Can My Yorkie Eat Vienna Sausages? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies are quite picky eaters, so owners are always trying to find new foods to give them that they might actually want to eat. So, can Yorkies eat Vienna sausages? Well, Vienna sausages are quite high in sodium and fat, making them quite unhealthy for Yorkies. Also, they could be cooked with garlic or onion, which would make them toxic to dogs.

If you’re looking for a short answer, it’s yes. However, you MUST know exactly how the sausages were made, and know that they can’t be fed to your dog every day. It’s recommended that you stick with different sources of protein.

There’s a lot to know about what kinds of food Yorkies can eat! Read on to know the answer to all your Yorkie-diet-based questions including: can your Yorkie eat Vienna sausages? 

Can Yorkies eat Vienna sausages?

While Yorkies can eat Vienna sausages, it’s not normally recommended they do due to the lack of nutritional value, the high sodium, and fat content, and the possible inclusion of spices and flavorings that are toxic to dogs. That being said, if you know exactly how the sausage was made and what ingredients are in it, you can use it as an ingredient in a pinch. 

What are Vienna sausages?

Vienna sausages are thin boiled sausages made from pork or beef in sheep’s intestines. They are then smoked for a long time at a low temperature. They can have a variety of ingredients, sizes, and differences between manufacturers and regions.

This is one of the reasons it can be dangerous to feed them to Yorkies, as often the meats inside are seasoned with things that can be toxic or unhealthy for your dog! 

Health benefits of Vienna sausages for Yorkies

The main health benefit that comes from Vienna sausages for your dog is protein. Protein is an essential ingredient in any dog’s diet, as it helps them build the muscle they need to accomplish daily tasks like walking, exercise, and play. 

Protein also provides the amino acids needed to build fur, skin, muscles, nails, ligaments, tendons, and many other parts of your dog’s body! This is important for both growing puppies, old dogs, and any dog in between, so make sure protein is a staple of your Yorkie’s diet! Remember, protein is for all dogs, not just active ones. 

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Negative health effects of Vienna sausages for Yorkies

Despite having protein, there are plenty of negative health effects that can come from feeding Vienna sausages to your Yorkie. 

Vienna sausage is high in sodium and fat. These can lead to unnecessary weight gain that can put stress on your dog’s heart, respiratory system, spine, and other organs, as well as putting extra stress on your dog’s joints. This can be extremely harmful to your pup and lead to long-term complications. 

Vienna sausage can also be seasoned (before being cooked) with onions and garlic, which are extremely toxic (and can even be lethal) for your Yorkie. This is one of the main reasons that it’s important to avoid any sausage you don’t know the EXACT ingredients of. 

Alternative proteins for Yorkies

If you want to avoid feeding your Yorkie sausage but still need a source of protein, look to leaner meats. Things like chicken, turkey, and fish can be excellent stand-ins for fattier proteins like pork and beef, as they provide the necessary protein without sodium, fat, and unhealthy ingredients and seasonings. 

If you’re looking for meatless alternatives, eggs and beans can be suitable substitutes. Be careful with eggs, though, as they’re high in fat. 

Foods that are toxic for dogs

You must not under any circumstances give your Yorkie any food that’s been seasoned with onions and garlic. Other toxic foods include avocado, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, chocolate, candy, gum, and many more!

Before you add a new food to your Yorkie’s diet, it’s important to call your vet and get approval first. This will allow you to avoid accidentally harming your dog by adding the wrong food to its diet. 

Veggies and carbs to pair with protein for your Yorkie

It’s extremely important to give your dog a balanced nutritional profile, so avoid only feeding them protein. Make sure to add carbohydrates for energy and vegetables for vitamins and minerals to your dog’s diet as well. 

Dog-friendly carbs include kibble or dry food, as well as potatoes, pasta, and white or brown rice. All of these can fill your dog’s stomach and not harm them in any way. 

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As far as vegetables are concerned, there are a ton of viable options. Carrots, kale, cucumber, zucchini, sweet potato, spinach, and many more will provide vitamins and minerals that are essential for things like fur health, dental health, eye health, nail health, and the overall physical health of your Yorkie! 

Are Yorkies picky eaters?

Yorkies are pretty well known for being picky eaters, which makes it sometimes tempting to add new things to their diet when they beg or when they’re not eating whatever it is you’ve provided them. After all, it can be very difficult to find a food that your Yorkie actually likes. 

If your Yorkie likes Vienna sausages, consult your vet about finding a similar substitute such as chicken sausage or turkey sausage. This way, you can get your Yorkie to eat it while still providing it a lean and healthy protein rather than something that can do long or short-term damage to your dog’s physical health! 

Do Yorkies have sensitive stomachs?

Yorkies, along with being picky eaters, have very sensitive stomachs. This is why it’s especially important not to feed them greasy, fatty, or overly seasoned foods. Since Vienna sausage is usually quite salty and fatty, it can be very difficult for a Yorkie to digest. This can lead to constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, excess flatulence, or other gastrointestinal distress. 

Yorkies will do much better with a leaner, more easily digestible meal such as skinless, boiled chicken with a side of white rice and carrots.