What Can Yorkie Poos Not Eat? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie Poos can’t eat chocolate, grapes, onions, garlic, and small bones. With Yorkie Poos having a propensity for developing digestive issues and sensitive tummies, it’s best to avoid feeding your Yorkie Poo human foods as much as possible. There are some foods that are toxic for your Yorkie Poo, and some that might make them feel sick. 

While the occasional piece of chicken or carrot may be fine for your Yorkie Poo, there are some foods that should not be given to your Yorkie Poo under any circumstances.

Can Yorkie Poos Eat Chocolate?

Yorkie Poos are not immune to the toxicity of chocolate, cocoa, or anything with a little bit of chocolate in it. This is because it contains theobromine, which is dangerous and potentially lethal for pups, including Yorkie Poos.

Can Yorkie Poos Eat Grapes?

A Yorkie Poo also cannot eat grapes, raisins, or currants, not even in a small amount. These fruits are very toxic for your Yorkie Poo. Even a small amount of grapes can hurt your Yorkie Poo’s kidneys and can even cause them to fail. 

Can Yorkie Poos Have Coconut?

Many dogs can eat some coconut occasionally and be perfectly fine. However, for some dogs, too much of it can end up upsetting their stomach, leading to all those common tummy issues such as constipation or diarrhea.

Since a Yorkie Poo is so small and is prone to digestion issues, it’s best to avoid any coconut or coconut oil.

Can Yorkie Poos Eat Dairy?

Being that a Yorkie Poo tends to have a sensitive stomach, it’s best to avoid feeding them any type of dairy, such as milk or cheese.

While some dogs can tolerate small portions of dairy products, most are lactose intolerant. It’s not worth the risk to your Yorkie Poo’s stomach, and it may cause them to have excess gas and diarrhea.

Can Yorkie Poos Eat Raw Eggs Or Meat?

A Yorkie Poo should not be given any raw eggs or fish. In order for a Yorkie Poo to enjoy these foods, they need to be cooked and prepared without salt or spices. Food borne illnesses such as salmonella are very difficult for dogs to handle.

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Can A Yorkie Poo Chew On Bones?

Most dogs are in their glory when they are sprawled out and gnawing down on a bone. With a Yorkie Poo, their small jaws might not allow them to get their mouths around a bone.

Small bones can be very dangerous for any dog to chew on, as they are more prone to breaking into smaller pieces that can become a choking hazard.

Can Yorkie Poos Eat Fast Food?

Your Yorkie Poo might love the smell of your fast-food burger, but you should avoid giving into their puppy dog eyes. Fast food, even if it’s labeled as healthy, tends to have high amounts of salt, sugar, and fat. None of these things are beneficial for your Yorkie Poo.

Can Yorkie Poos Take Big Bites Of Food?

A Yorkie Poo’s jaw is quite small, and so they can’t really wrap their mouths around big pieces of food. Thus, they might struggle to chew if their kibble is too big or they try to take a big bite of some of your food.

Can Yorkie Poos Eat Any Kind Of Dog Food?

Given that they are proponents of digestive issues that could potentially lead to further health issues down the line, you want to get them a high protein food that is formulated especially for small dog breeds.

Can Yorkie Poos Eat Dog Food With Grain Ingredients?

Yorkie Poos should be okay eating dog food that has some grains in its formulation, so long as the food is higher in protein than in grains. Unfortunately, a lot of dog foods will have large portions of grains as it’s cheaper than using meat.

Thankfully, they don’t need a lot of grains in their diet. Furthermore, many dog foods formulated for small dog breeds won’t have any grains. 

How Do I Know My Yorkie Poo Is Sensitive To Grains?

You will probably see fairly quickly that a Yorkie Poo cannot tolerate grains. They will usually appear to be itchy and uncomfortable, and you might notice them scratching themselves or chewing at their paws more often than normal.

What Can Yorkie Poos Eat?

It’s best to feed your Yorkie Poo dog food that is mainly protein. Many dog foods will include dog-safe vegetables, as well as added minerals and vitamins, to ensure that they get a well-rounded diet with everything they need to stay healthy.

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As long as you search for a good quality kibble to feed your Yorkie Poo, they will get what they need and be perfectly happy. If you are going to share human food, it’s best to stick with cooked meat or fish with no seasonings and minimal oil. 

You can also occasionally give them some natural peanut butter with no salt or xylitol, or some dog-safe vegetables and fruits, such as apple slices, carrots, or string beans.

How Do I Know My Yorkie Poo Can’t Tolerate Certain Foods?

If your Yorkie Poo eats something that they cannot tolerate, they might appear to be having an allergic reaction. This might consist of sneezing, a stuffy nose, or itchiness.

It is also possible that they will have some gas, and experience diarrhea or vomiting. The symptoms should go away fairly quickly. If they don’t, or they stop eating their regular food or drinking water, it’s worth a trip to the vet. 

What Do I Do If My Yorkie Poo Eats Something They Shouldn’t?

It’s hard to keep everything away from our Yorkie Poos, especially when they are being super adorable. Depending on what they eat and how much of it they eat, their reaction could be different.

For example, they might just have some bad bowel movements or throw up  a little bit, and may potentially need some extra rest to recover. If they get their paws on chocolate or grapes, you should take them to the vet just in case.