Can Yorkies Eat Tomatoes? (Solved & Explained!)

Yes, your Yorkie can have tomatoes, but it is recommended only to give them one or two slices no more than once every other day. In these amounts, tomatoes are perfectly safe, but they need to be RIPE. Unripe tomatoes and tomato plant leaves and stems contain a chemical called Tomatine.

Tomatine is quite toxic to dogs, to the point that they can cause weakness, dizziness, vomiting, and even heart problems! As such, if your dog gets into the garden and gets an unripe tomato or chews on the plant, you should call your vet or bring them in to their office immediately.

For the remainder of this article, we’ve compiled some common questions trending the most on the web this week in regards to tomatoes and your Yorkie.

Read on to find out what tomato snacks you can allow your dog to eat and which ones you should definitely take off of the menu!

Are tomatoes nutritious for Yorkies?

Tomatoes are nutritious but they must be ripe or they are unsafe for your dog. Provided that they are, ripe, red tomatoes, then they certainly have some nutrition to them. Tomatoes have protein, vitamin C, and some fiber, but they are a little high in sodium as well.

As such, since your Yorkie is small, servings should not exceed one small tomato every week.

Can tomatoes be bad for Yorkies?

Yes. Too many tomatoes can lead to your Yorkie having an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea. Where they get dangerous, however, is when they are unripe. Green tomatoes, as well as the stems and leaves of any tomatoes, contain a substance called solanine.

Solanine is toxic to dogs and if your dog eats too many, they can experience symptoms such as diarrhea, tremors, lethargy, abdominal distress, and even seizures. If your Yorkie gets into and eats some green tomatoes then you should call or visit your vet immediately.

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How many tomatoes can my Yorkie eat?

As your Yorkie is a small dog, you want to stick to a maximum of one small tomato per week. Your dog may like them, but they are high in sodium, and the toxic solanine is still present in tomatoes – just substantially lessened.

By limiting servings to one small tomato a week, your dog can safely ingest them with no ill effects, but be sure to start slowly with a small slice of tomato. Some Yorkies have more sensitive tummies than others, so this will help you to gauge if your dog likes them and if they will be able to eat them from time to time.

Can my Yorkie eat fried green tomatoes?

No, fried green tomatoes are not good to feed to your Yorkie. Green tomatoes have high concentrations of a toxin called solanine and frying is not going to reduce those quantities sufficiently enough to make the tomatoes safe. Stick with only ripe, red tomatoes and very small portions – no more than one small tomato per week.

You can get eat those fried green tomatoes, but your dog will have to settle for the red ones.

Can Yorkies eat the tomatoes seeds?

Unlike seeds from stone fruits, tomato seeds are harmless to dogs and often included as an ingredient in their dog foods. When you see ‘tomato pomace’ listed as a food ingredient, this is referring to crushed up pulp, skin, and seeds from a tomato.

This is added to foods to increase the fiber count of the food to help keep your dog regular. You can safely serve tomatoes in small portions without having to remove any seeds beforehand.

Is tomato sauce good for Yorkies?

No, tomato sauce is not ideal for Yorkies. While it’s tasty to humans and dogs alike, it is chock full of sodium and added sugars, often with the addition of artificial flavors or in the case of spaghetti sauces, garlic and onion powder might be present.

Your dog can safely have a teaspoon of tomato sauce if they like, as long as it’s homemade and doesn’t contain garlic, onion, or any other ingredients which may be toxic to your dog. If it’s just tomato sauce ONLY – then it’s fine.

How many cherry tomatoes can my Yorkie eat?

Your Yorkie can have one or two cherry tomatoes each week, provided that they are ripe and red tomatoes and that the leaves and stems are safely removed. If you see any green on them, then they are potentially toxic and thus unsuitable for consumption by your Yorkie.

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Can diabetic Yorkies eat tomatoes?

Yes, your diabetic dog can have tomatoes if they would like. Tomatoes have a very low amount of natural sugars, and as they have a low score on the glycemic index they will be safe for your dog.

The sugars produced from tomatoes will be released very slowly into the bloodstream, which will ensure that they do not spike your dogs sugar levels. One or two small slices every other day will be fine for your dog as a treat.

Can I give my Yorkie tomatoes every day?

No. It is best if you limit servings to 1 or 2 slices, given every other day, and total servings should not exceed one full, small tomato per week. The easiest way to do this is to simply chop it up in advance and store it in a jar.

Make sure that you’ve removed the stems and leaves, as these are toxi, so that the jar just has the sliced tomato inside. After that, you can spoon little bits separately or in their food until the jar is empty and then you must wait until the next week before serving.

Can my Yorkie eat pickled tomatoes?

No, pickled tomatoes are definitely going to be off of the menu. This is because pickling uses copious amounts of salt, as well as ingredients such as onions, garlic, peppers, and various spices depending on the recipe.

As such, you want to only feed your Yorkie raw, fully ripe tomatoes and save the pickled ones for your own consumption.