8 Yorkie Mixes That Will Make You Fall in Love with Designer Breeds

You love Yorkies, but there are too many adorable mixes out there. In fact, Yorkies are among the top 10 most popular breeds in the USA. So, how can you choose a single one of them?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the loveliest Yorkie mixes. You’ll see up close what their temperaments are like, which features they take after their parents, and what’s the best way to keep them happy. Yorkies are also great for families and kids.

Yoranian (Yorkie + Pomeranian Mix)

The Yoranian is the tiny offspring of a Yorkie and a Pomeranian hybrid, also known as a Yorkie Pom. The Yoranian is a sophisticated dog that is less delicate, and therefore can play well among children, unlike other small dogs with a minor figure and a fragile frame.

However, children should still be a little careful when playing with a Yoranian, since if treated harshly, they may get hurt. Using soft toys is generally preferred, as plastic toys could hurt your pet.

This alert pup is audacious and overprotective because it isn’t always exposed to others outside their family unit. They’re generally a very devoted and caring pet. They make a great addition to any family.

Yorkie Bichon (Yorkie + Bichon Frise Mix)

This mix combines the Frise Bichon and the typical Yorkie, which you can easily tell from their unique designer name. If we’re being honest, It’s impossible to ignore the Yorkie Bichon’s good looks and personality.

The Yorkie Bichon is not just a pretty dog, it has a unique and loving personality as well. These dogs are actually hyperactive, inquisitive, independent, clever, and extremely loyal companion-dogs.

Both parent races come from Europe, but it was in America where the Yorkie Bichon came to life; as they were first bred in the US. This is probably why this mixed breed is popular in the country.

The only annoying trait that this hybrid mix has is their high-pitched bark along with their alertness. Dog trainers have concluded that this is their way of protecting their family, so it’s nothing to worry about.

Yorkipoo (Yorkie + Poodle Mix)

The Yorkipoo is the Yorkie-Poodle hybrid. For a Yorkie, mixing with a normal poodle is very rare, so this blend is usually created between a Yorkie and a toy or Miniature poodle, (not a tea or a micro Yorkie).

This practice should make sure that your Yorkipoo is a medium dog weighing between 4 and 15 lbs. This hybrid was designed to make a lovely and small pet.

Yorkipoo is fantastically fulfilling this goal. This mix is extraordinarily attentive to its mates, both playful and cuddly. While they’re gentle with children, they should still be supervised when around them. Their small stature makes them a bit accident-prone.

This isn’t a combination that can handle being left on its own in the house. The Yorkipoo is made to be around their human companions and they thrive in a home with a partner who can give them enough care and attentiveness.

King Charles Yorkie (Yorkie + Cavalier King Charles Mix)

King Charles Yorkie might be the cutest hybrid mix on this list. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Yorkshire Terrier both have unique characteristics that when blended make them pretty compatible.

This hybrid is a perfect blend between both breeds and they make for interesting pets.

King Charles Yorkies are sweet, gentle, and polite. In a little partner, they are everything you might like. Even though they’re pretty small, only weighing no more than 20 lbs., they’re still pretty loyal to their companions.

King Charles Yorkies are popular for children, adults, and even the elderly with a strong disposition. They have been established to be outstanding companions. This is precisely why these charming dogs are difficult to resist.

Borkie (Yorkie + Beagle Mix)

The Borkie, or hybrid Beagle Yorkie, is an extremely strenuous mix that proudly bears all the best characteristics of each parent race. The long-haired coat of the Yorkie is also a common feature among Borkies.

However, a feature they inherited from Beagles is their body structure. Their ears, on the other hand, can go both ways. So, you’ll never know until you acquire a Borkie yourself.

The Borkie is expected to exhibit an enthusiastic and friendly temperament due to its parent heritage as hunting dogs. To keep the behavior under control, you will need to take them on a lot of runs. Despite their hunting heritage, they’re still family-friendly and can deal with kids.

Yorkshire Aussie (Yorkie + Australian Shepherd Mix)

These unique dogs can have the amazing Australian Shepherd colors but maintain the Yorkshire Terrier ‘s overall form. This means, if you get a Yorkshire Aussies, you can expect a miniature Australian Shepherd with the signature floppy ears of the Yorkies (Also read, Do German Shepherds have floppy ears?).

What makes this mix a pretty awesome one is that both breeds exhibit very different characteristics. The Australian Shepherd is a fairly work-oriented dog that can get a little too focused on working/hunting.

Yorkies, however, are energetic creatures that are more into playing than anything else. The Yorkshire Aussie balances both of his parents’ traits.

Though small, these Yorkie mixes can protect the family. Also, both breeds; the Australian Shepherd and the Yorkies are pretty intelligent creatures who are fast learners, so you can expect this designer breed to be the same.

Corkie (Yorkie + Cocker Spaniel Mix)

One of the larger options on this list is the Corkie. The Yorkshire Terrier and the Cocker Spaniel mix-breed is considered a medium-sized breed.

It’s a flip of a coin when it comes to the size though since the Corkie can take after either parent. However, they’re probably going to fall somewhere in the middle.

The Cocker Spaniel breed is used to playing around and is known for being energetic. So a Corkie, who will definitely have some of that energetic nature, needs plenty of exercise.

The bulk of Corkies are cheerful and obedient. This dog is adaptable and easy to train, so that makes a great selection for first-time owners. The Cocker Spaniel is known for being a family-friendly dog and the Corkie undoubtedly inherits this trait.

Morkie (Yorkie + Maltese)

The breed comes with several different names and is fairly new on the market, hence, their selected name hasn’t been appointed yet. Other than Morkie, they also go by the names Malkie, Maltiork, Yorkiemalt, and even Yortese.

No matter what you pick, the combination of a Maltese and a Yorkie is utterly adorable.

This little pup is a playful companion, small and very social, who will rob the hearts of all your family members.

Owing to their intense devotion, the Morkie will make a great lapdog – they want to be everywhere you are! This is why it’s inadvisable to get a Morkie if you travel a lot. Leaving this needy dog unattended may have severe consequences on its mental health.


Yorkies in general, make awesome companions. Mixing them with other breeds enhances most of their parents’ features. Being a designer breed, you can only predict what these mixed breeds can be up to.

If you decide to go for a designer breed, make sure you know what you’re in for. Mixed breeds are slightly different from normal dogs. However, Yorkie mixes have unique personalities and it seems like Yorkie’s personality is dominant. So, if you love Yorkies, I think you’ll do well with any Yorkie mix!