Can a Yorkie Poo Be Left Alone? (Solved & Explained!)

As relatively anxious dogs, however, Yorkie Poos should only be left alone for around 4-5 hours or they are likely to become stressed and unhappy. Yorkies Poos are an increasingly popular mixed breed that are known to be intelligent, loving and very adorable little dogs that make for fantastic pets.

In comparison to many other designer breeds and Toy Dogs, Yorkie Poos are not very difficult to train and look after, but they do have their quirks that any owner needs to be aware of. The rewards of raising a happy and healthy Yorkie Poo are endless and all it takes is a little bit of care and attention.

This article will go into detail about everything that you need to know if you are hoping to add one of these wonderful animals to your family, you are looking for help getting a new puppy settled in your home, or you are simply considering making changes to your Yorkie Poo’s routine.

Do Yorkie Poos Have Separation Anxiety?

Another complication to the strong bonds that Yorkie Poos form is that they become distressed and anxious when they are by themselves, particularly when they are separated from their owners. Separation anxiety usually causes a dog to become destructive and make a lot of noise, but can also lead to trembling, depression, and a refusal to eat.

Can Yorkie Poos Stay Home Alone?

Yorkie Poos can be left at home by themselves for short periods of time, though you should not leave them for more than 4 or 5 hours. When they are puppies, these periods should be even shorter – even a couple of hours is quite a long time for a young dog, and they are likely to become distressed.

How Can I Prevent My Yorkie Poo from Developing Separation Anxiety?

If you want your Yorkie Poo to grow up being able to spend longer periods of time at home alone, getting them comfortable as puppies is the best start. Maintaining regular routines and slowly introducing time alone will help, as well as reducing attachment behaviours like following you wherever you go or giving intense attention whenever you are around.

How Can I Tell if My Yorkie Poo is Suffering from Separation Anxiety?

The first thing to look out for are signs of distress when you are about to leave the house, or while you are away from them. A Yorkie Poo struggling with separation anxiety may whine and cry or have bathroom accidents when you are getting ready to leave and may bark loudly and destroy furniture while you are away.

Can I Train My Yorkie Poo to Feel Happy When They Are Alone?

Creating a routine that is positive for your dog will help them to not develop negative feelings around your absence. Giving them a treat or a favourite toy just as you are leaving the house will help them feel happy, as well as not making a huge deal out of leaving or returning by staying calm and positive.

What Should My Yorkie Poo Have When They Are Alone?

Despite their obvious need for access to food and water if they are going to be alone for any significant amount of time, Yorkie Poos should also have some stimulation to keep them occupied. Companion toys, motion-activated toys, or those that contain treat rewards are great, or you can have a friend or dog walker pop in.

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What Do I Do if My Yorkie Poo is Suffering from Bad Anxiety?

If you find that your Yorkie Poo has already developed some anxiety issues, the next step is to get in touch with a professional. Speaking with your veterinarian will help you to figure out the cause, and potential solution, of your dog’s anxiety, and you may want to consult with a professional trainer to help you as well.

What Dogs Can be Left Alone for 8 Hours?

If you know that your daily schedule makes it impossible for your dog to get any visits for 8 hours a day, it may not be the right time to become an owner. While it is not recommended, some intelligent and well-trained breeds can be okay by themselves for up to 8 hours, like labradors, golden retrievers, and beagles.

How Often Do Yorkie Poos Need to Use the Bathroom?

Bathroom breaks are definitely an important consideration when you are thinking of leaving your Yorkie Poo by themselves for any length of time. Even the best-trained dogs can’t hold it forever, and after around 5 hours Yorkie Poos will need an opportunity to relieve themselves – and when they are puppies, they need to go about once every 2 hours.

Do Yorkie Poos Need Walks?

Sometimes the intensity of the distress that Yorkie Poos feel when they are alone is due to their lack of stimulation and exercise in their daily life. Despite their small size, Yorkie Poos need at least one good walk a day and should be able to let off steam with other forms of vigorous exercise, like play, as well.

Do Yorkies Get Attached to One Person?

Yorkshire Terriers, and Yorkie Poos in particular, do have a tendency to form very strong bonds with one or two people in their household, which can cause some issues. If they are not trained well and socialised properly, Yorkie Poos can become aggressive and protective when they are interacting with strangers or even guests inside your home.

Are Yorkie Poos Loving Animals?

Yorkie Poos are known to be very affectionate and loving, and they form strong attachments with their owners which makes them great companion dogs. If you are looking for a pet that loves to be around you and can’t get enough of your cuddles and attention, the Yorkie Poo should be right at the top of your list.

Should My Yorkie Poo Sleep with Me?

Dogs are very reliant on routines, and once they learn that the most comfortable place to sleep is by your side, they can become quite dependent on sharing your bed. This often contributes to separation anxiety issues, and you may start finding it impossible to have any time alone, so consider it carefully before letting them hop in.