What Happens If a Yorkie Eats Weed? (Solved & Explained!)

If a Yorkie eats weed, the least that can happen is imbalance and wobbliness. The worst that can happen is convulsions or vomiting. In other situations where the weed is in edible form, like brownies or gummy bears, it can turn fatal. This means no matter what amount of weed a Yorkie eats, a trip to the vet will be imperative.

If you saw the dog’s consumption and you know how much weed it ate, you can gauge the situation. In the case it was a small nugget no bigger than the eraser tip on a pencil, you should monitor the dog for two hours and see what kind of symptoms develop. But, if you know your dog consumed something with chocolate or sugar, call the vet ASAP.

How Much Weed is too much for a Yorkie?

For the average types of weed, three grams per two pounds of a Yorkie’s weight can be incredibly dangerous. But, this is more than a dog would probably ever eat. That said, even small amounts can cause a Yorkshire Terrier to have seizures or go into a coma.

However, if the dog ate medical-grade weed, this will have higher levels of THC and can therefore be far more deadly in smaller amounts.

What Are the Symptoms of THC Poisoning in a Yorkie?

Understand the potential signs of after a Yorkie eats weed. The effects can be mild or severe depending on how much the dog consumed. At the very least, a Yorkshire Terrier will appear drowsy and unbalanced, complete with falling over.

Other signs include wobbliness, vomiting, nausea, strange or frequent vocalization, salivation, random uncontrollable urination and muscle spasms. In severe cases, the Yorkie may succumb to seizers or coma. Taken note if you see an exhibition any of the following:

  • Disorientation
  • Unusual or Strange-Sounding Howling, Barking and/or Whining
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Unusual Eye Movement
  • Incontinence
  • Slow or Labored Breathing
  • Severe Shifts in Body Temperature
  • Hyperactivity
  • Agitation or Aggressiveness
  • Lethargy
  • Rapid Heart Rate

What Happens if a Yorkie Eats Weed in the Form of Edibles?

While marijuana does present a potential danger to a Yorkie, if the dog ate edibles that contained things like chocolate or xylitol, then they may be in serious peril. These substances can be incredibly fatal, especially to a Yorkshire Terrier.

How Soon after a Yorkie Eats Weed Will Symptoms Appear?

Symptoms usually will begin within 30 minutes to 1½ hours after munching down on the ganja. If you notice the symptoms kick in much sooner than 30 minutes, it’s crucial to take your dog to an emergency vet. It’s not a good sign.

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But, if it takes much longer than 1½ hours for the effects to take hold, then you may only need to monitor the dog with a quick call to the vet. In the event you don’t see an improvement in the dog’s demeanor after 24 hours, call the vet for an appointment.

How Long Do Symptoms Last after a Yorkie Eats Weed?

Any number of symptoms can last for several days after consumption because THC stores within the Yorkie’s fat cells. At the very least, you will notice your dog moving more slowly with delayed reactions. The worst that can happen is that this behavior may last throughout the dog’s life if they consumed quite a bit of weed.

What Should You Do When a Yorkie Eats Weed?

You want to monitor a Yorkie for a couple of hours after it eats weed. Most of the time, the symptoms will subside on their own and your precious pooch will return to normal. During this period though, ensure the Yorkie stays hydrated with plenty of water. You could even add a few drops of pure coconut water (not from concentrate) for electrolytes.

What Should You Do If You Don’t Know How Much Weed a Yorkie Ate?

But, if you suspect the Yorkie ate a considerable amount of weed, you must act fast. In the event you don’t know how much weed the Yorkie ate, you can get a human urine drug test from your local pharmacy. These are amazingly accurate at telling you how much THC toxicity the dog is experiencing.

Make sure you take these results with you to the vet. This will make things go much more quickly and be less expensive.

How Does Weed Affect Yorkies?

Weed affects dogs much differently than it does people. Yorkies don’t get “stoned” or feel “high” and they can get very scared and sick. Even with more mild cases, your dog will be uncomfortably dizzy and all-around miserable.

What Will the Vet Do to Help a Yorkie after It Eats Weed?

Depending how much weed the Yorkie consumed, how long ago the dog ate it and in which form, the vet may induce vomiting. If a lot of time has elapsed and the dog isn’t alert, then they will give the dog an IV of fluids with 24 hours of monitoring. Vets often give more mild cases several doses of activated charcoal.

Some situations may warrant the administration of anticonvulsants, sedatives and anti-vomit medications. While they can’t stop or remove the weed from the Yorkie’s system, the vet can limit the amount of harm and symptoms the dog experiences.

What’s the Best Way to Prevent a Yorkie from Eating Weed?

The best way to prevent a Yorkie from eating weed is to keep it completely out of the dog’s reach. You want to treat marijuana in the same respect as you would prescription medications. Simply don’t allow the dog to smell or be near the weed in any way.

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But, if it’s the weed of others that the dog eats, then you need to ensure that everyone in the household keeps it out of the dog’s reach. This includes visitors. Therefore, you should leave the vet’s phone number in a public place, like the fridge. This will be useful in the event you aren’t home to witness the Yorkie eating weed.