you? Provided that you don’t roll around in your sleep, letting your Yorkie sleep close is not only comfy but it’s quite beneficial. It helps your Yorkie to feel safe, strengthens your bond, and even helps them to destress.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at these benefits and more. Let’s address the most common questions about letting your Yorkie sleep in bed with you!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Letting Your Yorkie Sleep In Your Bed?

Like else everything in life, there are pros and cons in letting your Yorkie sleep with you. Let’s break them down for a quick view from all of the important angles:

The pros

There are actually quite a lot of benefits that you and your Yorkie may enjoy with a shard sleeping arrangement. Here are the pros that come from this warm and cuddly decision:

  • Your Yorkie feels safer – Dogs are pack animals and so sleeping close together is quite natural. ‘Safety in numbers’ is something that they understand on an instinctual level and your dog feels protected and safe when they are sleeping close to you.
  • Stress is reduced for both of you – A study from BMC Psychiatry showed that bonding activity reduced pet owners stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure and your dog will certainly benefit from the relaxed atmosphere as well.
  • Accelerates and strengthens bonding – Sleeping close helps your dog to get used to your scent and naturally deepens their feeling of a bond with you. PubMed even tells us that being close to your dog increases Oxytocin levels for both parties. Also known as the ‘love hormone’, this chemical is produced when we meet a mate or hold a baby, so yes, you’re dog really does love you!
  • It’s quite comfortable for all parties involved – One of the simpler perks is that your dog loves sharing your warmth and that it also feels great to have your warm little Yorkie sleeping close to you.

The cons

There are caveats to every decision and letting your Yorkie sleep close, while ideal, does have some ‘cons’ to consider. Said cons are as follows:

  • Allergies and other health issues – If you suffer from seasonal allergies, keep in mind that long Yorkie hairs may well bring allergens into bed with you. Also, if your Yorkie isn’t potty trained yet then don’t allow them into your bed – they might just leave a less than sanitary surprise in the sheets!
  • Separation anxiety – If your dog isn’t well-socialized then letting them sleep in bed with you can encourage separation anxiety. Separation anxiety basically means that your dog can’t function apart from you, acting out or worse. Crate training and socialization with other dogs can help but if your dog is needy now then their OWN bed might be a better option for now.
  • Not ideal for light sleepers – If you wake easily, then sleeping with your Yorkie might not be ideal, as you might be woken numerous times through the night if your Yorkie moves around on the bed to get more comfortable. Generally they’ll stay still, but that will depend on your specific Yorkie.

Why Does My Yorkie Sleep So Close To Me?

The most common reasons are that your Yorkie feels safer sleeping close to you, that they are lonely at night, or that they are sleeping there as a way of asserting dominance. The last example is most common when your Yorkie is sleeping with your kids, as the parent or parents are generally considered the dominant members of the pack.

Why Does My Yorkie Sleep So Far Under The Covers By My Feet?

Dogs love dens and this is an instinctual behavior. When a mother dog has pups, they tend to find den-type areas where the puppies are all together in relative safety. Burrowing under the covers mimics this as it provides a warm, secure, and den-like environment.

Can They Still Breathe Under The Covers?

Yes! Just be sure that your Yorkie has an easy exit by keeping the covers comfortable but still very loose on top of both of you. Your Yorkie should be able to breathe just fine.  If your Yorkie is a pup and you are still worried, just limit them to burrowing under the top layer of the covers for best results.

Are Yorkies Clingy If They Sleep In Your Bed?

They can be. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it is generally better to combat with by giving them their own bed and reinforcing that they need to sleep in it. Alternately, you can give them a course in ‘crate training’ and if your dog responds well to this then you may occasionally allow them to sleep in the bed and see how it goes.

Will Your Yorkie Love You More If They Sleep In The Bed?

Your Yorkie is going to love you anyway but letting them sleep in the bed is a great way to hasten the process. As simply being close to you has an effect on your dog’s (and on your) oxytocin levels, then it follows that it’s certainly possible that sleeping together will strengthen your bond.

Do Dogs Know When Humans Are Sleeping?

Yes. Remember that dogs have superior olfactory senses, so when you are sleeping your Yorkie is going to recognize the chemical signature of your body when you are fast asleep and even when you are dreaming.

Pleasant dreams or nightmares produce telltale chemicals in your sweat, so your Yorkie not only knows that you are asleep but they might even wake you if you get stressed!

Will Yorkies Stink Up The Bed?

Regular grooming is a good idea with Yorkies, especially if you don’t want them to stink up the bed. This is because Yorkies have long hairs and these can trap oils and allergens quite easily.

With a proper diet and regular grooming, you’ll reduce the chances of any untoward odors in the bed and help to protect your dog’s health as well – as these oils and allergens can be bad for your dog’s skin, too!

Why Does My Yorkie Lick Me So Much First Thing In The Morning?

There are two main reasons for this behavior. First, from a very young age, puppies and their parents lick each other as a sign of affection and they keep this tradition throughout their lives.

Secondly, you are going to sweat naturally during your sleep cycle and that makes you salty and tasty to your Yorkie!

Most likely, that hearty good morning you are getting is a little bit of both.

Will Letting Your Yorkie In The Bed Make Them Happier?

Yes. If you think that you’d both enjoy the experience, your Yorkie would love nothing more than to sleep in bed with you every night. The benefits for the both of you are numerous and your Yorkie will feel safe, relaxed, and very happy to share that space with you.