Can Yorkie Eat Nuts? (Solved & Explained!)

Yorkies, just like most other dogs, can have certain nuts as an occasional treat, as long as they are unsalted and otherwise unseasoned. However, certain nuts are toxic, and all nuts are high in fats and calories, which means even those that are perceived to be safe, should only be given to your Yorkie in limited quantities.

Let’s break down which nuts are relatively safe to consume, which should be avoided at all costs, and what the overall dangers of nut consumption are in the article below.

Are nuts a healthy treat for a Yorkie?

While certain nuts are safe for dogs to consume (as in, they won’t poison your dog outright), in the long run, they’re not the best choice for a dog on a healthy diet.

If you want to diversify the list of your doggie treats, try adding more vet-approved fruits and veggies.

What problems can nut consumption cause for a Yorkie?

The problem with giving your dog nuts, even non-toxic ones, as a treat is threefold:

  1. All nuts are high in fats and calories, so frequent consumption can lead to obesity and pancreatic issues. As Yorkies are prone to obesity and predisposed to pancreatic issues in advanced age, the owner should pay particular attention to their diet;
  2. They can be a choking hazard;
  3. Pre-packaged nuts are often salted and seasoned, which can precipitate dehydration, diarrhea, and other problems for dogs.

What’s the ideal amount of nuts for a Yorkie to eat?

The ideal amount would be none, but giving your Yorkie a few nuts every once in a while should be fine.

Just as long as nuts are not a part of their regular diet, it’s fine if they grab the ones you accidentally dropped.

As long as the nut in question is of non-toxic variety.

Can a Yorkie eat walnuts?

Walnuts are a bit of a controversial nut. Walnuts contain a substance called juglone, which can be dangerous to dogs, as it can cause seizures.

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The tricky part is which variety of walnuts we’re talking about – English or Black. The latter contain juglone in higher amounts and should be avoided, the former has relatively low levels of juglone and are not outright toxic to dogs, so they’re fine in smaller quantities.

Mycotoxins – toxins caused by mold/fungi – could be another problem, so make sure the kernels are clear before giving them to your dog.

And make sure to break the kernels apart, since their irregular large shape is a major choking hazard.

Can a Yorkie eat almonds?

Almonds are one of those nuts that are better avoided. While technically not toxic, they can cause major gastric issues, since canines’ digestive tracts can’t process them well. This can be particularly distressing in smaller breeds (like Yorkies).

They’re also a bigger choking hazard than most other nuts, due to their large kernel and shape, and can cause obstruction issues not only in the windpipe but esophagus and intestines as well.

Can a Yorkie eat peanuts?

Yes, peanuts – which are technically more legumes than nuts – are safe in small quantities. Just make sure that the peanuts you’re giving your Yorkie are unsalted (or otherwise seasoned), and give kernels to them one at a time to lower the choking risk.

On the same note – unsweetened natural peanut butter is also safe in small quantities, and probably even more optimal (due to the lesser risk of choking). Sweetened varieties should be avoided, since sugar, along with other sweeteners can cause stomach issues.

An artificial sweetener Xylitol is particularly dangerous, as it’s outright toxic to dogs.

Can a Yorkie eat hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts are more of a 50/50 situation. There could be some mycotoxins and juglone present, however, the level is harder to determine than with walnuts.

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They’re not toxic, so if your Yorkie accidentally gobbles up a few, no need to call a vet in panic. Pay attention to your pooch’s behavior, if they don’t display any distress signs, everything should be fine.

Can a Yorkie eat pistachios?

Yes, pistachios are another type of nut you can give your dog in (very) small quantities. Do make sure that shells are fully disposed of before you do though – they’re a worse choking hazard than any of the nuts on this list.

Can a Yorkie eat cashews?

Cashews are okay in limited quantities but only when roasted (yet unsalted and unseasoned). Raw cashews, on the other hand, can cause toxic reactions.

Can a Yorkie eat pecans?

Pecans go into the same category as walnuts and hazelnuts – while not outright toxic, the risks of them containing juglone or mycotoxins are simply too high.

Better skip this one when giving out treats, however, if your Yorkie accidentally consumes a few kernels, they’re far more likely to be okay than not.

Can a Yorkie eat Macadamia nuts?

Macadamia nuts are outright TOXIC for dogs. While no one is exactly sure what causes them to be toxic, one thing is clear – you don’t want your Yorkie consuming ANY amount of macadamia nuts.

If your Yorkie accidentally consumes any, keep a keen eye out for macadamia poisoning signs: gastrointestinal problems like vomiting and diarrhea, lethargy, back leg weakness, and other irregular behavior.

Can a Yorkie eat brazil nuts?

No. While brazil nuts are non-toxic to dogs, their particularly high-fat content makes them an unsafe treat for smaller dogs like Yorkies.

Even a couple of brazil nut kernels can cause gastrointestinal issues like upset stomach in a Yorkie, where larger dog breeds would be fine.

Can a Yorkie eat pine nuts?

Yes, as long as they have no urinary tract issues. Pine nuts are non-toxic and no more dangerous than other nuts in smaller quantities. They do contain high levels of phosphorus, though, which can amplify urinary tract problems, if your dog is prone to them.

Can a Yorkie eat chestnuts?

Depends on the kind of chestnut. American chestnuts are safe in limited quantities, as long as they’re roasted (same as cashews). They do pose a choking threat due to their size and shape, so make sure to break the kernel up before giving it to your dog.

Horse chestnuts contain a toxin called Aesculin, which is poisonous to dogs.