Can Yorkie Eat Fish Oil? (Solved & Explained!)

Fish oil is a very useful supplement for all dogs, including Yorkies. It contains fatty acids, which are especially necessary for brain development and repairing of cells. 

Fish contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and Yorkies cannot produce these acids on their own. For this reason, this fatty acid should be given to your Yorkie at regular intervals as a supplement or should be in their food.

Why Should I Give My Yorkie Fish Oil?

Fish oil is a supplement that contains very important acids for your Yorkie’s body health and brain development.

Fish oil use can be given to Yorkies in the long-term or short-term as needed. Fish oil is a supplement that is necessary for all dogs to remain healthy throughout their lives.

The DHA component contained in Fish oil, plays a very active role in brain and eye development, especially in Yorkie puppies.

DHA plays an important role in eliminating some cognitive dysfunctions in the brain. It is also an active agent in the repair and restructuring of certain cells in elderly Yorkies.

According to research, Omega 3 acid has been very helpful in preventing kidney disease in dogs.

Should I Consult My Veterinarian Before Giving My Yorkie Fish Oil?

Fish oil is one of the most useful supplements for all dogs in general, due to the omega 3 acid it contains.

Almost all dogs should have this supplement in their diet. However, in some cases, your Yorkie may show some reactions to Omega 3 acid.

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Therefore it is wise to consult with your veterinarian before putting your Yorkie on any kind of supplement. However omega-3 resistance is rare in dogs as it is in humans, so try them with a small amount at first and monitor their health over the next 24 hours.

If your Yorkie shows any reaction (physical or behavioral) consult your veterinarian who may need to perform an allergy test.

How Much Fish Oil Should I Give My Yorkie?

75/100mg per kg of body weight is the general recommended daily dosage for dogs. However be mindful that some dog foods contain fish oil, so adjust accordingly.

Overdosing isn’t really an issue, your dog’s body will naturally filter away any fish oil it does not use. However, they may have a little digestive irritation if too much fish oil is given regularly.

How Do I Choose a Good Fish Oil for My Yorkie?

Generally, all dogs can have the same fish oil supplements that humans have, so long as you stick to the recommended administration guidelines.

Your Yorkie’s size and weight play an important role but so does their diet. If your Yorkie has a grain-based diet then fish oil supplements may deplete their stores of vitamin E, which Yorkies also need to stay healthy.

It is always best to consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations for your Yorkie.

Can I Give My Yorkie Fish Oil Every Eay?

The good-quality dog foods available for Yorkies contain all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need. On the off-chance that your food does not contain fish oil, it is ok if you wish to give your Yorkie a daily supplement.

If you are concerned about your Yorkies’ omega-3 intake, there are dog foods containing extra omega 3 widely available that can be found in supermarkets and pet shops.

Generally, salmon-based dog foods contain a lot of fish oil and Yorkies love the flavor too!

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Can I Give My Yorkie Human Fish Oil?

Yorkies can use the omega 3 oils that humans use, but the thing to be careful about is the amount of fish oil you give. You should give the amount in proportion to your dog’s size and weight. For this, you should get detailed information from your veterinarian.

What Are The Benefits Of Fish Oil in Yorkies?

Fish oil is very beneficial for Yorkies because of the omega 3 fatty acids it contains. While preventing various cardiovascular diseases, fish oil also increases brain development and cognitive functions, while also strengthening the immune system.

If used regularly, fish oil not only gives your Yorkie energy throughout the day but also contributes to the reduction of pain and inflammation, so it is especially good for senior Yorkies with arthritis.

What Age Can Yorkies Have Fish Oil?

Yorkies can use fish oil supplements as soon as they are weaned from puppies. However, the amount of this supplement should be adjusted as they grow. Puppies only need a little fish oil at first.

To be safe, consult your veterinarian.

How Do I Give My Yorkie a Fish Oil Capsule?

Sometimes your Yorkie may not want to swallow the fish oil capsules, as they are a little strange for dogs! Fear not, there are a few ways to give your Yorkie a fish oil capsule.

  1. Cut the seam of the capsule and squeeze the oil into their food.
  2. Place the capsule inside one of their favorite meaty treats or a piece of sausage or meat patty.

The third and least desirable option is to open your Yorkies’ mouth and place the capsule in the throat, by the left or right side of their mouth to get around their teeth.

This is how vets administer important medications and should not really be attempted for fish oil capsules, the first two methods will work just fine.

If you do use the third method for any reason, make sure to gently rub your Yorkies throat so that the capsule is swallowed properly.

Is Fish Oil Good For Elderly Yorkies?

As older Yorkies may experience some loss of body and brain function due to their advancing age, they may need additional supplements to keep them happy and healthy.

Fish oil is one of the most beneficial supplements for older Yorkies. Fish oil is very good for preventing problems such as joint inflammations, different kinds of cancers, eye disorders, and ulcers.

It also helps older Yorkies retain a little more energy. You can give your senior Yorkie one capsule of fish oil daily.