Yorkie Demeanor And Personality (Are They Right for You?)

What Are Yorkies Personalities Like?

Yorkies have more energy than many owners realize. They’re among the smallest dog breeds, but their small stature doesn’t detract from their energy. Because of their active nature, they’re often affectionate with their owners. They love to be close to their owners.

Some may find them clingy since they prefer to be close to their owner whenever possible. A few may also find them aggressive towards other smaller pets. Children who aren’t gentle with a Yorkie may also be barked at.

Properly socializing your Yorkie can help them behave around children and other pets.

Otherwise, you’ll find your Yorkie to be fun-loving, eager to please, and eager for your attention. They’re the perfect match for those who love to dote on and spoil their dogs.

Why Are Yorkies So Bad?

There are a few behavioral traits often associated with non-socialize Yorkies that have given them a bad name. In particular, they’re known for barking. Whether it be at passing cars, passing people, other dogs, noises, or just barking to bark, your Yorkie will likely have this problem. However, barking can be corrected.

They can also be quite stubborn. You may find training them to use the potty outside to be difficult. Their curious or inquisitive nature often makes it difficult for them to focus on your training.

Finally, they can become suspicious or nasty if they’re spoiled and unsocialized. They may become overprotective or possessive of their owner. They don’t want others around them. You can ensure this doesn’t happen by socializing your Yorkie.

Can Yorkies Be Aggressive?

Yorkies can become aggressive if they’re not able to get used to others around them. Children that play roughly with them may become bitten or barked at. The Yorkie may also act aggressively towards strangers and other pets.

Do Yorkies Get Attached To One Person?

Yorkies often bond with one person. The one who feeds them, plays with them, and handles them the most are the most likely person that the Yorkie will become attached to. This can be problematic. The Yorkie may only seek attention from that person. If anyone else tries to handle them, then they may bark or show aggressive behavior.

It can also make having other pets or children difficult. The Yorkie won’t want other pets claiming their spot with their owner. That goes for children, too.

You can help keep the Yorkie from becoming attached to one person solely by splitting up who feeds the dog and who plays with them. Or you can feed and play with the Yorkie together.

Are Girl Or Boy Yorkies Better?

Both genders act very similarly. It all comes down to how well you train them. Girl Yorkies may try to establish themselves as Pack Leader a bit more than males. That’s simply due to her “nesting” behavior. She wants to assert herself as the leader to keep her future puppies safe.

However, both are very affectionate and both are likely to bond with a single owner.

Are Yorkies Jealous Dogs?

Yorkies can exhibit behavior like jealousy. They may bark at other dogs when they take their favorite spot or take up all the attention from their owner. They’re often considered to be big dogs trapped inside of the bodies of little dogs. They have huge personalities.

Properly socializing your dog can help cut down on the chances of them becoming jealous.

Do Yorkies Like To Be Held?

Because they’re very affectionate, Yorkies love to be held. They usually only liked to be held by their owner or the person they’ve bonded to the most. They may allow others to hold or pet them, but you should look for signs of aggression to indicate whether or not they want to be touched.

Are Yorkies Hard To Train?

Yorkies can be difficult to train. They have a stubborn nature and tend to do what they want when they want to. They’re also very curious. You’ll find them investigating everything and getting into everything. Keeping their focus and attention on you as you train them can be difficult.

Can Yorkies Stay Home Alone?

Once your Yorkie is older than 18 months, they can be left home alone for 4-6 hours a day. Puppies can only be left alone at home for 2-3 hours. If your Yorkie wasn’t socialized, then they may exhibit social anxiety.

This may result in chewing, house wetting, and barking. Socializing your dog and adding another companion at home may be able to help.

Do Yorkies Bite A Lot?

Yorkies that aren’t socialized will bite more than those that are. They’ll usually bark or growl first. When their warnings aren’t heeded, then they’ll bite.

Yorkies also bite when they’re being playful. These bites are gentler than their aggressive bites.

How Do Yorkies Show Affection?

They love to be pet. Yorkies prefer to be pet and held by their owner. They also enjoy playing games and grooming. You’ll find that your Yorkie expresses their affection by resting on or near you, licking your face or hands, and bringing you their toys to play with them.

How Smart Are Yorkies?

The American Kennel Club rates Yorkies as 38 on the intelligence scale of 138 qualifying breeds. This intelligence is based on their obedience and working capabilities. That makes the Yorkie considerably intelligent. It’s just their stubborn nature you’ll have to contend with when training them.

Do Yorkies Ever Calm Down?

Because they require a lot of attention, it’s easy to think that your Yorkie is active or hyper. They may go to great lengths just to get your attention. When they become adults, their energy levels may decrease a little. By giving them plenty of attention, you can also keep them relaxed and calm.

Why Are Yorkies So Expensive?

Yorkies are considered a royal breed. They have an aristocratic pedigree. Many Yorkies come from Champion lines that competed in the AKC’s dog shows. That makes them highly desirable among owners.

How Many Times Should I Walk My Yorkie?

According to the Yorkie Info Center, you should walk your Yorkie puppy 15-20 minutes every day. Once they’re adults, you’ll want to walk them 20-25 minutes a day. Walking them twice a day at that interval is the best, however.

Do Yorkies Like To Swim?

Most Yorkies don’t like to swim. They’re afraid of the water. They’re small and the water is usually deep. Some Yorkies do love to swim. It comes down to personality and how pools, lakes, etc are presented to them. There are a few steps you can take to make your Yorkie more comfortable around the water.