Can Yorkie Poos Live Outside? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkie Poos are a Toy Breed and they should live indoors because they are too small and vulnerable to live outside full time. While your Yorkie Poo should spend most of their time indoors, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t enjoy a bit of the outside world but they need care and attention to be safe and comfortable.

Yorkshire Terriers of all kinds, including Yorkie Poos, are very affectionate animals and one of the main reasons that they have trouble exploring outdoors is because of their need to feel safe and close to their owners. Yorkie Poos don’t like being left on their own, even indoors, and outside they are much more vulnerable.

This article will go into detail about why your Yorkie Poo shouldn’t be spending all of their time outside, what kind of outdoor time is healthy for your dog and how to make sure that they are happy and comfortable when they are enjoying some fresh air.

Why Would I Keep My Yorkie Poo Outside?

For some owners, the idea of an outside dog is appealing to stop them from making a mess of the house and give them some fresh air and stimulation. Toy Breeds (like Yorkie Poos), however, become anxious and distressed when left alone for long periods of time and are likely to become more destructive and unruly as a result.

Who Shouldn’t Yorkie Poos Be Kept Outside?

Yorkie Poos are particularly vulnerable to poor weather conditions and spending significant amounts of time outdoors can pose a great risk to their health. Yorkies also find being left alone distressing and if they are constantly outside, they will learn bad behaviours, make a lot of noise, and potentially put themselves in danger by trying to escape.

What Are the Benefits to Letting My Yorkie Poo Get Outside?

While an outdoor life is not good for your Yorkie Poo, a bit of time outside is healthy and they can even spend short periods in the yard by themselves. Not all Yorkie Poos are confident enough to start exploring by themselves though, so it can take a bit of encouragement to make sure they are feeling comfortable.

How Old Should a Puppy Be Before I Take it Outside?

Very young puppies are particularly vulnerable to diseases and other outdoor risks, so your dog shouldn’t be outside at all before they are 6 weeks old. 6-8 weeks should be safe in a private, fenced area with very few risks but for public walks, they need to be 2 weeks past their 2nd vaccination.

Can I Carry My Yorkie Puppy Outside?

After around 6-8 weeks you might consider taking your Yorkie Poo out for a walk, but they should NOT come into contact with the ground until they are older. They should only be allowed to walk for themselves in public once their vaccinations have taken effect, and then they should be highly supervised if they are encountering other dogs.

How Do I Start Getting My Yorkie Poo Outside?

All the new sights, sounds, and smells can be overwhelming for a puppy, so their first few trips out should be highly supervised and kept short. You want to make sure that your puppy knows that you are there, and you are ready to take them back indoors quickly – but give them lots of praise to keep them positive.

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How Do I Make My Outside Space Safe for My Yorkie?

If you want your Yorkie Poo to spend some time outside, you need to make sure that the space is safe for them beforehand. Be particularly aware of physical obstacles and hazards, like sharp sticks, insect nests, or holes in the ground, and keep them away from any plants that have been treated with chemicals like weed killer.

What Risks Are There for Yorkie Poos Outside?

Weather is one of the greatest risks for Yorkie Poos outside – they should only be out for quick bathroom breaks in the cold and are vulnerable to heatstroke in the summer. There is also a risk of your dog finding a way to hurt themselves if they are left alone and, unfortunately, incidents of dognapping are on the rise.

How Can I Tell if My Yorkie Poo is Too Hot or Too Cold?

If your dog is starting to suffer from heatstroke their heart rate will increase rapidly, they may start drooling and they may have diarrhoea or begin vomiting. Shivering is usually the first sign of hypothermia, and you will notice that their heart rate starts to decrease when they are becoming too cold.

How Do I Get My Yorkie Poo to Like the Outdoors?

You should make sure that you are very attentive to your Yorkie Poo when they are outside, particularly while they are first getting used to it, so you can give them lots of praise and affection. Bringing treats and toys outside can also help your dog to feel confident and excited about being outdoors.

Are Outdoor Kennels Safe for Yorkie Poos?

If you want your Yorkie Poo to feel comfortable outside, then a kennel may help because it can be a space that they have control over. Yorkie Poos don’t always take to kennels, as they like to be close to their owners, but they can be a good source of safety, comfort and protection from the weather.

How Big Should an Outdoor Kennel Be?

An outdoor kennel should have enough space for your dog to stand up comfortably, move around without bumping the sides and even run in if they need to move quickly. Though you may want to pack it with blankets for comfort, your Yorkie Poo should not be cramped inside their kennel and it should feel spacious for them.

How Long Can a Yorkie Poo Be Left Alone?

Though you should never be leaving your Yorkie Poo outside for extended periods of time, they will even become distressed indoors if they are alone for too long. As puppies, they should not be by themselves for multiple hours, and even once they are an adult 4-6 hours a day is really the maximum that they can handle.