Yorkie Poo for Sale (Best Breeders and Where – Solved!)

It can be hard to find good Yorkie Poo breeders with quality puppies who will match your needs. That’s where we come in! We’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to! Let us help guide you on your journey of finding the perfect pup for your family!

Yorkie Poo Breeders List in the US

Here’s a list of Yorkie breeders in every state.


Doublecreek Kennel

Located in central Alabama, Doublecreek Kennel uses a state-of-the-art facility that’s designed for dog health and comfort. They sell several different breeds there including Yorkie Poos.


Moose Trot Kennels

Owned by Craig and Debbie, Moose Trot Kennel is located in Arkansas. They work hard to find forever homes for their puppies. They sell various different types of Poos, including Yorkie Poos.


JJ’s Pups

With a 300+ acre farm to call their own, JJ’S Pups has a passion for dogs and finding them families. The John Family takes the adoption of their Yorkies seriously. They’ll help you find one that fits best for your family.


Nor Cal Pups

If you want a breeder that’s around 24/7, then you need to consider Nor Cal Pups. They always have staff available and on-site. They carefully oversee every step of the adoption process to make it easy for you and the new puppy.


Little Darling Pups

If you want your puppy to be dewormed and have their first shots, then you need to get them at Little Darling Pups. With over 30 years in the breeding industry, they know how to help families find the right pet for them. They’ll also help get your puppy started with the socializing process.


The Happy Woofer

The Happy Woofer offers even more experience. In the business for almost 50 years, they know what it takes to find a healthy sire and dam. As a result, they can offer healthy puppies, too. All of their parents are considered pets and well-cared for in the family.

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TLC Puppy Love

At TLC Puppy Love, the mothers are greatly cared for before, during, and after birth. Stacy is the owner of TLC Puppy Love and works hard to make sure her puppies are healthy and happy. She loves seeing the joy on the family’s faces as they meet their puppy for the first time.


Amanda’s Poos

If you want a miniature or toy poo, then you need to visit Amanda’s Poos. Amanda works hard to ensure her puppies and parents are healthy and happy. She’s always happy to send references from the vet.


Koedam Kennels

Owned by Allen and Wanda Kodeam, this kennel sells Yorkies and other small breeds. Koedamn Kennels specializes in designer breeds. Besides offering healthy puppies, they also regularly post advice on how to care for your dog.


No-Shed Dogs

If you don’t just want a puppy, then you should consider No-Shed Dogs. They also have older Yorkie Poos that are waiting to be rescued. They also sell puppies with a bundle that comes with a crate, food, toys, and other great additions to your package.


P and K Puppies

P and K Puppies also have a large 8-acre farm that allows their puppies and dogs to run around and have fun. You’ll find Yorkies as well as other designer breeds in their kennel. They also spend a lot of time with the puppies to help socialize them.


Moonlight Yorkies

Maybe the idea of owning puppies from dogs that have taken part in dog shows interests you. If so, then you should head over to Moonlight Yorkies. You’ll find plenty to love with their puppies.


Love a Lot Kennels

Love a Lot Kennels takes the care of their puppies seriously. They always ensure that their blood sugar is correct and that they’re receiving the right kind of diet. You can always find information on their site about how to best take care of your Yorkie Poo.


Princess Puppies

Because health is always a concern when it comes to puppies, Princess Puppies offers a Lifetime Health Guarantee. If your puppy ends up becoming ill or passes away, then they’ll give you another one for free. They do everything they can to ensure their puppies and parents are healthy.


Windsor Oak Farms

If you know you’re going to need a little help purchasing your puppy, then you’ll love the financing options at Windsor Oak Farms. They make buying a new puppy affordable.

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Michigan Puppy

Sometimes you’re too busy to pick up your new puppy. Michigan Puppy has a few delivery options that can make buying your next dog easier. They make purchasing a Yorkie Poo easy.


Aria’s Friends

Aria’s Friends is owned by Becky and Tim. They also have a part-time vet and dentist on hand to take care of their dogs. You know you’re getting high-quality Yorkie Poos with their extra care.


Kountry Side Puppies

Sonya is one of the owners of Kountry Side Puppies. They specialize in both designer breeds and purebreds. Their puppies are their pride and joy.


Fancy Poos 4 U

Mileen Coulter is the owner of Fancy Poos 4 U. She specializes in miniature and toy puppies. She raises her puppies in her own home to get them used to household sounds and activities.

North Carolina

Happy Tail Puppies

You can also find financing options at Happy Tail Puppies. They have Yorkie Poos as well as other breeds. They also regularly donate to their local animal shelters.

North Dakota

Micheline’s Pups

Micheline doesn’t let just anyone buy her puppies. She makes sure you know what it takes to own a dog first. To be the best dog owner possible, you need to get your puppy at Micheline’s Pups.


Sandhills Puppy Paws

Sandhills Puppy Paws also offers a health guarantee. They do everything they can to ensure their puppies are born healthy and raised safely for the first few months of their life.

New York

Petite Pets

Owned by a vet and dog lover, Petite Pets has some of the healthiest and happiest puppies in the state. You’ll find adorable purebreds and Yorkie Poos at this kennel.

New Mexico

Yorkie Ranch

Yorkie Ranch sells all kinds of Yorkies. They also give a lot of tips on how to care for your new puppy.

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Buckeye Puppies

You’ll find lots of different breeders and puppies on Buckeye Puppies. The best part is that they’re all in the Ohio state or close to it.


Oklahoma Yorkies

At Oklahoma Yorkies, the owners help train their Yorkie Poos for therapy. They’ll still need formal education, but they do their best to make their puppies a great fit for any home.


Yorkies & More R Us

Marilyn is the owner of Yorkies & More R Us. She’s been a breeder for over 17 years. She specializes in Yorkies and is just getting started with designer breeds. She breeds her puppies for personality and health.


Deborah’s Yorkies

At Deborah’s Yorkies, a lot of the first-time vet visits are handled for you. They’ll be de-wormed, receive their vaccinations, and their dew claws will even be removed. Owning a puppy has never been easier.

South Carolina

SC Yorkie Poos

Owned by Nancy, the SC Yorkie Poos kennel has tons of adorable Yorkie poos. You simply join the site as a member and are informed when a new puppy is available immediately.


Tailwagging Puppies

Carolyn owns Tailwagging Puppies. Besides having adorable puppies, she also offers a microchipping service. Even if you bought your dog elsewhere, you can still get them microchipped for a fee.


Tubb’s Puppies

There’s a lot of competition for the puppies at Tubb’s Puppies. They’re gorgeous, healthy, and adorable. They also include a puppy kit for you to take home with you.


Button Nose Pups

Cindy owns Button Nose Pups. All of her dogs are well-cared for and loved. They also have rare colorings.



Jenni and Al breed their dogs with a strict rule against inter-breeding. They carefully choose their lines to give the healthiest and cutest dogs around. OhPuppyLove has tons of different Yorkie puppies available.

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What Is the Average Price for a Yorkie Poo?

Yorkie poos cost around $400 to $1,000. Rare colorings may exceed $3,000.

Yorkie Poo Breeders List in the UK

Here’s a brief list of breeders around the UK.


Pexswillow Dogs

If you’re in the Cheshire area, then you should visit Pexswillow Dogs. They have over 40 years in the business breeding several types of dogs. They make every owner feel like a priority.


Nutshaw Kennels

A third-generation kennel, Nutshaw Kennels has a long history of successful puppies and happy families. Besides selling puppies, they also have a boarding service. You’ll find plenty of Yorkie poos and other dog breeds at this kennel.



On the popular breeder website, you can find Sue who sells gorgeous Yorkie poo puppies. She also takes puppies to the vet for their first check-ups and socializes the puppy with other dogs.

How Much Do Yorkie Poos Cost in the UK?

Yorkie poos cost between 1,000 pounds and 1,800 pounds.

How Much Are Yorkie Poos to Adopt?

Adopting a Yorkie Poo costs around $200 to $400. Some may be even cheaper.