How much does a Yorkie Jack Russell mix cost? (Solved!)

How much does a Yorkshire Terrier/ Jack Russell Terrier mix cost? You should expect to pay between $200-600 for a new Yorkie Russell puppy, which doesn’t include veterinary fees. For an adult Yorkie Russell mix, you might pay as low as $100, depending on the age of the dog.

Are Yorkie Russell puppies expensive?

Good news for Yorkie Russell fans: Yorkie Russell puppies are less expensive than their purebred cousins, Yorkies, and Jack Russell terriers! Purebred Yorkie puppies usually sell for $500-2500 and purebred Jack Russell puppies sell for $700-2400. Mixed breeds like Yorkie Russells are much more affordable while combining the benefits of both purebred breeds.

What is the overall cost of owning a Yorkie Russell?

The cost of buying a Yorkie Russell puppy from a reputable breeder is $200-600. When you adopt your pet, you’ll need to pay for one-time expenses like collars, crates, and leashes, which will come out to $300-400. The average annual medical costs are $450-550. For non-medical expenses, such as toys, treats, and training, expect to pay $550-650 annually.

Where can I find Yorkie Russell puppies for sale?

First, ask your local breeders whether they have any Yorkie Russell puppies. Next, you can use puppy finding sites to look at Yorkie Russell puppies for sale by price and location. Try setting a search alert for Yorkie Russell puppies in your area to stay on top of new puppy listings.

What do you call a Jack Russell Yorkie mix?

A Jack Russell Terrier/ Yorkshire Terrier mix has a few names. Most commonly, this mix is called “Yorkie Russell” or “Yorkie Jack Russell”. You might also see this mix called “Jorkie” or “Jorky” so make sure to look for those nicknames when you are searching for your pup!

Are Yorkie Russells rare?

No, Yorkie Russells are not a rare breed, due to the popularity of their parent breeds. That doesn’t mean you should expect to find this special mix at your local shelter! Many breeders carry this mix, so shop around for a Yorkie Russell puppy close to you from a trustworthy, licensed breeder.

What does a Yorkie and Jack Russell mix look like?

Yorkie Russells have a long, shiny, and silky coat of straight hair, with a fluffy tail. Their coats are typically a mix of black, brown, and white. Their ears are floppy and their heads are round with a medium muzzle. Yorkie Russells have large, dark eyes which are very charming for giving their owners “puppy eyes”. How cute!

What size is a Yorkie Russell mix?

Yorkie Russells are small to medium dogs. They grow to be up to 12 inches tall. Typically, Yorkie Russells are lap dogs. However, there is moderate size variability since Jack Russells tend to be much bigger than Yorkies, so the mix has a range of sizes.

How much should a Jack Russell Yorkie mix weigh?

A Yorkie Russell should weigh 6 to 12 pounds when it is fully grown. Yorkie Russells who are under 3 pounds are more likely to develop serious health issues. Because the parent breeds vary greatly in weight, your Yorkie Russell may weigh up to 20 lbs, so keep that in mind if you live somewhere with weight limits for pets.

Does a Yorkie Russell shed?

You should expect low to moderate shedding from your Yorkie Russell. Yorkies are a long haired breed, and most Yorkie Russells have medium to long hair as well. However, Yorkie Russells typically don’t have an undercoat, meaning they shed less than other long haired breeds.

What are the most common health concerns of Yorkie Russells?

Because Yorkie Russells are a crossbreed, not much is known about their particular health concerns. However, both parent breeds share a moderate likelihood of developing joint diseases, so keep that in mind as you take your dog to vet check-ups. According to Countryside Veterinary Clinic, Yorkies are prone to dental issues, so brush your Yorkie Russell’s teeth regularly.

What is the life expectancy of a Jack Russell Yorkie mix?

Yorkie Russells have an average life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. Jack Russells have a lifespan of 13 to 16 years and Yorkies have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. For adult Yorkie Russells under 3 pounds, expect a lifespan that is slightly shorter.

What personality does a Yorkie Russell have?

Yorkie Russells are friendly and energetic dogs. This crossbreed is excellent for families, as they do well around children. Yorkie Russells don’t bark very frequently at intruders, which makes this mix apartment-friendly. As long as you are spending enough time playing with your Yorkie Russell, you can expect a well-behaved pup. Yorkie Russells may become destructive if they get bored.

Are Yorkie Russells smart?

Yes, Yorkie Russells are a highly intelligent mix. Both parent breeds, Yorkies and Jack Russell terriers are known for their intelligence. Expect your Yorkie Russell to be smart with a streak of stubbornness. It won’t take long for your Yorkie Russell to learn a new command, but it might take a bit more time for your dog to be obedient.

Are Yorkie Russells easy to train?

Yorkie Russells are moderately easy to train, but you need to be aware of a few things. Yorkie Russells have a high instinct for hunting, so they must be kept on a lead when outdoors while they are young. Yorkie Russells are intelligent and energetic, so keep training interactive and playful and you will succeed!

Is Yorkie Russell a registered breed?

No, Yorkie Russell is not a registered breed with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Yorkie Russells are still considered a cross-breed. Make sure to check the registration of the parents of your Yorkie Russell with your breeder to ensure that you are getting a pure Yorkie/ pure Jack Russell mix.

What is the origin of Yorkie Russells?

Yorkie Russells are a mix of two English parent breeds, Yorkies and Jack Russell terriers. Yorkies were bred in the 1860s in Britain as small companion dogs that could chase rats. Jack Russells are an English breed for fox hunting. Yorkie Russells are a fairly recent crossbreed that has become popular because of their cute looks and friendly personality.