Are Yorkie Poos Picky Eaters? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie Poos are very picky eaters. Small breeds, especially those in the Yorkie family, can be exceptionally picky, and do best when offered small amounts of food often.

If your Yorkie Poo is being picky with their food, stop offering treats and human food and only offer them dry food or kibble in small amounts.

If they are finding it difficult to get used to dry food, then you can wet it with water and let it soak to soften it.

Why Are Yorkie Poos Picky Eaters?

There is no one answer as to why Yorkie Poos are picky eaters, but the common brief is that due to their stubborn nature, they get used to a particular flavor or brand and want to stick with that.

The problem with this is that all dogs need variety in their diets, and trying to introduce your Yorke Poo to something new can often feel like a battle.

Unfortunately, Yorkie Poos only get pickier as they get older. They tend to avoid dry food at all costs as it is harder to chew. Similarly, hard kibble, grainy goods, bones, and pellets can lead to discomfort from chewing.

How Long Can A Yorkie Poo Go without Eating?

Healthy adult Yorkie Poos that are drinking plenty of water can go up to 5 days without any food before serious health issues begin to occur.

In theory, they can go up to 7 days without food, but you should not let things go on this long before taking them to the vet for treatment.

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If your Yorkie Poo is not drinking water, then this time period is significantly less. Yorkie Poos cannot go longer than two days without water and food (as some foods contain water in the event that they are eating and not drinking)

So take them to the vet if they refuse to drink for longer than 24 hours, just to be safe.

How Can I Make My Yorkie Poo Eat?

Yorkie Poos are very stubborn, so it is hard to make them do anything. However, you can encourage your Yorkie Poo to down their meal with a few tips and tricks.

  1. Warm the food. Some Yorkie poos prefer hot food to cold.
  2. Add a treat. Sometimes, adding their favorite treat is enough to get them started.
  3. Try hand-feeding. This psychological trick makes your Yorkie Poo feel rewarded for eating and strengthens your relationship.
  4. Give extra love after dinner. So they understand that when they eat, you are happy.
  5. Add a meat broth to combine taste and smell to get your Yorkie Poo interested in eating

How Much Should a Yorkie Poo Eat Per Day?

Yorkie poos are small, so they do not need much food to thrive. Yorkie Poos should eat between ½ a cup to 2 ⅕ cups of food per day depending on their size and age. Older Yorkie Poos and puppies eat less than adult Yorkie Poos in their prime.

Also, the amount your Yorkie Poo should eat can depend on their activity levels. For Yorkie poos who lead a sedentary lifestyle, a little less than 2 cups is sufficient. If your Yorkie Poo is highly active, they may need a little more than 2 ⅕ cups a day.

Like humans, their appetite may vary from day to day. Sometimes Yorkie Poos may not feel like eating very much, especially if they ate a lot the previous day.

What Foods Should I Feed My Yorkie Poo?

Because they are small, Yorkie Poos are prone to weight gain. Therefore they should not eat overly processed foods and human foods should be limited to vegetables and some fruits in moderation.

Chocolate should be avoided at all costs. Chocolate is toxic for dogs, and due to its small size, Yorkie Poos are especially sensitive. Other foods in exclude from their diets are:

  • Nuts, particular walnuts
  • Raw eggs
  • Cat food
  • Beans
  • Corn
  • Nutmeg
  • Yeast
  • Dairy
  • Raisins
  • Garlic and other Alium veg
  • Candy
  • Grapes

If in doubt, consult your vet.

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Is Chicken Bad For Yorkie Poos?

Chicken is an excellent food source for Yorkie Poos and should not be excluded from their diets. Although the fatty parts of the chicken, such as the skin, should be removed before serving. Also, all bones should be removed to avoid choking.

Chicken is also excellent for encouraging your Yorkie Poo to eat more. Like most dogs, Yorkie Poos love the smell and taste of chicken, and if you do not want to give them chicken meat, a chicken broth poured over their regular food will do just as well.

Chicken broth contains all the vitamins and nutrients that chicken meat has to offer, albeit in smaller amounts.

Can My Yorkie Poo Eat Human Food?

Human food should be limited to treats and occasional snacks, and anything highly processed such as chips and candy should not be given at all.

This is the same for all dogs, not just Yorkie Poos. Dogs have different nutritional needs from humans, and the makeup of their digestive system is also different.

Some foods that your body finds easy to digest are incredibly difficult for dogs and can lead to stomach pain in the short term and complex health problems in the long term.

Some human foods are also a choking hazard for dogs! Their jaw muscles and structure are different from humans, which can make some human foods difficult to chew thoroughly. If you are going to give human food, only give Yorkie Poo very small bite-sized chunks.

Can Yorkie Poos Eat Bananas?

Yes, bananas are healthy for Yorkie Poos and are soft enough that they do not present a choking hazard, but only small amounts should be given.

Bananas are high in potassium, and vitamins C and B6. Banana is a great alternative to fattier and saltier treats but they are high in natural sugar, so should be given in moderation.

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Can Yorkie Poos Eat Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter can be a great way to encourage your picky Yorkie Poo to eat, but only a few licks should be allowed as peanut butter is very high in fat.

If your Yorkie Poo has digestive issues, then peanut butter should not be given at all, the high-fat content can make the situation worse.