Yorkie FAQ: 19 Things to Know

It’s a Yorkie! He looks so shy and adorable. What is he thinking? Is he hungry? Does he want to play with you? It seems like there is more to this little pup than meets the eye. Follow along as we answer 19 questions about these little guys that will have you in love in no time at all.

Is a Yorkie a Good Family Dog?

Yorkies tend to make great family pets. They are very affectionate, loyal, and perfectly sized for senior citizens and young children to deal with. They are lively and full of personality. They are also very loving and very devoted to their owners. For this reason, they make an excellent companion dog.

What’s Bad About Yorkies?

The only bad thing about Yorkies is that they take a little longer than most breeds to potty train. It can be done but will require a great deal of patience and effort on your part. Because they are so small, young children may have a hard time getting used to treating them with the utmost care and gentleness.

Are Yorkies Easy to Train?

Yorkies are very intelligent dogs that love consistency and routine. This makes them easy to train. With the right amount of reinforcement, you can teach them all of the usual doggy tricks. You can also teach them to be very attentive and loyal watchdogs. They will love to tip you off about threats they perceive.

Are Yorkies High Maintenance?

Yorkies are not really high-maintenance dogs. They can adapt easily to almost any environment that you place them in. You just need to keep in mind that they are small and need to be handled gently. They will also need to be groomed regularly to keep their fluff from getting long and unwieldy.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?

Yorkies don’t have sweat glands, meaning that perspiration can get trapped in their fluff. They also build up a large number of natural body oils to protect themselves against fleas, ticks, and various skin diseases. This can result in a disagreeable smell. Good and frequent grooming will be needed to combat it.

Should My Yorkie Sleep With Me?

Yorkies naturally want to sleep in the safest and most comfy place. This will usually be the same bed their owner sleeps in. For some folks, this is just fine. The key will be to make sure they are safe since they are much smaller than you. Other people prefer their dog to sleep next to them in a dog bed.

Do Yorkies Like to Be Held?

Yorkies are very sociable. They do tend to be very cuddly. They also tend to enjoy being held and hugged.

Are Female or Male Yorkies Better?

The answer to this question depends on your preference. Females are naturally more docile and trainable. Males will be more outgoing, playful, and energetic.

Do Yorkies Get Attached to One Person?

Yorkies do tend to attach strongly to their owners. However, they are also very sociable animals who love the chance to meet and interact with new people. The more you socialize with other animals and people, the better.

How Do I Stop My Yorkie from Peeing in the House?

You should have a special area set up for your Yorkie to do their business in. If you see them about to pee in any other area, make a loud noise to distract them. You should then move them back to that special area you set up. When they pee there, be sure to reward them. Reinforce this behavior as much as possible.

How Many Times Do Yorkies Poop a Day?

Yorkie puppies may have to poo from three to six times per day. Adults will generally only need to go two or three times per day. The amount they poo will depend on their level of health. If their need to poo suddenly increases or disappears, you may want to get them to a vet for a checkup.

Can Yorkies Be Left Alone During the Day?

You can leave your Yorkie puppy alone in the home for a period of no more than 2 to 3 hours. This is about the limit for Yorkies up to the age of about 18 months. After they reach adulthood, roughly 18 months and up, you can leave them alone in your home for about 4 to 6 hours per day.

Why Is My Yorkie So Mean?

A Yorkie maybe get angry if you or your children spend too much time in rough play with them. They may see this as you or your kids trying to establish dominance over them. Their reaction may be very barky and bitey. It’s best to back up and let them relax and regroup for a bit.

Are Yorkies Clingy?

Yorkies are very smart and will respond to the style of care that they get from their owner. If you are very pampering with your Yorkie, they may become clingy in response. Most Yorkies, left to their own devices, are very assertive and self-reliant with no need to be clingy.

Why Is My Yorkie So Loyal?

Yorkies are very smart dogs who are also naturally very affectionate. As long as you treat your Yorkie with love and respect, you will get plenty of love from them in return. This is why Yorkies are so globally popular.

Is it Better to Have 2 Yorkies or 1?

If you can afford to have 2 Yorkies, this will be great for your dog. This is because Yorkies are very sociable animals. Your Yorkie will love having a friend to run and play with.

How Often Should Yorkies Be Bathed?

You should bathe your Yorkie every 2 weeks. This will keep their skin clean and healthy. It will also prevent any nasty dog odors from developing.

How Often Should Yorkies Be Groomed?

A Yorkie should generally be groomed about once a month. Pay attention not only to the body but the hair around their face and ears. Yorkie fluff grows fast so you will need to stay on top of it.