Is a Yorkie a Good Family Dog? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, Yorkies are known to be loving and loyal dogs making them a wonderful breed for families. They are hypoallergenic and relatively low maintenance when it comes to exercise, trainability, and food consumption. However, they are more suited to families with older children than young ones. 

Are Yorkies Good With Kids?

Yorkies can be great with children, but not young ones. Yorkies are territorial and can be aggressive. So, if your kids do not understand how to properly interact with them, as most young kids won’t, then it could cause trouble. Yorkies tend to bark, nip, or act aggressively towards people they feel threatened by. 

On the other hand, Yorkies are loving and affectionate. So, if your kids respect your Yorkie, it’s a great match.

Are Yorkies Good With The Elderly?

Yorkies are a small and relatively low-maintenance breed, making them great for senior citizens.

Yorkies do not require extensive exercise and are suitable for smaller spaces such as apartments which is conducive to the lifestyle of many elderly people. They barely shed and are hypoallergenic making cleanup easier for an elderly owner. 

Organizations such as Yorkie911rescue have programs specifically made for senior citizens to adopt older Yorkies.

Are Yorkies Aggressive To Other Family Dogs?

According to the American Kennel Club, Yorkies were bred to hunt mice, rats, and other unwanted rodents. Thus, they have hunting instincts which can cause issues when confronted with other animals (regardless of size differences). 

Yorkies are territorial and unless socialized early on in life they could pick fights with any other family dogs. Yorkies tend to be unaware of their small size and could get hurt around bigger dogs.

Is A Yorkie A Good First Dog For A Family?

Yes, depending on the nature of your family. If you have young kids, then no. However, if your kids are older, a Yorkie is a great first dog. They do not require extensive exercise, so it is easier for a busy family to adapt. They can live in small areas if your home is tight space-wise. They also enjoy being trained so, your family can practice training them and both parties will be learning something new!

What Age Should My Kid Be Before Getting A Yorkie?

To be safe, you should wait until your children are around 9 or 10 before adding a Yorkie to your family. Why? Yorkies can react aggressively if they feel threatened. Until your child is 9 or 10, they won’t understand that their dog isn’t a plaything. If your child is too rambunctious around their Yorkie (as most young children tend to be), they could unknowingly frighten the dog. 

Are Yorkies Good With Babies?

No. Yorkies are not ideal around babies. Yorkies were bred to chase rodents and thus, can be quick to nip or react if feeling threatened. Babies are not able to distinguish dogs from toys nor can they comprehend when a dog is not in the mood to play or has grown irritated. Until your children are of age to respect their Yorkie’s temperament, it won’t work well.

Are Yorkies Good With Teenagers?

Yorkies can be wonderful pets for families with teenagers because they are loyal and intelligent. Children in their teens can appreciate and understand their dog’s temperament so they know how to properly interact with them.

Plus, Yorkies are receptive to training so your teenager can practice teaching them interesting tricks and commands which is an educational exercise for both the dog and your teenager!

Should My Yorkie Sleep With Me Or The Kids?

If you do not mind your Yorkie sleeping with you then this is fine. However, once you let your Yorkie into your bed, they won’t go back. There are many stories about Yorkies who refuse to sleep anywhere except their owner’s big, comfy bed. So, if you or your kids are not willing to have your pup cozy next to you forever then you should be cautious not to let them make a habit of it. 

Are Boy Or Girl Yorkies Better For A Young Family?

Whether a boy or girl Yorkie is better for your young family is dependent upon your preferences. Both genders have their strengths. Boys tend to be more social and like to play while girls have proven easier to train and to be more solitary. In this sense, both could suit a young family.

Do Yorkies Bite Their Owners Or Kids?

If your Yorkie feels threatened, their hunting instincts may kick in. Though they are considered toy-size and a bite isn’t the end of the world, it could be traumatizing for a young kid. 

The good news is that Yorkies can be trained and enjoy learning new things. So, you can teach your pup not to bite over time. Plus, they are quick learners so if you make it very clear that biting is forbidden, they will get the hint.

Are Yorkies Hard For Kids To Train?

Yorkies are very intelligent dogs. They are receptive to positive re-enforcement so make sure you keep the treats close when starting training sessions. 

2 areas may be more difficult for kids to teach them: potty training and barking. 

These little pups can be stubborn when it comes to doing their business. If it is cold or damp outside, they will resist. Additionally, their alertness means they may bark at every sudden movement. On both matters, start training early and make it clear that these behaviors are unacceptable. 

Are Yorkies High Maintenance For Kids?

Yorkies do not require extensive exercise and are quite easy to train making them low maintenance for older kids. Plus, they do not shed very much so cleaning up hair all over the house shouldn’t be an issue. However, their coat does require constant brushing. If your kids enjoy grooming their pup then this could be a nice bonding task. 

Do Yorkies Get Attached To One Person In The Family?

Most dogs will become more attached to one family member than any other and Yorkies are no exception. As they love affection and are extremely loyal pups, they will likely develop a strong bond with one person. This will likely be the person who spends the most time with the dog.