What to Do When Your Yorkie Is Not Eating? (Solved!)

If your Yorkie isn’t eating, there could be a few different reasons why. One is that the kibble is too big, so you should try feeding them a brand with smaller pieces of kibbles. Another reason could be that they are too hot, so they should be fed in the shade or inside with air conditioning.

Your Yorkie’s diet is part of their overall health. If your Yorkie isn’t eating, it can be very concerning. The problem may be something simple or you may need to consult the vet if it is more severe. Keep reading to find out what to do if your Yorkie isn’t eating.

What Should Pet Owners Do If Their Yorkie Isn’t Eating?

If your Yorkie isn’t eating, the first thing you will need to do is find out why. Many Yorkies are finicky eaters and can develop a dislike for certain types of kibble, especially if you have recently switched brands or the pieces are too big.

Weather is another big factor, as Yorkies eat less when it’s hot and humid during the summer. Yorkies also require a comfortable environment when eating, so make sure there isn’t anything that will disrupt them while eating.

Should I Contact The Vet If My Yorkie Isn’t Eating?

In some cases, there may be a medical reason as to why your Yorkie isn’t eating, which means you will need to contact the vet. If a Yorkie has a tooth infection, they may not feel like eating.

Illnesses and injuries can also cause a Yorkie’s appetite to decreases. This can cause worry for pet owners because Yorkies weigh very little and often don’t have room to lose any more weight. 

How Do I Ensure My Yorkie Has a Comfortable Environment For Eating?

Yorkies are notoriously picky eaters, so the change to their environment could be a very simple one. Try to limit the amount of noise and traffic that occurs in the area when they are eating, make sure other members of your family allow the dog to eat in peace as well.

Dogs can be very territorial when they are eating, so you may need to move their dish to a more private area. If a Yorkie feels anxious because there is too much noise in their area, they may not eat. 

Does My Yorkie Hate Its Dish?

In some cases, a Yorkie may not be eating because of where their dish is placed. Just because a Yorkie dog is small doesn’t mean they want to eat directly off of the ground.

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If your Yorkie’s dish is placed on the ground, this could be a reason why they aren’t eating. Yorkies prefer to eat out of dishes that are raised because it allows them to eat in a more comfortable position.

How Come a Yorkie Only Eats Some of Its Food?

Quite often a Yorkie owner will worry about their dog’s appetite when there actually isn’t anything to worry about at all. Yorkies have very small bodies, so they only need a little bit of food to stay nourished.

A Yorkie is able to maintain a healthy weight with a much smaller amount of food than other dog breeds. Even if you put a lot of food that they enjoy in a dish, they will only eat enough to fill them up.

Why Isn’t My Yorkie Eating in the Summer?

If your Yorkie’s appetite decreases when the heat and humidity get high, this isn’t uncommon. Most Yorkies will eat 10 to 20 percent less during heat waves. 

During these times, it’s important to make sure your dog is getting enough water. There typically isn’t a reason to be worried about a health problem in this situation as long as the dog stays hydrated.

How Can I Get My Yorkie To Eat More During Summer?

A decreased appetite in the summer is normal for Yorkies, but there are things you can do to help them feel more comfortable eating. When outdoors, bring their food and water to a shaded area so the hot sun isn’t beating down on them when they have a bite to eat.

Try to create a more comfortable indoor setting by using air conditioning or fans to cool down a room. If this isn’t an option, put dark coverings over the windows to prevent the sun from heating up your house more.

Will Giving a Yorkie Human Food Deter Them From Eating Dog Food?

Your Yorkie may not want to eat their dog food because they have been given table scraps, which they would prefer to eat. Yorkies have a very good sense of smell and aroma plays a role in how food tastes, which is why human food is more appealing than dog kibble.

Yorkie Info Center strongly suggests avoiding giving your Yorkie table scraps so they don’t develop a taste for human food. Human food could have too much fat or be toxic to the dog. 

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Why is My Yorkie Picking At Its Food?

It’s very common to see Yorkies investigating and picking at their kibble while being selective over which bites they choose. Many brands of dog kibble come with a variety of flavors in one blend, so what your dog is doing is picking out their favorite flavor.

If you examine what type of dog food you are feeding them you may see that there is a mixture of pellets, such as chicken, salmon, and need. You may also notice a Yorkie doing this when you have switched food brands and are getting them used to the new kind.

How Do You Get a Yorkie To Eat All of Their Kibble?

If your Yorkie is picking out pellets from the kibble to eat, you should try to figure out which ones so you can determine what their favorite flavor is. Find a low-salt broth for their favorite flavor, such as chicken or beef, and mix a very small amount with their kibble.

This will ensure all of the kibble gets the flavor they enjoy the most. Many dog owners have noticed that the picking stops after they try this.